5 Stocks I Just Bought Right Now

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Well howdy there folks and welcome into this video here today i’m going to tell you guys about five stocks i just bought here today and why i bought these five stocks when i think they’re gonna take off things like that okay before we get into a lot of the juicy stuff let’s talk about the markets and kind of what’s going on out there little current events here for

Just a moment so uh kind of a you know a green day out there in the market nothing nothing too crazy crypto is pretty right across the board ethereum bitcoin solana pretty much all the cryptos down here today gold up a bit and um so yeah i mean it’s a good day in the market it should be a money maker for most folks in the market unless if you’re short the market

Or something like that right if i pull up my watch list of uh stocks that i have on my hungry bowl watch list the greatest app in the history of mankind uh you know avant it shows such strength it’s been really really impressive how strong avant has been been i mean obviously their last earnings are just ridiculous um you know in terms of their their revenue

And whatnot and and they’re forecasting this year to just be a tremendous year so you know but at the same time like given how bad the market’s been it’s actually been i’ve been pretty darn amazed to see how strong avant has been to be quite honest so um that’s having a great day shopify is having a really good day baba continues strength i don’t know if you guys

Saw yesterday i covered this on the channel but essentially um you know the dd situation and the i can stream say the chilling of the chinese government and coming after a lot of these you know basically internet companies in china is a big big factor to why alibaba is moving up in a lot of the chinese stocks that you’re seeing out there um the chef’s having a

Pretty good day here today that might have been one of the five stocks i bought here today as far as kind of downward movers on my watch list my hungry will watch list stitch fix big downward day voyager big downward day which kind of comes as expected when you see crypto down like that the hood is now 8.56 i mean here’s the craziest part if the hood drops into

The sevens this stock could end up trading listen to this okay this is app this is going to blow your mind if the hood goes down to the sevens the market capitalization of the entire company will be less than the cash they have on the balance sheet okay think of hooked up for a moment for robin hood i mean gosh i you know robin hood’s one of the stocks i really

Don’t want to own but my gosh i mean if you’re talking about i can get the company for almost free i mean it’s it’s pretty darn tempting right um so i mean they got a huge user base there i’m like oh my gosh i mean literally theft stock goes to the seven area literally the market cap will be less than the amount of cash they have in the balance sheet it’s just

Literally just like crazy to think about um honest is down three percent here today lemonade down two percent um i’ll be on me down about two percent here today only fans says it’s not seeing a netflix-like slowdown and subscribers despite rising inflation so looks like only fan business continues to be strong folks yes uh yeah everybody’s switching on netflix

For only fans apparently oh boy uh spacex ceo elon musk says an ipo of starlink satellite internet business is still three or four years away now a lot of people are really excited for whenever starlink goes public but you’re gonna have to wait quite a while longer a lot of people are also excited whenever spacex goes public but yeah you’re going to be waiting a

While for for those ones i think you know elon i think elon wants to get those to probably some pretty good revenue numbers before those ones ever go public and neither one of those is at that place right now so if you’re talking about trying to get those companies to good revenue numbers whether you’re talking spacex or whether you’re talking starlink you’re going

To need you’re going to need at least three or four years to to kind of get some real revenues going there and then i think once there’s some real revenues there i think that would be the time that elon might want to take things public but yeah it’s still quite a way quite a while away so i don’t get too excited about those anytime soon okay paypal users can now

Withdraw bitcoin to external wallets so i saw this so paypal it continues to innovate make moves um that i think are are smart moves ultimately for the long term of their business model and you know this is paypal was kind of in the news yesterday because essentially apple launched a buy now pay later service which is you know something that paypal obviously offers

A firm’s a pure play in that that market and then square offers uh they made a huge acquisition a year ago or so to get in that space as well and plus there’s other competitors and so you know some people looked at that and they’re like oh my gosh apple apple’s really coming after paypal the thing is is like apple’s been trying to to make apple pay a big success

For for a while now this is not something new like apple pay has been trying to to go down this route and make this a successful service essentially and for apple pay and the thing when it comes to apple pay and i noticed this in like real life is i i personally used apple pay but the issue i kept finding was if i asked somebody you know if i was going to transfer

Somebody money you know say you go out to dinner or whatever right and i would be like hey you got apple pay no i don’t even know what that is and like okay so i guess you got paypal yeah i got paypal i got venmo and so this was kind of a it’s almost like social media right you there could be like this this social media over here but if no one’s using it none of


Your friends and family are using it like it doesn’t serve a purpose right and so that’s kind of the issue with apple pay that i continually found it’s just a lot of people don’t even use it um and i thought you know being on your iphone i thought it would be just like an automatic but a lot of people just still prefer to either use cash app which is owned by

Square paypal which was obviously owned by paypal or venmo which is owned by paypal and that’s just the way it is so um i think apple pay will be a success i mean it’s been out there for many many years now but it’s just it’s it seems like a lot of people still prefer those other services so that kind of is what it is so you know if you want to rate the death of

Cash app and venmo and paypal and things like that just just be careful with that that’s all i say about that alrighty guys time to get into these five stocks and um kind of why i like these five stocks and when i think these are gonna go beast mode first one of the five is amazon so amazon uh bought some shares here today first off you know the the stock splits

Over now so that was kind of like i don’t call it a hype moment for the stock because do keep in mind this is pretty interesting when it comes to amazon this stock price is lower today than when they announced the split okay so you might think oh that must have been a big boost for their stock no it actually wasn’t and we’re finding a lot of times it’s not a boost

For the stock the way it was a year or two ago when it was very hyped out market right so when it comes to amazon this company’s on its way to becoming a trillion dollar revenue company over the next few years which is just crazy to think about like an actual company bringing in a trillion dollars plus a revenue they’ll be there within the next three to five years

Three years probably at the shortest five years at the longest i think it’s probably closer to three than five but um you know 1.2 trillion dollar market cap on this one here they price the sales of 2.6 which price of sales can be a little confusing for amazon because they have one business that maybe the profit margin is not the best which is e-commerce but if

You look at their massive advertising business that’s a great margin business in aws’s as well those are those are what i call cash flow businesses and so you know a price that sales for amazon’s always been uh hard to figure out like what’s the right level i think a 3.5 to 4.5 is honestly about right price to sales wise for amazon in my personal opinion uh p

Is about 58 in this company and keep in mind like amazon has so much further to go when it comes to their net income when it comes to earnings per share when it comes to margins all those things like you know people didn’t even start to look at amazon as a profit machine business until honestly this was probably about five six years ago five six years ago there

Started to be a switch in amazon where people started to look at it as a cash flow machine and uh a great profitable business model before that people just looked at it as a oh it’s just some revenue company that burns money and so they have such a long way to go to for with further net incomes and so you know if this is a company that’s doing a trillion dollars

Plus in revenue a year right i mean for them to throw anywhere from 100 million dollars to 200 million dollars of net income i don’t think that’s our own possibility at all into the bottom line and if you’re talking about those sorts of numbers you’re talking amazon’s going to command a a three trillion dollar plus market cap on this company if not four trillion

Plus that’s where i think this company’s going over time and that’s why i’m a buyer of this talk and getting great protection i think the risk rewards very attractive in this talk now obviously if the market gets in more trouble i’m talking about the nasdaq specifically and nasdaq right now is maybe off 25 from all-time high something like that if the nasdaq was

To go down 50 obviously amazon’s gonna get hit what would i do in a situation like that i’m gonna buy more shares it doesn’t scare me like okay push amazon down to 100 push amazon down to 80 like i’ll just buy more shares um if anything i kind of hope amazon does not go up anytime soon to be quite honest i hope this stock stays down no and when the market turns um

Amazon’s going to roar like a beast right and it’s already starting to make a pretty nice move recently we don’t know how much of that’s just the market come back versus how much is that is uh you know the stock split situation right and the fact that it was coming up and maybe some traders getting involved with it so uh yeah very very bullish on amazon not just

Uh over you know the next year or two but honestly over the next three to five years so love amazon i want to buy more shares i hope it stays lower the number two stock of these five stocks is oh then it’s not in video okay it’s not in video but i just wanted to mention this i just had to plug this in um basically when it comes to nvidia i listened to a conference

Call last night inside the private stock group because basically for the next month we’re going through like conference calls i’m listening all these different conference calls and reacting to the uh folks and teaching them kind of what i look for in conference calls by the way if you’re interested in joining the private stock group check out uh the link in the

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Description down there it might also have it as a pin comment if you want to apply and join us in there to get access to all those videos and all the curriculum and obviously the discord chat and those sorts of things but man i need to say that amazon conference call blew me away um it really did like you know jensen huang that man can sell the ceo of nvidia that

Man can sell it’s amazing so not not a stock i bought here today but i just thought it was worth paying attention to the stocks down almost 38 year-to-date and uh wow okay now the end of stock number two is honest okay honest each nst this talk has been hammered this year 61 down this year i mean you can get a you can’t even buy a diaper for three dollars from honest

I mean this is this is insane um stocks has been absolutely obliterated now when it comes to honest i think this talk this stock particularly is going to turn around a lot sooner than many other stocks in the market um this is one that i think is going to start to be this year in 2022 and let’s just go through numbers real quick under 300 million more cap on this

One under one price of sales ratio companies in this industry uh they sell everything from diapers and wipes to like soap shampoos makeup companies like that usually trade it at a three to five price to sales ratio so it’s ridiculously undervalued right now stock price is obviously three bucks a share and uh price a book on this 101.7 when it comes to honest and

The reason i think this one’s going to start the beast in the back half this year one they’re sanitizing huge numbers they had is all lapping now at this point in time so the you know that was like an issue for this company the last couple quarters because they’re sanitizing business was huge obviously during rona and like people were just buying sanitizer like

Crazy on ourselves sanitizer as well and so a company like honest which is benefiting massively i mean absolutely massively well they’re now that’s all in the past they don’t have to lap anymore quarters when it comes to that also on top of that are we having a little baby boom going on which is going to be great for honest diapers and wipes business because they

Resonate very good with the newer generations like the millennials and whatnot so i think that’s phenomenal their beauty business is taking off their their uh beauty business now at this point in time is a business that is starting to really matter for the for the company it used to not really matter but it is starting to matter and i’m telling you the makeup

Business big profits beauty business in in general great margin business much better than diapers and wipes diapers and wipes is like good revenue solid business but beauty products that sort of stuff great margins and and that’s somebody that owned elf for many years and still owns elf beauty which is another makeup company man those sorts of businesses they

Their their margins can be very darn impressive you look at somebody like an estee lauder and some of the other players okay so honest is in a great position in my opinion to build up their margins over the next few years and build up their profitability while also scaling revenue as well and uh building out their brands stronger than ever so i love honest this is

A stock i’m just going to continue to buy and also in the back half of this year they have some big deals coming with some of the biggest retailers in the world and that’s another reason why i think this stock’s going to start to go beast mode in the back half of this year so i’m trying to add you know my last bits of shares here and as many as many as possible

And um and then we’ll we’ll you know let let the cards fall where they may okay so that’s talk number two stock number three these five stocks i bought here today is oatley o-t-l-y oatley now another just stocked has been devastated this year is down 51 percent it’s come back really strong really recently this stock bottomed out at about 2.85 just a few weeks

Ago and now the stock is you know four bucks that’s a that’s a pretty big jump you know rather quickly here without lee right only is a 2.4 billion dollar market cap so they put into the mid category so two of these stocks are small caps i bought two ones mid and two are large caps uh 3.6 price of sales ratio this this company is growing about as fast as you’ll

Ever find a company growing as far as the drink space and they’re going to be much more than just a drink company but their biggest opportunity in front of this company is basically replacing cow’s milk with oat milk and as somebody that that’s done that recently uh you know that’s just like it’s hard to even put numbers into how big this is and and cow milk has

Been an industry that’s been very subsidized over the years and um you know uh i don’t want to say those subsidies will end anytime soon because you know the government’s going to do what the government wants to do and if that means they want to um subsidize some of these industries right that are not necessarily in the best interest of the american people they’re

Going to do it right and so at the end of the day when it comes to a company like oakley they’re going to replace dairy products over the next you know decade two decades anyways like you know dairies on its way out in my opinion we’re not going backwards on this and uh it’s just going to either be year after year after year you’re gonna have more and more folks

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At traditionally drink cow milk switching over oat milk in my opinion and oat milk is the first thing to really and oatley is the first company to really actually like change the whole trend you know it kind of reminds me a little bit you know it took one company to completely change like the way people looked at electric vehicles versus like internal combustion

Engines right electric vehicles like tesla was not the first company to make an electric car it wasn’t he wasn’t even close but tesla was the first company to make massive amounts of people start to consider you know what i think i’m gonna get an ev over getting um you know an ice ice vehicle and obviously we’re starting to see that play out in the numbers all

Across the world right well oatley’s the first company to really it’s not the first company to ever make oat milk i can tell you that but it’s the first company to make it so successfully in the other marketing and nail the taste and nail everything the texture everything that it’s making mass amounts of people start to say you know what uh screw drinking cow

Milk i don’t want to drink that anymore i want to drink oat milk they’re the first company to really do that in a major way and there’s going to continue to expand across many different product categories over the coming years they will flip this business model into be a profitable business model long term i don’t know when that happens so i’m thinking probably

2024 that’s kind of honestly my realistic expectation 2024 will be that year now in terms of oakley’s stock price you know i i don’t see the stock price doing anything crazy this year in my opinion because everybody’s still going to look at it as yeah it’s a huge revenue growth company but they’re a money loser and their margins are in the best place so i don’t

Think the stock price is going to make any type of epic move this year so i think i probably got this entire year just to load up on shares and load up on shares i’m a little concerned though that maybe this stock couldn’t move before that and the reason being is i mean i just seen how fast that made that move off 280 right all the way up to four like i’m gonna

Snap a finger set concerns me a little bit um but my gut feeling is this one doesn’t really move this year much uh and it kind of stays anywhere from like three dollars to maybe six dollars which for me for oakley is kind of a joke price because i’m looking at this stock at being a 20 30 40 stock in future years so i i believe i have a good amount of time to just

Continue to add shares of oakley stock number four of five i bought here today is paypal pypl paypal you know this one i started buying here over the past few months socks just gotten really really cheap here to date this one’s down 54 percent uh yeah p ratio under 30 and this one price a book of about five uh price of sales ratio under four in this company 100

Billion dollar market cap uh paypal venmo continue to be two of the top apps in all the developed world when it comes to uh the finance category you know they continue to fight off competition well they continue to grow their business they’ve gotten caught up into the whole well people are going back out again so maybe they’re not going to use paypal and venmo well

They’re still going to use paypal and venmo it’s not the way this works so they’ve had a couple disappointing probably two or three last quarters that have been a little disappointing and when you’re you’re you know at the end of the day when you’re in this sort of market you can’t disappoint wall street and so in their last two or three quarters just haven’t been

That exciting i think they’re going to get they have very low expectations now moving forward and i think they’re gonna be able to get this business back on the right track in terms of beating numbers and things like that which is part of the wall street game so yeah i love paypal i think it’s just a strong buy for anybody that’s looking for a strong risk reward

Play i don’t think um as far as the stock price goes i think it’s just going to be a slow steady mover up over time i think if the market has some big downward moves paypal is going to move down with it but i think over time it’s just going to be a slow steady mover up and the last one of the bunch number five five you know it it was a chef okay this is my biggest

Buy here today um you know what i even have to say about the chef they’re expanding all over the you know the united states right now it’s ridiculous their sku expansion sell through expansion is insane you know go to your local target look at how many items are now in these stores you know the stocks obviously down considerably and um stephanie and the team has

Said margins start to improve in the back half this year and that’s when i start i think the stock price starts to move big so yeah hope you guys enjoyed this as always by the way if you didn’t get to check out this video here check it out three stocks i’m buying now june 2022 edition that goes very in depth in a lot of different stocks so anyways guys much love

As always if you’re looking to join my private stock group private discord chat check out first link in the description down there or actually be it’ll be pin comment have a great day

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