5 High RISK/REWARD Investments!

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How do you make big money from little money that is what we are talking about here today guys i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and today i’m giving you the five best ways that you can make a lot of money from a little money now before i even get into this video and what the five things are you’ve gotta understand when you’re talking about making a

Lot of money from a little bit of money in a short amount of time generally you’re gonna be talking about taking riskier bets okay you’re gonna be doing riskier things these are not put some money in a savings account leaders or not you know put some money in the in the company that already has a 500 billion market cap these are riskier type things okay these are

A lot of things that i don’t even really get involved with myself much however i get a lot of questions about it so i figure i’m not probably the best person to explain a subject like this and kind of give you the risk that you’re going into with something like this now first and foremost if you’re a person out there that has only little bits of money to invest

But you want to invest generally speaking what i’ll say is you’ve got an income issue so you need to focus on getting your income up but however that’s not the point of this video i just want to get that point across that usually be focusing on your income and not your investing but at the same time there’s a lot of people who do have money okay and they feel

Like they need to do something a little riskier as far as like you know put 5% of their money put ten percent of their money i understand that okay i understand that and that’s why another reason why i’m addressing this video here today is because a lot of people just feel like they’re in a lot of boring investments as it is and they need something you know put 5%

Of their capital or 10% of their capital to something a little risky or that that gets the juices flowing that’s like get some exciting you know that it’s a little riskier out there so that’s what i’m here to share with you guys here today make sure if you’re new to the stock market after this video is over you click that very first link that is my 11-part course

On stock market investing mastery that teaches you all about what i look for in stocks and everything like that also has my private email address in there guys so you can contact me if you have any questions and related to the course if you’re a more experienced investor check out that second link that goes into my stock options mastery course that is phenomenal

For people that want to learn about stock options all right guys let’s get into it alrighty guys the first one is kryptos cryptocurrency investing this is super popular right now obviously this is the hot to jump on right now you see you know bitcoins up over a thousand percent in the past year like people have turned very small amounts of money into very large

Amounts of money i mean think about if you had a thousand dollars to invest in bitcoin at this time last year you now have ten thousand dollars there’s tons of these cryptocurrencies popping up a lot of them are highly risky i would say cryptocurrencies in general or risky from the sense of they do not have a proven track record as a far as most investment classes

Most investment classes have you know decades and decades if not hundreds of years of you know background behind them crypto currencies is a new kid on the block it’s the hot thing is what everybody’s getting into right now you know you can’t go anywhere without people talking about it so it’s definitely a way you can potentially make a lot of money from a small

Amount of money unless cryptos go completely away there’s a lot of talk right now about you know i just saw a new fund manager just talking about bitcoin could hit forty thousand by next year i’ve heard other people talking about a hundred thousand within a year or two obviously it’s it’s a easy prediction to make right when you go on the trend it’s the easiest

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Prediction to make it’s no different than you know you see the great football team the new england patriots say and all they’re gonna be in the super bowl like when you hop on the trend it’s the easiest move to make going as a contrarian that’s the hardest move to make right so and a lot of people always talk about like you know a lot of bitcoin fans kind of get

Confused on whether you know bitcoins overvalued or undervalued and they get that confused with their emotions about bitcoin in about crypto currencies because you know that really has nothing to do with each other like you could be super bullish on bitcoin for long term and it doesn’t mean you have to be you know super bullish on the price of bitcoin in the short

Term no different than if apple shares we’re trading at $100 that’s a steal right i’m buying those apple shares however if apple shares were trading out $1,000 a share right now that’s a freaking ripoff so you got to kind of find out where it’s undervalued and overvalued but kryptos right now is absolutely a place that’s just hot right now you see these prices going

Up bitcoin nearly touched 10,000 today and so that’s definitely the possibility of making a small amount of money into a larger bottom line all right guys the second way you have a potential to make a little bit of money into a lot of money is through stock options through stock options trading now stock options can be phenomenal for a lot of different reasons okay

Other than just taking the riskier bets now the riskier bets with options would be buying call options okay if you buy call options that’s definitely a riskier play because basically you’re putting yourself under time constraint and that a stock has to be buy at a certain price by a certain date you can also buy put options okay which is basically the inverse of

Call option which is basically the the stock price has to go down to a certain level by a certain date now you can make so much money from options if the trade goes your way properly right so for instance last year i bought some apple call options okay i bought some apple call options this was when apple was around $100 a share maybe just slightly more than $100 a

Share i bought these at a strike price of i believe it was a hundred and twenty dollars some of these options right 120 dollar strike price and i had to pay around $5 each of these right so meaning my cost basis on this was a hundred and twenty-five dollars so i needed a apple stock to go to at least 125 dollars by january 2018 in order for me to break-even so that

Was my break-even on that trade now with that being said apple shares currently or around a hundred and seventy five ish dollars okay so apple shares right now as of little work a few days before december 2017 so there’s still a little over a month in that trade right so apple shares are around 175 if you do the math on that you’d make you double up your money at

130 you’d make back your original investment again at 135 you’d make it back again at 140 again and 145 like you can see this trade is massively profitable massively profitable we’re talking about over a thousand percent return with these options here guys so call options buying call options buying put options is a phenomenal way as far as you potentially making a

Lot of money now having the same thing like we talked about with the risk right if these if say apple stock wasn’t even at 125 you’re gonna lose a hundred percent of your money right especially if it’s under 120 you’re losing a hundred percent of your money at that point so you really need to trade to go your way now there’s a lot of ways you know if you get that

Course linked in that description second link there there’s a lot of ways you can make money from options that are actually far less risky than anything in the market for lesson than going into a stock i’m talking about writing covered calls writing covered put options things like that are way less risky however this is a more risky way than if you have a strong

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Feeling that a stock is going to go up for by a certain you know date or you have a strong feeling that it’s going to go down especially if it’s out of the money you have the potential make so much money from options guys and that’s why it comes in at number two already guys coming in at number three on how to make a lot of money from a little money is buying super

High growth stocks okay another thing that’s obviously highly risky everything i’m talking about today is highly risky stuff but what you’re looking for with these super high growth companies you’re looking for revenues or profits to be up over 50% these type of stocks usually are highly volatile they can go up hundreds of percent in a year i mean we’ve looked at

A stock like nvidia right nvidia is a stock that’s up like over a thousand percent in the last three years over a thousand percent in the last three years and there’s a lot of stocks like that that are experiencing very rapid revenue growth very rapid profit growth and and their stock prices are just appreciating we seen at a time and time again now on the flip

Side just be prepared that these stocks could crash sometimes sometimes when their growth slows down then the growth investors move away and they’re like we don’t want that anymore because now they went from growing at you know a 50 percent clip a 60 percent clip to now the grow on that 15 percent we’re not interested in the stock anymore so just be prepared for

That guys but at the same time these some of these stocks see super high growth stocks guys you can make so much money from them if you trade it a right and you trade it timely and you have an insight on why an industry is about to blow up and take off and things like that guy so that is why that comes in at number three already coming in at number four on how to

Make a lot of money from a little money would be ipo trading ipo trading highly risky once again ipo trading this is essentially when a company goes public okay you buy it as soon as that company goes public now a lot of these stocks go up massively on the ipo i mean we’ve seen stock after stock go up 50% 60% 70% within a day or two of its ipo right on the flip

Side if you don’t believe in a stock you could also short those shares shortly after they go public so we’ve seen a stock like a blue apron right blue apron went public i think over $10 a share now that’s a $2 and some change stock now blue apron as ok we’ve seen it on the flip side with companies like member gopro back in the day that went up over i think it well

Over triple i think in quadrupled from its ipo price within a four months pay in quadruple so you could quadrupled your money in a four month span with that one if you had played that right fitbit well over double i think it almost tripled fitbit when that one went public so if you get on these in these hot ipos they’re highly volatile if you trade it right you

Can make a lot of money on these guys roku’s a good example that’s a stock that you know it flew high initially when it went public then it got slammed down now it’s flying high again ipos are highly highly risky as they’re highly highly risky however if you trade it right you can make a lot of money from these ipos and the great thing is sometimes with ipos if

Maybe you really believe in a company over the let’s say the next 10 15 years and you’re like this company is gonna be huge 10 to 15 years from now maybe sometimes it’s worth it as far as taking the risk on an ipo just in the sense that you even if it went down you’re confident in that company over the next 10 to 15 years which is a big thing but at the same time

Realize no one’s taking their company public right no one’s taking their company public and selling those shares to investors at a fair market price or an under undervalued price guys anybody could raise capital in the private markets you don’t need to go public to do that so just realize when companies go public generally speaking the owners of that company are

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Selling it for somewhat of an over overvalued valuation basically or at the at the least a fair valuation on that company they’re not gonna sell it for under price price in the end guys however very very possible you can make a lot of money from ipo trade and that’s why comes in number four already guys coming in at number five is cannabis stocks cannabis stocks

This is an emerging industry that is going to be absolutely massive we see state-by-state in the united states legalizing marijuana i believe worldwide it will become more and more of a legalized thing the same way something like a beer is or you know a tequila is or vodka or something like that guys i think over time this will keep spreading and spreading until

Everybody’s got in in every single state right and right now a lot of states are legalizing it here in las vegas we just got legalized this past year for marijuana and whatnot and there’s a lot of stocks right now that are highly risky however they’re going up massively and the reason being is that this is going to be a huge industry some of these plays will end

Up being the next budweiser some of these will be the next patron tequila but for marijuana okay so for the hook for the weed smokers out there like this is your guy his big opportunity to be successful at investing right now because you have insights that other people don’t have as far as which brands are standing out which brands are making moves and whatnot

You have you have ability to learn things that someone like myself just doesn’t know because i’m not in that industry so you’re gonna have some huge insights so if you’re a marijuana smoker out there like like this is your big opportunity to be highly successful i’m investing because you’re gonna be able to see trends way before regular folks see trends guys and

You’re gonna be able to jump in some of these stocks that are gonna be the next big one i have no clue who the next big one is i mean i get questions all the time talking about cannabis sox i’m like i don’t know because it’s an industry that’s so far out of my circle of confidence i’m clueless on that but however man some of you guys out there that i know there’s

A few of you guys that watch the channel like that are gonna make massive amounts of money because you have an insight on the industry before the the fund managers or anybody realizes what going on and which companies are gonna build brands but just weed realized once again this is highly risky industry right now it’s in early days of growth a you know who knows

How many states are gonna legalize within the next couple years and things like that this could take a while you know quite a while to roll out bigger so just realize it’s a risky industry and i also realize that a lot of these companies cannabis stocks are paying stocks right now which is a whole different ballgame as far as the level of riskiness guys so i hope

You enjoyed this video today just kind of talking about the riskier side of investing which i don’t talk about much you know i’m a more long-term investor more fundamental investor trying to buy undervalued companies hold them for a few years and sell them off for profits and things like that however there’s a whole different ballgame here that you can go a little

Riskier and obviously you can risk losing a lot more money but you can also risk your you know you’re taking that risk and you could potentially make way more money than you ever dreamed so i hope you guys absolutely enjoy this day do not forget if you knew that the stock market click that first link in the description if you’re more an advanced investor and you

Want to know all about options click that second link and how to trade options thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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5 High RISK/REWARD Investments! By Financial Education

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