5 Signs You Will be a Stock Market Millionaire!

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Good many subscribers thank you so much for joining me to daily item jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about five signs that you will be a stock market millionaire now this isn’t like oh you’re going to be a stock market millionaire yet next year or you’re going to be you know as rich as warren buffett someday no this is not

Some kind of deez video about that right this is a serious video about five signs that you over time can absolutely become a multi-millionaire in the stock market the things that i would see in someone and be able to judge them as that someone that’s going to go for our stock market gain or someone if you’re not doing these type of things and you don’t have these

Type of traits and these signs aren’t shown a good chance you’re probably not going to have a ton of success over the long term maybe you can you know have some little success you know in the short term and those kinds of things but long term not so much and obviously i’m a stock picker i think you’ll get much better brew times if you have that type of dna where

You can be a stock picker over time versus just throwing money into a 401k or something i think everybody that actually watches my channel that probably knows that if you’re new to the channel you probably don’t know that so i just want to explain that upfront in things like that guys so let’s talk about this number one you got to have an understanding of business

Someone that has an understanding of business i would say has a great chance to be a great stock market investor a great chance understanding of how business works because in order to be a successful stock market investor you gotta understand business you’ve got to understand products and services you’ve got to be able to see around the corner a little bit you’ve

Got to be able to look at facts and makes judgments off of where those facts are going for right or for wrong that’s what you got to do it’s about being a business manner at the end of the day you show me the greatest stock market investors ever and i’ll show you a bunch of great businessmen a bunch of people that could make good decisions on business because with

All the financials in the world all the stuff i talked about in my stock market book and how to judge a company and all this stuff in mp ratios and income statements and looking at you know how much profitability at the end of the bank at the end of the day it’s a gut decision it’s a gut decision whether you buy that stock or don’t buy that stock you take all that

Other stuff into account they’re the p/e ratios growth rates though what the company’s done in the past you take all that in there right the balance sheet at the end of the day it’s a gut decision to buy that stock or sell that stock or don’t even touch it it’s a gut decision so the better your business your bet the more your the more levels up your understanding

Of businesses the better chance you’re going to have of being a very successful investor guys so you know that’s just key that is just absolutely key if you want to be a stock market millionaire you gotta understand business which is one of the reasons i preach entrepreneurship so hard on this channel the three subjects of talk about stock market entrepreneurship

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And personal finance entrepreneurship so big not just because they can drastically increase every single person watching this video right now wealth long-term but also because if you’re going to understand stock market if you’re going to be a good stock picker you gotta understand business there is no way around that you’ve got to understand business guys so that

Is sign number one sign number two is that you are confident in your own decision-making you’re very confident in your skin you’re very confident when you go out and buy a stock that that’s a right stock doesn’t mean you can’t ever second-guess yourself or really you know decide should i stick my money in this talk or that song it just means at the end of the

Day you make a decision and you know that’s the right decision and you are not influenced by some guy on tv that says you know you should not buy stock right now you shouldn’t buy apple stocks because of abc reason olson you’re like he says i should invite apple stock let me sell it right now you cannot be like that you want to be confident you want to be crazy

Confident because there’s going to be so much negativity that comes around you when your stock market investing or that you’re going to read about this stock or that song you just got to water all that out and be confident you show me some of the super confident in their own decision making i’ll show you someone that’s on the right track to being a stock market

Millionaire absolutely number three you have to have respect for money everything in life you have to have respect for or you’re going to get disrespected and i’ve always had respect for money except for 2015 well and and what happened in 2015 i lost $75,000 about $75,000 because i lost my respect for money i lost my respect for money you’ve got to have respect

For money when you have respect for money dude like like you don’t just stick your money in whatever sock you know you you like think that through a hundred and ten percent you research a company a hundred and ten percent said when you have respect for money we’re in i can i can tell somebody that doesn’t have respect for money in a second versus someone that

Respects money the kind of people that don’t respect money a kind of people that you go to the bar and they just start getting whatever kind of drinks doesn’t matter the price and it’s not like they’re on vacation that’s just the way they live or or they were walking around you’re walking around best buy with them and like all the way those headphones they look

Sick i’m going to buy them like those are people that don’t have any damn respect for money like people have respect for money like think things through unless maybe they’re on vacation like like every day decision making on buying it or something they think about that they have respect for money they don’t disrespect money by just spending they’re just doing

Whatever the hell they want to do with money or just sticking it in whatever stock you i’ll show you another example like people that just stick their money in whatever speculative stock even though it’s like a scam and it might be you know some penny stock or something like that those people don’t have respect for money they don’t have respect for money when

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There’s nothing financially even backing that company they don’t have a respect for money they just want to gamble people that go on the strip and gamble they don’t have respect for money let’s maybe on their on their on vacation if they’re on vacation i respect that you know spend your money however you want but if you’re doing that in your regular life and you’re

Going to the casino you don’t have respect for money man you don’t have respect for money you don’t have respect for money it’s like anything in life you don’t have respect for your car and you think oh i don’t ever need an oil change i don’t respect my car that car is going to break down on you pretty soon oh i’m not going to use gasoline in my car let me put

Water and it oh that’s going to work you know you don’t have respect for it in people what happens when you start disrespecting people and they don’t respect you at the end of the day and then you start pushing people away you disrespect your boyfriend or girlfriend it’s not going to work out for you in the long term so you’ve got to have respect for money just

Like you’ve got to have respect for everything in life number four number four you don’t get caught up in stock market short-term stock market fluctuations if your stock goes up five or 10 percent or down five or ten percent you like you don’t get emotionally involved like oh my gosh what’s going on oh my gosh it doesn’t mean you don’t look at it doesn’t mean you

Don’t research why did that stock go that day why did that stock go down but you don’t like it doesn’t bother you like if your your money goes down if you had $100,000 in a stock and it goes down 10% you lost $10,000 in a short-term and you didn’t technically lose it but you’re down that amount right stuff is absolutely but at the same time you don’t get caught up

In that because you know it just as easily you can make that 10% back in plus movement much more and if you believe going back to number 2 there if you if you’re confident on decision making well what are you worried about in the short term because you’re a long-term investor right you’re a long-term investor you’re thinking about this for years to come so what am

I going to worry about what happened this week what i’m worrying what’s happened in the next three years that’s the difference why am i worried about what’s happened in the last three days when i’m worried about the next three years and i get it a lot of times from stock market different beginners you know though they all such and such especially if i talk about

Stock cool such and such stock went up you know this amount today what happened what’s going on or went down and it’s like dude i i don’t care like if my stock went up five ten percent like i’m not just going to make a video about it because well it doesn’t really you know it make a big difference to me i’m worried about what’s happening long term in that stock

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At the end of the day so show me a person that at the end of the day they don’t get caught up in all short-term stuff i’ll show you somewhere that’s probably going to be successful long term in stock markets in number five you’ve got to actually have passion for it you want to actually have passion for it i cannot imagine reading through a 10k or 10 q and i ain’t

Had passion for i absolutely have passion for stock market investing if you were to passion for stock market investing just stick your money in 401 k or an index fund or something like that or something else with your money because stock picking is not for you you if you’re a stock picker like i am you gotta have passion for it you gotta love reading those 10k and

10-q whistles conference calls you’re going to love that stuff you’ve got to love the on that apple conference call if you’re invest in apple you’re going to love being on that wynn resorts conference call if you’re in wynn resort so you were to love that stuff you got a bike like that get you excited like watching a football game is like like as important as

Watching a football game is to me and i love watching football like we listen to a wind resource conference call like that’s my football game right there like that i love that ship i have a passion for i’m crazy about it so if you don’t have a passion for it dude don’t don’t go mess with stock market investing stick your money in index fund let someone else manage

Your money at that point because it’s not for you if you didn’t really have the passion for it because it takes a lot of work to be a successful investor and if you don’t have the work ethic because you don’t have the passion it’s going to be hard for you to succeed just like anything like you’ve got to have that passion for it guys you can’t trick passion at the

End of the day so hope you guys enjoyed this five signs that you could be a stock market multi-millionaire long term long term not like oh uh next year could be one long term in and if you have all these traits and you’ve you’re confident you like i have all these traits i can tell you’re going to do freakin phenomenal over the long term in the stock market and

If you don’t have these traits over the long term you’re probably not going to be very successful you’re just going to be battling to try to beat the market every year it’s just not going to work out maybe you get lucky one year and have a really good year but over five years over ten years over twenty years and probably not going to be successful guys so i hope

You enjoyed this day believe a thumbs up if you did enjoy this leave me a comment if you have anything to say about this video i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance in the channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner you’ve with so many

Business tips we talk stock market investing more than anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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