5 Books You MUST Read In Your 20s

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So most of us have heard this quote before that the average ceo reads 60 books per year while the average employee reads just four and the one thing that’s not mentioned in that quote is that the average ceo has a lot more time on their hands than the average employee and that’s because the responsibility of the ceo of a company is to figure out the general direction

A company is heading while the employee is responsible for getting them there and taking care of those tasks so ceos are responsible for the vision of a company and so they do naturally spend more time reading and learning now that being said i don’t necessarily read 60 books per year but i would like to think i read more than the average person and what helps

Me out a lot in doing that is listening to audiobooks if i had to sit down and physically block out time to crack open a book i wouldn’t be reading very often but it’s easy for me to listen to audiobooks when i’m at the gym or in my car and by doing so this allows me to listen to at least one book per month and in some cases to now if you guys want to check out

Audible that is the audiobook subscription i use i’m gonna include a link down in the description below where you can get a free audible book credit just for signing up for a free trial with them and that will allow you to get any of the books mentioned in this video completely free now that being said the five books i’m going to mention in this video are the

Books that have had the biggest impact on my wealth my relationships as well as my overall feelings of well-being and i was thinking of doing this with all five money related books because i have a finance channel but at the end of the day guys money is not everything and so i wanted this to be a well-rounded selection of books and these are the five books that

Have benefitted me the most reading them in my 20s so that being said guys let’s get into it with book number one so coming in at number one on my list it’s kind of cliche because pretty much every successful person out there mentions this book when it comes to wealth and mindset and that is think and grow rich by napoleon hill if you haven’t heard of this book

Already i’m very surprised but it is one of the very first books you should read and basically what this book is here there’s napoleon hill studied the successful habits of 500 rich people and successful people and distilled them down into a series of lessons in this book now i will say this guy’s the book was originally published in 1937 so it’s not the easiest

To read in the world but it is a book i would highly recommend reading even if you just do it one chapter at a time and it’s so beneficial to read this book and no matter what you’re looking to achieve whether it’s a financial goal or something unrelated to that this book can be so beneficial when it comes to mindset and goal-setting so the first key lesson from

This book is that you should learn from other people in mastermind groups and i am such a huge fan of this and it’s something that i do all the time now it doesn’t have to be a boring mastermind group for example me and a bunch of my friends who also do youtube and online business all met up in cancun in january and we had kind of a work keishon we call it where it

Was a lot of strategizing and ideas and we also had a lot of fun but you should find other people who have achieved what you are looking to achieve or find people in that process and create a mastermind where you all collectively share ideas with each other every time we need up together at least one of us goes home making a lot more money because we share ideas

And bounce things off each other and you get a different perspective than you would get on your own just looking at the situation lesson number two is that you need to desire whatever it is that you want to achieve and then second of all believe that you can achieve it now that is essentially the law of attraction and i know a lot of people don’t believe the law of

Attraction and they think it’s a bunch of nonsense but what this does for you is it gets you in the right mindset to be successful if you don’t believe that you can achieve what you’re looking to achieve you’re not going to take a lot of action towards that outcome because you think it’s not gonna happen so you’re gonna say you know what i’m not going to do that i’m

Not gonna work on that and you also need to have a strong desire for what it is that you are looking to achieve because it’s going to involve sacrifice and if you desire something enough you are willing to make those sacrifices necessary to achieve what you are looking to achieve in life and then the third lesson is that you need to maintain a positive attitude

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And a positive outlook on life no matter what let’s face it guys there’s enough negative people in this world you don’t need to be another one of those people and that is one of the key lessons that i saw throughout this book is despite the adversity and challenges all these people faced they maintained a positive outlook no matter what so being positive and having

Gratitude is a really important lesson from this book as well and it’s something i remind myself to do every single day and when i find myself in a situation where i feel like life is throwing a lot at me at once i usually just take a step back and i look around and i say well what can i be thankful for you know i was born in the united states you know i have a

House i have a functioning car i have all these gifts that i need to be thankful for and that really diminishes my problems and it makes me realize that these things are just not a big deal all right now the second book you guys might laugh at me a little bit here for but it’s honestly one of the most important books you can read when it comes to relationships

And that is the five love languages by gary chapman and this book basically explains the fact that there are five different love languages out there and most of us are only fluent in two of them we have a primary love language and a secondary love language and most issues in relationships with you know loved ones or family members come from speaking different

Love languages with each other so if you’re experiencing a lot of conflict in your relationships with people not all the time but sometimes it’s simply due to the fact that that person is just not feeling loved by you even if you feel like you’re giving them love and support you may just be doing it in a way that they’re not used to receiving it because that’s just

Not their love language it’s like one person speaking french the other person speaking spanish you just don’t understand each other so there’s three key lessons this book has taught me lesson number one is that every relationship out there is going to have a honeymoon phase and do you really have to realize that the true work is going to begin after that honeymoon

Phase and a lot of people just perpetually get stuck in jumping from relationship to relationship because all their inter is that infatuation in that honeymoon phase but not that’s not how you build a deep or meaningful relationship with somebody lesson number two is that you are most likely loving people in the language that you were taught as a child and that’s

Where you have to realize that there are five different love languages out there and you primarily know how to speak just one or maybe two so you may have to realize that there are other ways of loving people and showing you no gratitude towards somebody other than what it is that you are doing now so personally the biggest way that i show people love is acts of

Servitude which is doing people favors but i can tell you right now my girlfriend that is not her primary love language so when i go out there and i just do things for her she’s not as receptive of it because that is not how she wants to be loved so learning these love languages allows you to communicate with people and love them in the way that they are looking to

Be loved and then lesson number three that i learned here is that basically everyone out there has a love tank and guys even if you don’t want to admit it you have one as well and often times when there’s major conflict happening in relationships or you’re arguing you know non-stop with your spouse or loved one it’s because your love tank is on empty and so you

Have to think of it that way we’re little complements that you give people or you know favors that you do for people depending on their love language all these little things will fill up that tank and if you would neglect that then your partner’s love tank can be on empty and that can be a major source of conflict in relationships so coming in at number three on

My list here is a book i just read recently george orwell’s 1984 now this is a fiction book and it’s not necessarily the number one book you have to read on this list but it is really important especially with what’s going on in this day and age with you know with data companies collecting all this data on us and big brother watching essentially george orwell wrote

This book in 1949 making a prediction about the year 1984 now he was off by you know maybe 30 years or so but we are seeing a lot of his predictions coming true in 2020 with surveillance and you know this idea of big rather watching you so for me the key lesson from this book number one here is understanding when technology can go too far for example we all like

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Our you know smart home speakers but there’s been proven studies that show that they are in fact listening to us when we don’t realize it because there are certain wake words that we are saying and maybe you’re listening to a tv show and the device gets confused and it turns on the microphone and it starts recording you that’s very similar to what happens in 1984

There’s a device inside these people’s homes that can be listening to you at any point in time and essentially we have that here with alexa and google lesson number two is understanding the dangers of controlling information and altering records that is essentially what they do in this society is they control the information that is being sent out to people and

They also alter the records to make it look like you know they’ve been right all along and i’m not saying that happens here so much in the united states but there are countries in this world and societies where these things do happen and then lesson number three is understanding how fear and intimidation tactics can be used as a means of control and this may not

Just be on a level of government but this happens in all kinds of places in life there’s people in workplaces in situations where their bosses are using these these methods of control by making you fearful and making you afraid of of you know what could happen and things like that and so for me understanding how that is used as a means of control has been a way

For me to identify when that could be potentially happening to me in my own life all right guys so book number four on my list here and i did this on purpose because it’s the 4-hour workweek this is a really important book for anybody who is looking to get more done in less time and this is a book by timothy ferriss he’s well known in the entrepreneurship community

And this book made such a difference for me and it’s crazy because i didn’t read this book until about two years of doing my business online and this book has made me so much money in the process by understanding these three key lessons all right lesson number one is implementing the 8020 rule and this simply tells us that 80% of our results come from 20% of our

Actions and 20% of our results come from 80% of our actions so rather than focusing all of your time on the 80 percent yielding you xx you double down on that 20% that’s giving you the greatest roi on your time now you may not think that this applies to things outside of business but it really does you can apply this 8020 rule in all areas of your life for example

One of the 20% of activities yielding eighty percent of your happiness focus more on those activities but from a business standpoint guys i looked at my business and i realized there were a lot of tasks i was doing day to day that were not necessarily generating an roi in terms of more money or building an audience so i cut out a lot of those tasks and really just

Focused in on that 20% that was getting me the results i was looking for lesson number two and this is a tough one especially for people like me who aren’t a big fan of confrontation that is learning how to say no to things because as you become more successful you’re gonna have more opportunities cross your path because people are gonna see what you have going

On and they’re gonna want a piece of that action so you’re gonna have friends you’re gonna have people coming out asking you hey can i pitch this business to you or hey i got this business opportunity for you this happens to me on a weekly basis i’ll get people asking me hey i want you to look at my startup or i’ve got this business idea and you really have to

Learn how to say no and this kind of circles back to that 8020 rule you know what is the 20% that is getting you the results you’re looking for and all this other stuff that’s going to come up a lot of it you just have to simply say no to because it’s not going to get you to where you are looking to be and then lesson number three from this book is that you should

Design your job around your lifestyle and not the other way around a lot of people do it the other way around where they will basically figure out what are the demands from this job and design their lifestyle around that when in reality should figure out what it is you want to do with your life and find a job that fits that criteria so for example i was talking

The other day with a photographer and she was telling me that her main focus in life is being able to travel all over the world so she knew what her lifestyle design was she wanted to be able to travel and then she’s built her job around the ability to travel where as if she took out nine to five desk job she would travel maybe two or three weeks out of the year

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When she had vacation time so you should always think about what it is you want to do with your life and then figure out a job that will allow you to do that fifth and finally on my list here we have the way of the peaceful warrior by dan millman now i will say this i haven’t read this book in about five years or so it is on my list to reread i’ll probably buy the

Audiobook because that’s where i do most of my listening these days but this is a great book when it comes to like an introduction to mindfulness and spirituality and essentially it’s about a college athlete who meets a spiritual guide in a very unexpected place which is a gas station convenience store now there aren’t many lessons this book teaches but it was kind

Of hard to distill it down to my three core lessons but i’m gonna go ahead and share those with you guys now so lesson number one for me from this book is that a warrior acts while a fool reacts and this is kind of a challenging one to wrap your head around here but what this means for me is that you should think before you act in a situation because especially

When we all have times when our tempers flare up or we get angry we have this tendency to want to react to that situation we want to tell that person off or we want to get angry and yell at somebody if they disagree with us but that is us reacting to that situation rather than acting in that situation and doing what we know is best versus what is going to serve

Our ego and that has helped me tremendously with relationships and with different people when you when you do have disagreements and you get angry it’s you know doing what you know is right versus what you want to do in that situation by reacting lesson number two is not to fall into the if only trap you know if only i had money if only i had companionship if

Only i had a better job and to me this is that victim mindset that a lot of people tend to fall into and everybody has a unique situation in life and i will say this some people have it harder than others but you don’t want to fall into that mindset of if only this was this way because you know you have the cards that you’ve been dealt and you have to you know

Work with the cards that you have and i find that people who slip into that mindset it can be a spiral effect where you start to just believe that you’re a victim of life and there’s just no way out of it when in reality i think that you know regardless of your circumstances most people have the opportunities to be successful and do what they want to do in life

And then lesson number three is that you will never be more or less than anyone else in life and essentially that means we’re all equal so a lot of people you have these beliefs that they’re better than somebody else or that there’s you know an upper class and a lower class and and while there are some people that make more money or less money that should not have

Anything to do with your thoughts about people and you have to remember that a lot of people don’t define their success by the size of their bank account so if you’re out there thinking you’re better than people because you have more money well you’re honestly a fool because that’s just one metric of success so try to keep a level head and understand that we’re

All equal here and we should treat everybody you know the way that you want to be treated that’s what that lesson really means for me so anyways guys that’s going to wrap up this video those are the five books that have made the biggest impact on me in my 20s like i said if you want to go ahead and grab a free audible audiobook credit that is the top link down in

The description below and you can get any of these books we mentioned for free for full transparency guys i am affiliated with audible so if you do use my link i may earn a small commission in the process so all those links are in the description guys if you want to get that free audiobook make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already drop me a comment if you

Guys have any thoughts or feelings on these books but thanks so much for watching guys i will see you in the next video you

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