Yo what’s up guys this is rich or misty view live i’m at the soccer field chillin out doing what i do not even looking at the markets to be honest with you i see people just panicking everywhere panicking everywhere panic selling panic complaining panic blaming everybody and it’s making me laugh because i was just chilling i haven’t even been i haven’t traded a

Stocking over a month i’m just chilling but i hear people panicking everywhere oh my god xena’s going down what do we do tears are literally shedding and i think to myself i’m like has there ever been an investment that you’ve made that you didn’t have to wait in order to get returns i’m just wondering i mean i own a lot of real estate and i just sold a property

Held it for 12 years and i doubled my money i have another property i’m gonna be selling i’ve had that for 11 years and i’m gonna double my money on that and i bought a bunch of zen abyss and i plan on buying more and i promise you this i’m gonna hold that baby and when that baby goes up i will sell it but all the panic that i see everywhere it’s hilarious and as

Quickly as people people forget so quickly when things are bad everybody wants to talk about your picks they’re down rich they’re down i’m like yeah the entire cannabis sector has been down for five months yeah the cannabis talks are down you noticed good job good job for noticing so i think it’s kind of funny that people forget all the winners when the markets are

Down and things are down they want to point fingers at you and be like look your fixer down now but what about the last two and a half years of all the winners that we picked and what’s gonna happen when everything resurrects again am i gonna be a genius again when everything resurrects because right now i’m an idiot right cuz everything is down well guess what am

I sitting there staring at my computer right now have you guys watched me do videos every day from the beach i just benadryl my summer men i’m chilling but man i see a lot of panicking going on a lot of panicking going on oh my goodness it’s almost laughable it’s almost laughable haters coming out trolls coming out five months of red and people want to blame me

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This guy the guy at the soccer field five months of red that people want to blame this guy that’s at the soccer field really really guys i want to remind you something i’m an investor just like you guys hey only difference is this guy i’m chilling i didn’t even worried at all i’m not even remotely worried because for the third year in a row i’ve seen the stocks

Go down in the summer it is what it is and every year so far that we’ve done this every single fall and every single winter we’ve seen a huge resurrection so while people are panicking out there people are losing their people are panic selling i’m just chilling going the beach hanging with my kids going on the soccer field enjoying my life enjoying the summer i

Don’t see any reason why anybody would be panicking right now i don’t see any reason why people would be crying i don’t see any reason why people be trolling and i definitely don’t see any reason why people be hating but trust me when i tell you all of the above have been happening so i just wanted to go live right now and just show you guys that honestly don’t

Give a i’m chilling at the soccer field i ain’t listening to the haters of trolls that want to sit there and want to hit you when you’re down because as quickly as they hit you when you’re down when things are down they disappear when things explode trust me those haters and trolls when things explode they’re the first ones to get real real quiet real real quiet

When everything explodes and they get their asses squeezed so trust me we’re in the dead of summer there’s 10 days left until september and trust me when i tell you this okay in the next 10 days don’t expect any green in the next 10 days don’t expect any green don’t expect a miraculous comeback over the next 10 days oh my god they’re all gonna explode just because

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I want them to that’s not the way investments work people that’s not the way investments work people i never bought an investment thinking i’m gonna make money the next day it’s not the way invest man it’s not the way i invest i invest put it away stay down there down if i want to buy more i buy more if i don’t it just chill when they go up i sell and that’s it

There’s no reason to panic there’s no reason to call people names there’s no reason to blame anybody we’re down five months in a row in the cannabis sector because that’s what the market makers want that’s the reality there’s no reason for it these cannabis stocks are growing they’re turning a profit they’re getting bigger every single day and they’re going to

Continue to but i’m just tired of the crying i’m tired of the hating i’m tired of the trolling it’s actually quite pathetic so if you want to troll me a guy that’s giving away free content every day for two and a half years that’s correctly predicted aurora cannabis áfreeá khronos group village firms can it be growth corp organa graham the list goes on and on

And on and and on i don’t know what to say man i’m just an investor just like you guys at the soccer field i got nobody to blame i got nobody to point my finger at i’m just working on my tan hanging on with my kids enjoying my summer enjoying my life but everywhere i go on social media people want to point the finger that guy right there that’s the guy right

There that guy right there man get a life man five months of red in a row you want to blame this guy man really i don’t know what else to say man i’m gonna go back to chillin in the soccer field you guys can go stare at the computer screen all you want i got no hate for nobody i ain’t pointing no fingers i ain’t rolling and i ain’t hating this guy is focused on

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Building his empire that’s all i got to say i’m focused on building my empire and i’m gonna keep buying zen abyss and i’m gonna keep buying suniva and i’m gonna keep buying aurora and i’m gonna keep buying áfreeá i’m gonna keep buying rivers and i’ll tell you guys what i buy and that’s it that’s all i gotta say ain’t telling you to buy nothing i am forcing you to

Buy nothing you want to buy some stocks by visa by mastercard by american express there’s three good big board stocks that are very safe that can make you money no need to buy cannabis stocks no need to invest in the hottest sector in the world no need to invest in cannabis stocks because your boys buying cannabis stocks by whatever the you want how about that

There’s my message to the haters and the trolls buy whatever the you want and if you lose don’t point fingers at this guy okay please don’t point fingers at this guy who’s all about and having fun and making money man if you got hate keep it to yourself cuz i’ll be honest with you man i don’t buy pics because of youtubers i buy pics based on my own due diligence

And my own research and i ain’t a panic seller and i’m not a day trader and i got no problem holding for years i’m good i’m good i’m good to hold three years if i got to hold my zen abyss for years for it to go to five ten bucks i’m good just keep buying more and more and more and maybe i’ll have a hundred thousand shares so when it gets to five bucks i’ll make

Five hundred grand and then what are the haters gonna say what do we do she’s going down i gotta blame someone can i blame rich i’m gonna blame my very rich cuz i was the guy that told you to buy that stock and i’m the one that forced you to press the button a life jeez

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