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Ah that definitely was a better idea on paper than it was in practice so it doesn’t really matter where you’ve learned these things about money the truth is most people believe these five money lies to be the truth and today i want to set you straight and tell you guys that these five things are absolutely not true and i want you guys to comment down below as we go

Through this video and if you previously believed this lie about money i want you to drop me a comment down below and let me know why you think this is no longer true or if you disagree with me i would like to hear your feedback as well but first of all the number one lie about money that i hear from people is this idea that money is scarce and there’s not enough

Money out there almost like money is a finite resource like gasoline or water or something like that where there’s only gonna be so much of it and then it’s gonna run out and if you try to get more of it than everybody else you are greedy and you don’t deserve that money that is absolutely not true money is abundant and money is everywhere and if you need a reminder

Of this just take a ride to the nicer side of town and drive through some of the nicer neighborhoods and sure maybe some people are just doing that for the impression and they’re really in debt but i’m sure a lot of people in that neighborhood do have a lot of money and oftentimes i do this just to expose myself to one is actually possible out there but you have to

Understand that money is abundant now one thing i will say is that lazy money is scarce it’s very difficult to find lazy money occasionally you’ll find somebody who does well for themselves being lazy and they got lucky with something but money is abundant as long as you’re willing to work hard for it and do things that others are not willing to do so smart money

And hardworking money is everywhere its abundant there are opportunities every single place you go you could even sit right in your home and make money right from your computer if you wanted to but it’s not going to be easy so easy money is scarce it’s gonna be hard to find an easy way to make money a do-nothing job or something where you just throw money into it


And you have a guaranteed return it’s gonna be difficult to find these things and oftentimes those are what we call scams but if you’re willing to work hard and you’re willing to put in some work and do things that most people are not willing to do then you have to understand that money is abundant it is an abundant resource and there is as much of it out there

As you were willing to go after the second lie about money comes along the lines of saying i deserve this so maybe it’s the end of the week you’ve worked hard and you say i’m gonna go to the mall i’m gonna buy myself a brand new pair of shoes or i’m gonna buy myself new rims for my truck what you’re telling yourself is i deserve this but you’re actually lying to

Yourself about money because the thing is if you deserved that money you would keep it for yourself and all you’re saying when you’re spending your money is that somebody else deserves that money more you’re saying you deserve this money calvin klein or you deserve this money michael kors you’re saying i don’t deserve this money so i better spend it so i know a

Lot of people get in the habit of rewarding themselves with things whether it’s purses or rims for your truck or who knows what it is or maybe it’s alcohol but these are things that you should not be buying and it’s an absolute waste that all you are doing is lying to yourself and you’re paying somebody else in telling them they deserve that money more than you

Deserve it so at the end of the week if you’ve busted your ass and you’ve worked hard tell yourself that i deserve this and keep that money in your bank account because you worked hard for it and why would you let it slip through your fingertips on useless purchases that are really not going to give you gratification in the long run the third biggest lie about

Money is when people convince themselves that they saved money on a purchase that whole sentence itself makes absolutely no sense how can you save money at the same time that you are spending money so maybe you go out there and you buy a brand new truck and the dealer convinces you that you saved eight thousand dollars by spending fifty grand on a truck you didn’t

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Save eight thousand dollars you spent forty two thousand instead of fifty thousand but what you don’t realize is that you’re just getting taken advantage of and that is just a sales gimmick to get you behind the wheel of that truck so while you might believe you’re saving money you’re actually spending money if you actually saved eight thousand dollars it would be

In your bank account earning interest or would be in the stock market being invested to get a return on that investment if you simply think you’re saving money by making purchases you’re dead wrong the fourth biggest lie about money is when people say i don’t have enough money to save it or i don’t have enough money to invest so i make stock market related videos

On my channel here and i constantly have people saying i would love to invest in the stock market i just don’t have the money and that is a complete lie you do have the money you just don’t have your priorities straight and investing that money or saving that money is not a priority your priorities lie within the coachella tickets or the avocado toast or whatever

It is you’re spending money on your discretionary spending items all you are telling yourself is that investing or saving is not a priority to me right now and if you want to make it a priority you’re gonna have to cut down on some of your discretionary expense items but do not lie to yourself and tell yourself that you don’t have enough money to save or invest

Be honest with yourself and say investing is not a priority for me right now i want to spend my money now and i’m too worried about instant gratification at the end of the day just be honest with yourself about what it is that you are saying and fifth and finally the final lie about money is one that i believed for over two years and that is that money is more

Important than happiness and this is honestly one of the biggest lies out there and i had a lot of people commenting in that video i did that went viral about why i quit my $70,000 job after learning about passive income a lot of people were like why would you ever quit that job and the truth is i hated that job and as a result i hated my life and what’s the point

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Of living a life where you’re a miserable 90 percent of the time when you’re at work and you’re just not feeling like yourself what is the point of making money if you don’t feel good about yourself and the work that you are doing and you’re gonna find a lot of people out there willing to put money before their own happiness they’re willing to do things they are

Not passionate or even agree with just because the job pays well and you have to get past this idea that money is more important than happiness and it’s one that a lot of people get hung up on and they end up stuck in a place in their life because they know that they’re making a lot of money they know that they hate their lives and they’re not doing something they

Enjoy but at the end of the day that paycheck is very seductive and when it gets to your hand you say okay this was really worth it but in the long run is that worth the toll it’s taking on your life that is the question you have to ask yourself but that’s a lie that i got caught up in for a long time is that money is more important than happiness and it’s just

Not once you find yourself doing what you are truly passionate about what you really enjoy you’ll find a way to make them money you might have to work a little harder or do things differently but you absolutely 100% have to put your happiness before money but anyways guys that is all i got for this video these are the five biggest lies about money that are being

Spread out there to the masses if you guys agree or disagree with these drop me a comment down below and if you know somebody who might benefit from this video please pass it along and share it with them but thank you guys so much for watching i hope you have a great rest of your day and i will see you in the next video if you are interested in learning more about

Investing in the stock market i’ve created a free course just for you the link is in the description below here are a few other videos you might enjoy as well

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