5 Stocks Growing Massively!

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Five stocks that are growing absolutely massively that is what we are doing here today guys these videos are always fun to make growing companies that are growing their business is much bigger now i actually threw in a bonus stock so we’re technically doing six stocks that are growing massively here and what i mean by growing massively is they got to be growing

Revenues at a 20% clip at least currently okay so a minimum of 20% revenue growth currently and so that’s what we’re getting into a couple of these stocks are actually international stocks the other ones or more us-based companies and i made sure i got companies across a many different sectors so there’s some in this sector over here some in this sector very

Different companies i hope you guys really enjoy this hit a thumbs up if you do by the way if you are not already in my stock market membership group make sure you get in there now it’s the third link in the description the price is going up to $99 a month starting on march 1st for anyone who is not already in there so make sure you get in there asap guys the

First stock here is bi do bi do over the past year this stock is up around 32% so it’s had a very good past year here now i do they’re out of china and i call them basically the google of china they got a huge search business okay they also have a transactions business and things like that they also have video platforms they have mobile games baidu wallet a lot

Of different things there now this company is expected in the current quarter to grow revenues at around a 25% clip okay next quarter around 22% the current year they’re expected to have almost twenty three percent revenue growth and for next year they expected to have almost twenty one percent revenue growth now if we look at the eps numbers here okay they’re

Expected to do around nine dollars and 47 cents in the current year and then next year huge growth up to around 11 dollars and 80 cents of eps expected there all right now if we look at the trailing p in the four repiy they’re actually not bad considering the growth this company has right trailing p/e on this one of around twenty nine a forward p/e of close to

Twenty one in this company so in the type of market conditions were in where you know stocks on general just have you know twenty three plus four peas for this one that’s we’ve got very nice growth and that’s already a huge bini to have a 21 that’s actually relatively low so not a bad one there in video and video this is a stock that has made investors so much

Money over the past few years it’s absolutely insane just in the past year the stock is up a hundred and twenty seven percent one hundred and twenty percent game in just the past year if you look at the three-year chart it’s up somewhere around a thousand percent or so it’s unbelievable really so in videos basically they got the gpu business they got the tegra

Business they’re into so many different industries you know things that are used from gaming obviously that’s like the first thing you think of gaming professional visualization data center automotive markets a lot of different markets around that you know self-driving cars all that type of stuff now in the current quarter first company that expect to do sales

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Growth of around forty nine percent almost a fifty percent clip there for revenue growth in the current quarter they’re also benefiting from cryptocurrency right now in a big way next quarter that expected to grow around 32 percent current year that expected to grow around twenty seven and a half percent however next year they expect to grow around 14.5 percent

Well i just kind of caution some people in nvidia stock just realize sometimes when companies go from you know growing at thirty percent twenty percent you know high 20s like this and then they go down to like that that team area you know fourteen percent sometimes those stocks can get hammer i’m not saying that’s gonna necessarily happen with the nvidia i just say

Be careful if you’re in stocks like that ones that are growing massively and then they just kind of you know their growth stalls a bit and who knows maybe nvidia maybe those numbers are low and they can grow twenty plus percent just want to caution some people on that there now if we look at ets here okay eps of around six dollars and twenty eight cents expected

For the current year next year they expect to do around seven dollars and twenty six cents or a very big bump up there and then if we look here on the trailing p/e about fifty on the trailing p/e so pretty high forward p/e of around thirty three but when you have as much going for a company like nvidia has going for them right sometimes you command a higher forward

P/e than other companies out there this is a bottom line io robot in the past year irobot is up around nineteen percent now this company they have a few different business lines but the main doesn’t assign they have is their roomba vacuum cleaners they also have a brava floor cleaner for hard floors they have to have a pool cleaner but the business is pretty much

Dominated by their roomba vacuum cleaner so sales growth in the current quarter expected to be around almost 28 percent then if we look at next quarter is expected around 20 percent revenue growth and current year that expect to do around 21 percent revenue growth and then if we look at next year they expect to do around sixteen point six percent revenue growth so

The revenue growth is slowing a bit but still even if you look at the next year that’s still pretty strong revenue growth there sixteen point six percent now if we look here as far as the the analysts expectations for earnings per share two dollars and thirty cents expected for this current year all the way up to over three dollars of earnings per share expected

For next year so that’s very strong growth there and then if we look here trailing p/e of 37 on this company forward p/e of 22 so relatively low for pia considering the growth this company has obviously there’s some worries about the company as far as chinese competition and whatnot whenever you’re in the hardware game you’re selling hardware products there’s

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Always going to be you know chinese competitors coming in there you know somebody trying to undercut your prices and things like that so it is a worry with the company alibaba another chinese company here so we already mentioned baidu which is a chinese company alibaba in my opinion they’re kind of like that i call them the amazon of china you know they do a lot of

Similar things they’re a little bit different businesses but they’re do a lot of similar things to amazon so if you understand amazon’s business model you will understand alibaba’s very well they also have you know a huge business which is called aliexpress which is used over in in a big way and drop shipping and things like that by the way if you guys ever want me

To do a drop shipping 101 but like video i can teach you guys that it’s up to you let me know in the comments section so alibaba here expect to do around 52% revenue growth in the current quarter 52 percent this company is massive guys and they’re expected to around 52 percent revenue growth around 47 percent revenue growth expected in the next quarter current year

Expected to have around 56 percent revenue growth and then next year expect to do just over pretty close to 40% revenue growth next year guys unbelievable numbers there now they’re expected to around $5 in 26 cents of earnings per share in this current year that’s versus 3 9 3 69 last year and then next year expects you to around six dollars and 72 cents something

I’d like to look at it’s like what is it a two-year as far as what their eps is supposed to do versus you know last year versus what it’s supposed to do next year 369 this 672 that’s almost a double up there guys that’s very very impressive now trailing p in this company of 45 forward p of 27 once again that’s not a super high for p on this company when you consider

The growth they have 50% revenue growth expected guys that’s unreal and to be a 4p of 27 it’s not bad at all not bad at all zillow zillow stock number five and then we’ll do the bonus stock after this zelo for most you guys who have ever bought a house or you know you’re looking to rent a house or something like that you’re probably used a zillow app if not you

Probably use a truly app if not me you probably use real estate calm they own all those businesses guys they don’t all those businesses you saw their their business is very unique in their respect that you know pretty much no matter what when you’re going to look for a house or to rent or buy like pretty much you’re gonna you be using one of their services now this

Company has around 20% revenue growth expected in the current quarter around 23% expected next quarter current year expected around close to 22% and then next year expected around 18.2% revenue growth now who look here their earnings so not much for earnings but it is going up and that’s a good sign so they’re supposed to do around 85 cents in the current year

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All right versus last year they did around 53 cents next year expect to do around $1 in 1870 so huge bump up there in earnings per share they don’t have a trailing p/e on this company currently but a4p of just under 40 very unique business and they kind of have a monopoly around you know basically an average person searching for a house or something out there and

There’s always a possibility that maybe transactions someday could go through their services and whatnot very interesting business so let’s put it that way is the bonus stock here so tesla is just kind of gonna take over the whole car market as we know one year chart on this one they’re up around close to 25 percent in the past year obviously the cars is our main

Business but they also have a you know a solar type business there look at the numbers on this one okay so revenue growth expected in the current quarter of just around 30% but then next quarter bumps up to around 52% all right and then current year they expect to have around sixty five percent revenue growth okay next year expected around you know thirty eight

Percent revenue growth they’re absolutely amazing now unfortunately his business is losing a lot of money currently the current year they expect to lose around six dollars and 15 cents next year somehow analysts expect this company to be profitable with a dollar two dollars and 42 cents i would say just don’t hold your breath on that don’t hold your breath on

You know the hope that they will become profitable i think they’re gonna really take over the auto market but don’t hold your breath on them they’re gonna be a profitable company anytime soon in my opinion trailing v on this one they don’t have it obviously they’re not profitable and then if they can’t eat got that profit they would be at a four p of around 138

A lot of people always ask me why don’t you buy tesla stock you believe in the company i know i’ve been talking about tesla for probably close to two years on the channel and how they’re gonna dominate the auto market and this and that people always ask me how come you you can’t get in tesla why i don’t like to really invest in in non profitable businesses they’re

Obviously losing a massive amount of money right now i don’t see that turning around anytime soon and you say oh even if they are we supposed to get to profitability 138 for p that’s a little bit high for me they’re guys it’s a little bit high for me so anyway i hope you guys really enjoyed this six stocks that are you know have high growth going for them twenty

Plus percent clips we mentioned a couple chinese stocks and the other ones were us-based companies so i hope you guys really enjoy this hope you got a ton of value out of it anyways guys thank you for watching and have a great day you

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