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Hi i’m tasha from one big happy life on behalf of the financial diet and this is the lifestyle fix brought to you by skills chair today i’m gonna be sharing some of my top productivity tips with you i’m a lawyer with a full-time day job i have two kids i run my own six-figure business one big happy life where we produce two to three videos a week right here on

Youtube i run a coaching program where i teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to build businesses that they love so that they can quit jobs that they hate and i’m here every friday with another new video on the financial diet so yeah my life is pretty full of course i didn’t take on all of these roles at once if i had there’s no way that i could be as effective as i

Am today i’m far more efficient and productive than i was even just a few years ago in the past few years as i’ve taken on more responsibilities in my life i’ve also worked to create systems and habits in my life that helped me fit in all of the things that i want to do and to the time that i actually have now here’s the thing i love being productive and getting

Things done but i’m not about being busy or overworked so as we go through these productivity tips think about them as ways to help you be more efficient so you’re making space for what matters and not as an invitation to push yourself to burnout it’s all about finding the right balance for your own life okay now let’s get into these tips number one meal planning

And meal prep i know that it’s strange that food is number one on my list but nothing wrecks my week faster than having to come up with meal ideas on the fly for my family when that happens we inevitably end up spending more money eating out because it feels convenient in the moment even though the reality is that it takes us the same amount of time to run to

The store for a steak and salad fixins as it does for us to wait for take-out meal prep helps me be more efficient with my time and with my decisions so i’m less likely to run into decision fatigue at the end of the week typically on fridays i plan which meals my family is going to have the following week that’s breakfasts lunches dinners snacks all of it that

Involves checking our refrigerators and pantry to see what we already have on hand get me through past meal prep logs to see which of our favorite meals haven’t been on the menu in a while and swiping through my recipe pinterest board to see if there’s a new recipe i’d like to add to the rotation that week then i create my grocery list and go shopping a bulk cook


Most of our food on a single day and fries most of it click the card up above or the link in the description box down below to check out what a bulk meal prep day looks like for me now there are some weeks where i know that i just don’t have time to even go to the grocery store like weeks where we’re traveling for example so those weeks we may choose to order

A meal delivery service on the day we come back so that’s one less thing we have to think about when we get home on days when i work in the office i grab my breakfast bowl to lunch bowls and my snacks and head out the door in the evenings dinner is a breeze because we’re just reheating the food that i’ve already made and because the bulk of the food prep mess

Was made on cooking day cleanup is light on weeknights which is great because that’s when we’re the most time crunched lastly meal prep helps me plan healthier menus for my family and makes it easier to stick to our food budget number two delegating responsibilities to other people there’s absolutely no way that i could run a household work a full-time job run a

Business maintain healthy relationships with my partner and children and sleep if i was trying to do all of those things by myself joseph and i trade-off on who does laundry versus who does the cooking when things get really hectic with the business he does both he also manages the accounting and payroll for our business and handles the equipment purchases and

Maintenance my daughter alexis who’s 17 has been responsible for cleaning the kitchen vacuuming taking out the trash and cleaning the guest path for years now that she’s in college full time she also works for one big happy life as my assistant she takes our photos like this one of me and joseph creates graphic assets for our articles and videos manages our content

Calendar i also work with a great crew of freelancers that help me in other areas of my business delegating tasks to others helps free up my time to focus on the areas of my life that bring me the most joy and where i can have the most impact now you might not have a business but learning how to delegate is still important if you live with other people’s split up

Responsibilities to make sure that everyone is doing their fair share to maintain the household at work resist the urge to take on large projects all by yourself allow your colleagues or junior team members to take ownership of parts of the project set expectations give deadlines and trust your team members to get the work done number three multitasking when it

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Makes sense as a general rule i’m not a fan of multitasking when it comes to doing my best work what we call multitasking is actually task switching where we rapidly switch focus between two things and ultimately don’t do either of them really well so while i generally recommend taking a single task single focus approach to work there are times when multitasking

Is my preferred productivity hack one instance is when i compare something i don’t want to do with something that i do want to do and might not otherwise have time for like watching netflix while folding laundry for example or listening to podcasts while a vacuum another thing is when i can knock out two things i want to do at the same time without compromising

Either tasks so i like spending time with my family and i like being active and getting in the exercise my body needs to be healthy so i’ll go out to a park or on a long walk with my kids or joseph and i will workout together at the gym number four creating systems to capture and organize everything my systems and routines keep my life running smoothly they make

Sure that things don’t fall through the cracks and that i’m not wasting time figuring out what should go where or how to tackle a particular recurring project or task so to go back to my meal prep example when a meal prepping i plan on a specific day and time and then i go to the grocery store on a specific day and time same thing with the cooking i have a digital

Recipe binder where i keep all of our favorite meals and our personal tweaks to the recipes that means no racking my brain trying to figure out which website a particular recipe came from my meal prep process is efficient and effective and i’m always looking for new ways to streamline and systematize my processes whether it’s work my business or my personal life

It helps me stay on top of everything so that i’m able to take control of my schedule and not have to stress or worry about things not getting taken care of because they were overlooked what gets tracked gets done number five i practice self-care i know that some people scoff at the concept of self-care and just see it as another trendy buzzword i get that the

Concept of self-care can seem strange when the only person that needs your time attention and care is yourself it may also seem strange if you’re one of those unicorns that have a natural knack for setting boundaries without any of the accompanying guilt for the rest of us we need to learn how to set those boundaries and we need to teach ourselves that some of

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Our time must be devoted to self-improvement and self-care back when i was an undergrad working 30 hours a week and doing all of the cooking and cleaning in my household while also trying to be a present mom and wife i’d get so overwhelmed with the stress of it all and every so often i would just break down and cry because of how hard it all felt and it would take

Me a few days to pull myself back together and to get back to the work of building the life that i wanted to have in terms of the sheer number of things that i manage in my day to day life now i’m managing way more than i did in those earlier years and yet i never have those kinds of breakdowns anymore there are a number of reasons for that but the biggest one is

That i am better at paying attention to the things that i need to do for myself to maintain my mental and physical health that means getting more sleep drinking plenty of water exercising it means reading a good speculative fiction book for fun writing for pleasure all of the things that bring me joy fill my cup and do nothing in service for anyone else but myself

Now i confess that of all of the things on my list this is still the thing that i struggle the most with but it is a key focus of mine this year so now that i’ve shared some of my favorite productivity tricks that helped me be a happier and more effective person let’s talk about a great place to brush up on some other life skills skillshare skillshare is an online

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Access to over 25,000 classes for it free act now so you don’t miss out and start learning today thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you here next friday for another new episode of the lifestyle fix bye

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5 Productivity Tips That Make Every Week More Effective | The Lifestyle Fix By The Financial Diet

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