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Well howdy there subscribers i got four big announcements i want to tell you guys about and you know what let’s just get into it all right guys the first one is pretty simple it’s in regards to my private stock market membership group basically if you want to get in there make sure you get in there by march first for anyone who hasn’t gotten in that group by march

First the price is going in $99 a month right now it is $49 a month reason being is the group has begun to get a lot more time-consuming not only on fridays i talked about a massive amount of stocks it takes me almost a data like or do all the research and plotting for all those videos or very long elaborate videos are like 20 plus minutes then up monday’s i’m

Doing teaching lessons now in that group plus on top of that i respond to all the comments in that group which you know gets a ton of comments all the time as more and more people have joined and that’s a very time-consuming process on top of that there’s a 12 part stock options course and that they gets a ton of comments on if people asking questions and whatnot

The group has got much more time consuming which is why the price is going up but if you’re already in the group your price is not changing whatever price you’re locked in it you’re locked in that announcement number two is in regards to the channel so i’m thinking about bringing back a old series that i used to do on the channel which is called like a vs. series

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Where i will battle two stocks against each other and see which one i would invest in okay so for instance apple versus google or something like that or or amazon versus ebay two companies that are somewhat similarly related kind of you know whether it be in market cap or whether it be in the space that they compete against each other or whatnot where you know amd

Versus nvidia something like that or intel versus nvidia those type of videos i’m thinking about bringing back that series and kind of doing those once a week i thought it might be something you guys would be interested in let me know in the comments section if you want me to bring back that series the og subscribers that have been here a while you guys know i used

To do that series but let me know if you guys want that back in the comments and also let me know like two companies you would love to see me battle against each other i would love to hear that so if you want that leave a comment and tell me which companies you would like me to battle alright guys the third announcement i have is basically i would like to do more

Business related videos you know building a business like business tips and things like that but i want to know from you guys is there even demand for that out there when i’ve done business videos in the past which you know this channel has always been you know stock market dominated and an entrepreneurship and personal finance are kind of like the side dishes here

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Business videos have always lacked as far as views so i’m just wondering is there demand from you guys as far as me making business videos like building a business starting from scratch like business tips like marketing whatever it is is there demand for that if there is let me know in that comment section if somebody leaves a comment that you might leave and you

Saw that in the comment section thumb that coming up i would love to know your guy’s opinion on that do you want more of that stuff i mean i love doing those type of videos passive income business building i love doing those type of videos but i just want to know is there the demand from you guys out there to see it so let me know in that comment section if there

Is alright guys in the fourth announcement it has to do with me clarifying something from yesterday’s video so yesterday’s video i kind of talked about snapchat and whatnot and how i’m not too interested in posting on snapchat nearly as much and whatnot and some people thought like i meant like i’m never gonna post on snapchat again are done with snapchat forever

Or something like that as far as like i’ll never post on there it’s not really so much that it’s just instagram is now like my main backup okay so youtube’s my main thing as far as social platforms go my backup is now instagram and so there’s gonna be a lot more post on instagram vs. snapchat so it’s not like i’ll never post on snapchat again it’s just the amount


I’m gonna be posting on snapchat is gonna be far less instagrams gonna be the main thing especially instagram stories and whatnot especially like when i’m out and doing things in lifestyle take videos and whatnot i’m gonna be posting those on instagram so i just wanted to clarify that it’s not like i’m never gonna post a snapchat again it’s just like instagrams

Kind of my focus now as far as you know building something off of youtube that’s a social platform so those are my four big announcements don’t forget to let me know in the comments you know about the the vs. videos you know where i battled to stocks against each other is that something you guys interested in also passive income in business building like is their

Demand out there from you guys as far as watching those type of videos if so which ones specifically would you like to see and whatnot if somebody leaves a comment that you know you know it’s your idea basically that you agree with that make sure you thumb up that comment instead of just leave in another comment that’s the same exact thing just thumb up that comment

You know and what so anyways thanks for watching as always guys and you know what have a great day you

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