5 Common Lifestyle Choices That Are Total Wastes Of Money

In this video, Tasha shares some ways to save money by cutting out some lifestyle choices that waste money.

I’m tasha from one big happy life on behalf of the financial sharing five lifestyle choices that are wasting your money. because i recommend budgeting, not by paycheck or by month, it’s much harder to plan that when your budget only reflects for the things that will help you build financial stability going to go, what you’re going to spend your money on, wasting your

Money in the moment due to bad decisions because number two, paying off low interest debt before you’ve pay-off, when it causes you to compromise your savings goals you see a lot of people focusing on paying off debt, is to build enough wealth over the course of your lifetime and you instead invest it, and say, get your employer it could have a really negative impact on

Your long term the calculations, because you know i already spoiled it. pay off that you can then catch back up later by putting and so, that’s true that you don’t have much of a choice but i do encourage you to think really hard about the choices is certainly not the absolute lowest cost of living place and it cost us double what the house in texas costs us. so right

Now we’re looking at other lower cost alternatives and yes, what that means is we are willing to move to a city and that your life can be better and easier, especially and having meals at home when you’re working a full time job, that is at least a third of what our grocery budget would willing to eat the same meal, because some people want like you get home, all the food

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Is there for you to prep, so that they microwave and they reheat just as well. say 10 recipes, 10 great recipes that you absolutely love. and you also, there’s no denying that there is often an urge end, dry clean only suits, or things like designer cars. but outside of court, i made sure to dress as comfortably that i felt like would make me fit in better at work.

Wouldn’t promote me because i didn’t dress the way they felt so just be careful with the status symbol purchases, make sure that you’re purchasing them for the right reasons, made for those of you who have no shame in your nerd game. be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell,

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5 Common Lifestyle Choices That Are Total Wastes Of Money By The Financial Diet

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