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Make your own Nakotsu (Chicken Cartilage) Yakitori at home! Just process a chicken like in this video: then you’ll have your Yakitori pack. Then just unfreeze, season and grill.

Everybody this is beat the bush is actually after work for me and i’m really hungry i’m sure most of you will have this problem till you get home and you want to make food really fast what i have here is a yakitori pak and i’m actually gonna eat yakitori even though i need to prepare my dinner really fast because all i have to do is just unfreeze it and stick this

On the grill you seen this before this is a live our orange grill and it’s electric right here but then it never touches the heating element so it’s kind of indirect heat makes it taste a lot better and of course since i’m so hungry i’m not gonna wait half an hour for the rice to get done so i have some pre-prepared rice i’ve always had pre-prepared rice in the

Fridge just for occasions like these where you really don’t want to spend much time cooking and you just want to eat so i dumped it in some water to reduce enough the plastic so i can remove the plastic before i defrosted in the microwave you don’t want to put the plastic in there because it’s carcinogenic so just take the plastic and remove that through without a

Wedge and then you just stick this in the microwave to defrost okay it’s about defrost so i’m gonna reheat some of the rice in there while i’m preparing everything else i’m gonna prepare this zucchini put to put on the grill just cut off the ends i like to just cut it in half and cut it into big chunks so here’s a defrosted chicken yakitori pack i’m gonna flavor

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It with some soy sauce on there some ground ginger some garlic a dab of sesame oil a little bit of black pepper then you just mix everything you need to fill the bottom with some water so the drippings won’t bake on to the bottom just turn it on and now i just pile on everything i’m not even gonna put these on skewers because i’m too lazy to do it then i’m hungry

When you put it on skewers it looks nice and all it does make it taste a bit better when it’s on skewers to me but when you don’t have much time to cook this is just fine here i’m gonna stick the zucchini on the side i’ll let it cook from with low heat on the side you know in between just kind of flip everything there’s a chicken cartilage right there drumstick

Cartilage this is the back meat notice the back knee has a lot of fat by the time we’re done a lot of the fat will actually leak off and kind of melt off and drip to the bottom the first thing to be done is the chicken breast because it cooks faster so you can pretty much eat as you go take those off and also the smaller pieces you want to take off first like this

Is a smaller piece that’s a smaller piece and you can just pretty much eat as you go and i am eating as i go right now actually and also the chicken cartilage will take a while as well that one’s done this is chicken breast meat this is chicken back it’ll take a while this will also take a while let’s just check out the bottom to see how much oil came off look


At that i’d say that’s a lot this gives you an idea how much fat dripped out of there this is my favorite piece it’s the chicken college from the drumstick it’s boneless and it just tastes awesome ah so there it is really quick yakitori and you can probably start eating within 15 minutes this is shorter than the time it takes you to go to the restaurant pick up

Something up and then bring it home so thanks for eating with me today don’t forget to give me a light comment down below if you have any faster ideas of eating dinner and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching so for easy cleanup i can soak this grill in some soapy water and about a dare so i can take like a brush and all this will come off pretty

Easily as i brush across so i just soaked this and it’ll be easy to clean up you

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5 min Prep Chicken Yakitori with Livart Orange BBQ Grill | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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