5 Biggest Lies of Money! #EXPOSED

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Good many subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel in today we’re exposing the biggest lies of money guys i have five of the biggest lies of money here that i hear constantly and many of you guys have probably heard throughout your life you’ve been probably fed some of these things and they’re just

Inaccurate and they’re just lies so we are going to expose that today on a completely random note before we get into this i just want to say thank you to everybody that supports the channel you that you know watches a bunch of videos that watch these videos in general thank you everybody who’s bought the book i don’t think i get to say thank you enough i mean i say

Thank you at the end of every video i do like thank you for watching and have a great day but i just don’t it’s not like i go out of my way to do something like this so i just want to say thanks to everybody that supports the channel it does mean a lot to me and because it shows that i’m making somewhat of an impact in this world and it makes me feel great guys so

Thank you tow for all you do and you know what let’s go ahead and get into this guy’s okay so number one biggest lie of money i hear and you’ve probably heard this a lot from certain people money is not important money’s not important to me money is not important nobody like that’s the biggest punch of ps out there if you don’t care about money then you probably

Don’t care about much of anything because guess what’s going to achieve things in this world you can achieve things through money i’m not just talking about you can go buy yourself a lamborghini or a house right i’m talking about if you want to vaccinate a third-world country like give them free vaccines guess what that’s going to cost a lot of money if you have

A lot of money you’ve earned a lot of money you can do something like that like if your neighbor next door has the a child that is you know terminally ill right and it’s one of their last dying wishes to go to a drake concert like that’s their hero and that’s what they want to do and their parents are not in the financial situation that they can pay for something

Like that you could pay for something like that right if you’ve got money you’ve got 150 bucks sitting around oh i could pay for that you know enjoy your concert in your sister she needs a heart transplant and insurance won’t cover nothing’s going to happen there unless you’ve got the money to pay for guys so the fact that money’s not important or then then what

Is what is important at that point because everything in this world you want to do something it’s going to have to happen through money right at the end of the day you want to send your your kids to college hmm probably going to cost money right or they’re going to go massively in debt if they don’t get a scholarship right they’ll go massively and get and they’ll

Start out way behind the eight-ball right you want to move to a nicer area where there’s not you know shootings and those kinds of things happening all the time around you right and there’s not much a drug in the area well guess what it’s going to take money to get out of there guys so money is not important if money is not important to you then there’s nothing

That’s important to you at the end of the day because you’re just being selfish at that point and you just don’t want to do anything out there you don’t want to achieve anything because guess what anything in this world nowadays you have to get it through money at the end of the day right so money absolutely is important there’s the biggest lie of money i’ve ever

Heard growing up money’s not important money shouldn’t be important mmm okay yeah and then all those things i just mentioned will not be achievable because you don’t have any money number two number two i hate this one oh man this one frustrates me a lot entrepreneurship is for a select few you have to be a special kind of person to be an entrepreneur now you don’t

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You absolutely don’t you want to be steve jobs you want to be jeff bezos you want to be a billionaire entrepreneur yeah you do need to be a special person you do need some luck and a lot of things to go your way okay yes that’s true but to be an entrepreneur a business owner that makes it it makes 50k 100k 200k a year no that’s not a select few you don’t have to

Be a select do a lot of times when it comes down to with entrepreneurship owning a business it comes down to customer service it comes down to you as a people person you deciding to treat your customers really well or not you deciding to be very nice to customers or not you deciding to smile for your customers or not you deciding to go over and over and beyond for

Your customers or not it’s binary guys is binary it’s black and white you either want to do those and the things and get customer retention up or you don’t you either maybe you have you cared a lot about your strategy when you before you even start the business or you didn’t right and maybe that strategy wasn’t the best and you either adapt it and change the strategy

Or you didn’t you either you know we’re six months and you realize man this is going to be really hard you know we’re not paying our bills and you gave up or you didn’t you kept going guys is black and white is binary at the end of the day it’s not a special select few out there is to be an entrepreneur guide at the end of the day it’s either you do it you go through

It all or you don’t it’s not like you need to be you know some type of genius to be an entrepreneur or something like that guys and a lot of it at the end a day comes down to customer relations and the way you treat people and you can either treat people good or you can treat people bad ins up to you or you can treat just people okay you want to be an entrepreneur

You need to treat people great at the end of the day guys so you know starting business you can absolutely succeed in the end number three number three you need you need someone else to manage your money because you’re not smart enough that is that is also a thing that’s fabricated out there all the time oh no you don’t want to manage your money if you’re you’re

Investing money you know have someone else do it because they’re smarter than you now they’re not smarter than you maybe they put in more time and effort into it than you do because maybe you’re not putting any time and effort into it nowadays in this day and age there’s so many resources out there that you can learn about investing whatever type of investing you

Want i don’t care what it is whether you want to invest in bitcoins whether you want to invest in stocks whether you want to invest in real estate you will whether you want to invest in our you know gold and silver coins like it doesn’t matter what you want to do out there guys the resources are out there the financial education channel we’re out here we’re just

One youtube channel right look at how many different videos i have teaching people different things guys the resources are out there the question is do you want to put in the work to achieve good returns and those kinds of things it doesn’t mean you have to be a 4.0 gpa with a master’s degree from from stanford or harvard or something like that absolutely not you

Don’t need to have graduate from yale talk with your class no taking investments sometimes the best people that do it or people that sometimes aren’t from those schools and some of those things guys i mean you remember the famous line if you ever seen a movie wall street i think i have it linked in the description it’s one of my favorite movies ever though i’m

Talking about the original wall street the one that was made in the 1980 when a michael douglas says something i can’t remember the exact wording but he’s like all these harvard mbas add up to it gave me a real player give me someone that’s hungry and you know has street smarts and that’s the one that will achieve he said something along those lines if you ever

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Seen wall street you know that they’re like in the locker room and getting dressed and i just one of my favorite lines an entire movie and then go back and watch that movie soon and it’s true it’s true at the other day you don’t need to be some type of a super smart person from some super-smart college to manage your money you just have to know how to do it guys

And the resources are out there more than ever right now more than ever number four number four owning a house is the ultimate symbol of financial success only in a house is the ultimate you know show of your financial success absolutely not absolutely not you know why it’s become a symbol of financial success because everybody and i don’t know any other way to

Put it in this so close you close your ears if there’s kids around right now everybody wants to show how big their dick is that’s that’s the truth why does a you know a billionaire go out and get a 78 bedroom hill house they want to show i’ll take their dick is at the end of the day that’s the bottom line guys i hate to put it like that but i can’t think of any

Other way to put it other than that it’s showing off so you can say oh look how big my house is does anybody need a house that big absolutely not i mean i live in an area where i like half the people especially in the expensive part that’s up the hill there the really expensive part like half those people even live in their house in the summertime like like 50%

Of people that live in those areas are not even here in vegas during the summertime like they’re gone they’re in their second or third home or whatever guys they just have those big houses because it’s just another symbol of my financial success of what i have achieved out there guys not that should not be the ultimate prize at the end of the day that should not

Be the way you show your wealth what should be the way you show your wealth is on what it feels like for you personally don’t just try to show off because you’re showing off to other people if you want to have a big house for yourself have a big house don’t do it because and you really need to ask yourself why am i doing this if you get to that level and you’ve got

That type of money why am i doing this why am i buying this thing is it really for me or is it it’s just to show off in other people’s face and i guarantee you a lot of people say oh no it’s because i like that house or i’m investing in real estate they use no it’s because you want to show off and you want to flaps in everybody’s face that look at my 28 bedroom

House you know if you hear guys look at look at my house it’s got the best ocean view in malibu you know what i mean so don’t make that ultimate symbol of financial success what needs to be is what’s also in your checking account what’s in your stables account what’s in your 401k what’s in your investment account you have real estate rental properties repentantly

That’s the true meaning of financial success not i have the biggest house on the block know that absolutely isn’t because guess what someone can have a bigger house than you and not being nearly as good a financial situation as you are right they can have you know a house with four extra bedrooms than you have but also they have ten million dollars and do that

You have no debt and you have an extra ten million dollars in stocks investing guys so that is absolutely should not be the measure financial success at the end of the day number five number five little expenses don’t matter how many times have you heard this don’t sweat the small stuff don’t sweat the small stuff those little expenses don’t pay attention to them

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Just pay attention to big expenses so a bad thing for mindset guys if you don’t pay attention to little expenses if you don’t pay attention a little money then the big money will also escape you right the big money will also escape you in those little it those little bits of money here and there you’re not paying attention to that’s going to that’s going to leave

You and leave you and leave you and then when you do a compounding calculator on that and how many little expenses are leaving your wallet you’re you’ll find out that way this is way bigger than i’m thinking this is way bigger than i’m thinking here guys for example you go to the grocery store and you know you’re leaving you’re walking out and you’re looking at

Your receipt and you realize that bangor carrots that was it was supposed to be on sale for 99 cents instead of with $2.99 a lot of people and this is a lot of people will just say do i really want to go through customer service to get that two bucks back no no my car that kind of sucked a lot of people to that guy you know my wife she would absolutely go back i

Absolutely would go back and get my two bucks if i have to stay in line for 5-10 minutes i don’t care it’s about the principle at the end of the day and if you don’t care about that two bucks then then do you care about the 20 bucks the 200 bucks like where’s your line in the sand there and then those two bucks are just going to keep leaving you like if you go to

Gas up once a week right and you pull in there’s two gas stations one on each side this one’s a little harder to get to but this one’s 10 cents cheaper want this one on the right sides a little more convenient 10 cents more expensive you order that one on the right side all the time right you get your 20 gallons of gas every week you’re missing 10 cents that’s 2

Bucks every time do 2 bucks times 52 weeks or a year you’re missing out on over a hundred dollars in savings just because you know this other one on the right hand side was a little more convenient to me that’s what i’m talking about pay attention a little expenses guys the little stuff because the little stuff absolutely adds up and it’s about the mindset you go

Into if i see a penny on the ground i still pick it up tight and it doesn’t matter how much money i have it’s about the principle at the end of the day that penny is it really worth me bending over and picking it up for in my opinion yes in my opinion yes because and call me crazy or call me whatever you want i just you know i was born in a government hospital i

Was you know all my younger years you know we grew up on food stamps and those kinds of things in a real bad neighborhood like i understand you know being poor and i have respect for money so therefore if you’re saying there’s two bucks out there i’m going to pick those two bucks up unless this there’s somebody that i saw it drop out of their pocket like if there’s

Two bucks laying on the ground i’m picking up that two bucks if the store you know overcharged me two bucks i’m going to pick that two bucks up because i have respect for money at the end of the day guys i have respect for money because i know what it’s like to not have in a day so those are the five biggest myths or the type biggest lies i should say the five

Biggest lies of money out there you let you hear growing up so i hope you guys enjoyed this today if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe to talk personal finance in the channel we talked entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk stock market investing more than anything this was actually a personal

Finance video we don’t do a lot of them on this channel thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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5 Biggest Lies of Money! #EXPOSED By Financial Education

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