5 MOMENTS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE! **Very Personal Stories**

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So it’s midnight right now as i’m recording this in i just want to share some very very personal stories about myself about five moments that have happened in my life that completely changed my life a couple moments that i was never expecting to feel a certain kind of way and i did and it literally changed my life like we’re talking about things that literally

Changed my whole entire mindset like things i think back and i’m like that that moment in time that changed the way i view things or motivation and all those kinds of things guys and i kind of didn’t include anything that’s like unmod of a tional related because like you know i had a son you know i got married like i’m those are special special moments but those are

Different kind of moments in their special category these are more like motivational type things that happen in my life money type things happen in my life that completely changed it that kind of relate to the channel guy so i’m just going to share these with you guys today i hope you enjoy this so the first moment is um senior high school i took up track toward

The end of the year and basically i had a best friend who was my very close friend since like sophomore year of high school and he was like the superstar you know track athlete in arizona in you know coming up on a senior year we would always talk about him winning the state championship and track and how exciting that would be and all these kinds of things and

Looking so forward to that and then i met a girl in track and she became my girlfriend and she was also insanely great a track and she was on pace to be a state champion on track so what i’m happening is then the day came the day came the state championship the finals came and i was up in the stands i didn’t make it to the finals or anything like that so i was up

In the stands watching and what i expected what i expected was for them to win and i was a little nervous because my best friend my girlfriend i was a little nervous for them but i was expecting to feel like just happy if they won and sure enough both of them won the fastest an error you know my girlfriend won the 400-meter my best friend he won the 200 meter dash

And a special special moment and what i felt at that time was not what i thought i would feel it was life-changing what i felt i was up in those stands and i felt so happy for them so proud my best friend my girlfriend they wouldn’t these state championships i’m so proud of them they’re going to go off to college and do big things but at the same time i felt this

Feeling that i’ve never felt at any moment of my life since or before and it was just like a feeling like like i felt so bad for myself in that moment and it came completely unexpected i could not explain the way my emotions were feeling i felt like what are you doing with your life jeremy and it was such a motivational thing i felt like what am i doing i’m up

Here in the stands and i’m watching the the ones that worked their ass off to get where they got down there on the field right now and they got there because they worked their ass off do i want to be up here in the stands my whole life or do i want to be down there on the field and it was life-changing it was absolutely life-changing moment for me and it gave me

An insane motivation that i still carry this day and it’s arguably the most impactful moment of my entire life as far as a career wise and motivation wise because it just set me like an insane fire under my ass like just you know seeing so you know some people that are arguably as close to anybody at that moment in time right you’re you’re in high school your best

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Friend your girlfriend they way they you know do something so big-time like that and there you are doing nothing it’s definitely a weird kind of feeling and so one of the most impactful moments in my life by far lord it hasn’t fire under my ass number two this was spring semester of freshman year of college i had an accounting teacher i think i took three levels

Of accounting in college and this was my first level well about five minutes before each class started my accounting teacher would do something like totally off the books just like the first five minutes he would like show us something and whatnot and this was kind of around like the recession was going on like 2009 sometimes he would just show us how bad things

Are unemployment numbers and some stuff like that and how he was in the gold investing at that time but there was one day in particular that that five-minute span was such an impactful moment in my life what he did one day is he showed us in that class the power of a compounding calculator if you’ve never played around with the compounding calculator after this

Video tape in a google compounding calculator in what i what i saw in front of my eyes blew my mind the power of compounding and the power of compounding numbers on top of each other in going from let’s say you make a you have a thousand dollars you make an eight percent return you’re going to get this x amount of money that means you’ve got an extra eighty dollars

To spend but let’s say you got a hundred thousand dollars you get eight percent return now we’re talking about eight thousand dollars let’s say you have ten million dollars and the bigger the numbers got the the more they compound it and it just opened my eyes completely do a whole new way of thinking and i was already kind of looking into investing at this time

But i hadn’t really gone through with anything but it like made me open my mind that i need to start investing now in my life and i need to get on the ball now because if i’m investing all during my 20 it’s going to pay off huge in my 40s 50s and 60s and i will be thanking myself if i’m lucky enough to make it to those ages i will be thinking myself so much for

Doing you know the hard work and not spending all that extra money and investing in my 20s and 30s oh boy did that was that a mind changing thing for me completely compounding calculator i remember that moment in time like it was just yesterday number three i was starting to watch a little bit of cnbc because i was learning about investing and i wanted to just

Kind of like kind of learn about investing and i thought cnbc would be a good way of doing it and what i learned is like investing in find in the financial world they have their own language and when you’re first coming into it is like they’re speaking spanish man it’s like a whole different ballgame like a whole different language that you need to learn in like

You know it’s hard to pick up on things and you know i would try to pick up on some stuff but we still really difficult and you know all these terminologies they would use it was difficult and then one day i happen to be watching and they happen to be interviewing this guy named warren buffett warren buffett they happen to be doing an interview with him and that

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Xxx it was like i didn’t get there right from the beginning of the interview i kind of came in when i was already like 10 minutes and so men talk like 30 minutes or 45 minutes is like was like an hour interview and i just remember being member memorylanes and i’m like and i found out he’s like one of the richest people in the world he’s like an investing god and

Always kind of thing and i was like i need to research everything about this guy and from that day on for the next two to three years i researched every single thing i could about warren buffett i watched every single youtube video on warren buffett every single documentary ever done about him every single speech he would give to a class anything that had to do with

Warren buffett i would watch it like religiously religiously and still this day any time i see warren buffett’s going to be on interview i’m watching it like even to this day all these years later it was a life-changing moment for me because it i quote completely shaped my entire event investing philosophy up until that time i hadn’t seen anything yet investing

Why’s that i was like that’s the way i’m gonna go i saw what i saw what he was talking about and i researched more into it and i was like this is the route i want to go and it was a life-changing moment for me absolutely and like i think now you know with this channel i’m like i hope i can be someone out there i can hope i can be their life-changing moment where

They happen to stumble across one of my videos on youtube and it changed our life and it like wow now i start to care about personal finance now i start to care about investing or business or whatever it is like i’m just like that would be special if i can be somebody’s moment like warren buffett was my moment because it was it was really a special thing number

Four this was really special this was about a year and a year and a half ago or so i got my first check i started my real estate marketing company i got my fur actual paying customer and i got a check and i’m probably showing you the picture of it now there was a such a special moment in time it was special enough that i wanted my wife to take a picture of me and

I usually never like to take pictures of myself let’s just fill out some nails these videos like i’m not a big picture guy i had her take a picture of me because it was such a special moment for me because is a different mindset when you get a check that you create it you created that check it is not a check that was cut from a boss it’s a whole different mindset

Guys and it just opened up my mind like i can make money in this world that i’m not relying on somebody else to cut me a check to do work for them to make them money i can make money myself i can go out there and create money and not just rely on somebody else cut me a check and it was it was a moment in time that i’ll never forget because it was just like a

Surreal moment that i can do this it was only $99 check but it was like i can freaking do this i can make my own money i can be successful on my own i don’t need to count on somebody else you know cut me a check i can make my own money and it’s just a different it’s a different type of mindset that you get when you actually you’re the one that created that money

Coming in rather than just doing some work for somebody else who they are actually the one that created that money and guys total different mindset a very special moment for me and this last one number five that’s the most recent one has happened about a year ago and it was the moment i hit a hundred subscribers on this youtube channel you’re watching right now

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Hit a hundred subscribers it took months and months to get there and for reference now we get a hundred subscribers about every six to twelve hours on a bad day it takes about 12 hours to get 100 subscribers on a good day it takes about six hours sometimes even five hours so that’s the compound effect there in itself you know it’s we’ve come so far but i remember

Getting 100 subscribers and i remember like feeling like wow this is actually real i can actually grow on youtube this is something here that um i thought you know i go into almost every i think i’m going to be successful at it but it never really set in until you do it right you can think you’re going to be successful i think i was going to be a basketball player

Doesn’t mean i’m gonna be a professional basketball player right but when it actually starts happening and you get that first little bit of success which was a hundred subscribers for me when we hit that hundred subscriber mark it was like wow i can do this i can need to keep rolling with this because there’s something here in the first hundred subscribers on

Youtube unless it’s your friends and your family that sign up or something if they’re all organic which mine were that is special like that takes that’s hard to even get 100 subscribers on youtube if you get to that you’re well on your way and that was just a moment in time like i opening like i can succeed on youtube i it’s still possible to grow on youtube all

That bs about you can’t grow on youtube you need to start years and years ago there was a whole bunch of bs at that time because i was like i just grew to 100 subscribers it took me months and months to get there but you know what we did it and it’s possible and definitely uh changing the whole mindset thing gehrig i saw senior high school watching my best friend

Girlfriend win state championships it changed my life accounting teacher opening my mind to a compounding calculator and then power of compounding changed my life seeing that warren buffett interview on cnbc changed my life getting that first 99 dollar cheque changed my life and then hitting a hundred subscribers here on youtube it has changed my life guys so five

Moments in time that changed my life it’s probably way past midnight now as i’m recording this video i just want to share some personal stories i hope you guys enjoyed i hope it motivates you out there you know that’s kind of why i do these videos it probably won’t be a video it gets a ton of views i could just done some you know top 10 stocks video or something

Like that that would cut way more views but i enjoy sharing these videos for you guys that are really true fans of the channel and you watch all my videos and stuff like that you want to know more about myself so hope you guys enjoyed this if you just came across this video for whatever reason you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance from a channel we

Talked entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner and giveaways so many business kiss we talk to the stock market more than anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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