5 Stocks I Would Sell If Forced

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Well guys today i’m gonna make a video that is very very hard for me to make we’re gonna talk about my portfolio and if i was forced to sell five stocks out of that portfolio what five stocks would i pick to sell out of my portfolio okay so hope you guys enjoy make sure you smash the thumbs up button make sure you leave a comment down there for the algorithm and okay

So we’re looking at my public account here this is available by the way in my private stock market membership group if you’re interested in joining my private stock market membership group check out the link that is in the description ok that will tell you all about it but you need to say everybody in the stock group gets to see exactly every single move i make and

If we’re looking at this account we have eleven stocks you can count them up there we own eleven stocks so i have to sell off almost half of the portfolio for selling five stocks and this is hard because i love all these stocks i mean if i didn’t like the stocks i wouldn’t have money in them okay i was just like burn the money something like that like i love every

Single one of these stocks which is why i own every single one of these stocks but if you’re forcing me to sell five which is a very tough decision you know it’s it’s easiest for me at least to start out with what i wouldn’t say okay so there are three automatics that i would not sell in this portfolio okay one is being facebook there the others being skyworks

Solution and the others tesla those are the three stocks that in this portfolio i’m not selling okay i’m just not selling those three facebook there’s no way i’m selling facebook stock why because that probably gives me the best risk reward profile of almost any stock in the stock market like risk on facebook is for almost in like like super minimum and reward

Potential they’re still huge with instagram continuing to pull in advertisers more and more advertising money ad rates going up what they have with whatsapp their over time and their messaging products there’s so much potential still for facebook i call it the young google okay so the risk reward is so attractive for me in relation to facebook stock this there’s

No way i’m sell on that stock okay there’s no way i’m selling skyworks solution stock the opportunity that company has with 5g the great balance sheet there the great management team the unbelievable profitability and the fact i think it’s an undervalued stock even though we’re up over 15% on it there’s no way i’m selling out of skyworks solutions position okay

In tesla i mean you guys know what i think you know tesla’s gonna do over the next five to ten years there’s no way i’m gonna sell out the opportunity to be the you know the premier electric car company and as well as the self-driving company in the future there’s just no way i’m selling that stock so that’s easy for me there okay the three stocks i’m absolutely

Not selling those those three facebook skyworks solutions and tough so okay now it gets a little more hard so now we gotta think about okay let me think about two stocks that are the easiest sells for me and if i’m thinking about the two stocks that are easiest sells its nordstrom and its tapestry these two companies are somewhat similar their clothing companies

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I guess you can say well accessory companies whatever you want to call it okay nordstrom is a high-end retailer they sell high-end products all right and that’s a pretty easy sell for me they’re well over 11% i love it for the dividends and i would hate to sell this stock and i wouldn’t want to sell the stock but every once again i’m forced to sell five stocks that

Say in the situation so jwn i would sell out of that one okay in tapestry they own coach brand kate spade stuart weitzman you know we’ve made 26 plus percent in a matter of a few months on that stock and that’s one i could say you know i love making the dividend money nordstrom and tapestry i love making the dividend investing cash flow from those stocks but if i

Had to sell some stocks you know i would i would sell those too first and foremost okay now from there i would probably sell elf okay elfs probably my next sell i would sell after that why elf well we’re up 147 plus percent on our remaining shares we’ve already started selling some elf shares and the company is getting closer and closer to that one billion dollar

Valuation which is a valuation i thought going in when i research this company when i do all my you know dd the due diligence behind the stock and kind of where i first saw the stock going over time i thought this company had a great probability of getting back to being a billion dollar market cap company it’s getting closer and closer to being there pretty much

Week after week and so if i’m looking at a stock that i say you know what i’ll sell the stock it would end up being else shares i don’t want to sell out of it but once again i’m in this scenario i’m forced to sell five stocks i would sell out of elf and i would just take that huge profit we’ve already taken five figures worth the profits on elf and we would take

Another eleven thousand eight hundred and twenty five dollars our profit there with elf on a shelf okay so now we’re up to three stocks absolutely i would not sell in three stocks i would sell okay so we have two more stocks to figure out here that i would sell and the next one up would probably be uber and gosh you know i believe a lot in uber i believe it’s one

Of the most disruptive companies literally in the world and i believe they’re gonna continue to disrupt industries in the future and i believe this is it will be a company that makes huge profits in the future okay and i’m sure i mean i just started buying this stock pretty recently the last thing i want to do is sell out but but if i’m if i’m forced to cut down

The portfolio i’ll probably cut down on a position like uber especially way before it would cut down on a position like tesla just for the mere fact of tesla i think has more upside potential than an uber and i think it potentially has even a little less risk because tesla’s much closer to profitability than uber uber still many many years away from profitability


Tests on the other hand there’s a there’s a high likelihood that tesla could be profitable in 2020 it’s not a for sure thing but there’s a decent probability that tesla could be profitable on a net income line in 2020 uber there’s no way they’re gonna be profitable in 2020 okay you may be 2022 or 2023 who will be the first years that uber actually has a positive

Net income it’s gonna be quite a while with uber so if i’m forced to sell some stocks you know the stock number for i would probably sell there would be a birdie booba and we take a 7.7 percent gain make 1,600 bucks in the stock and you know who say c’est la vie ooh better we love you bye bye okay so that’s for stocks now and so now i got to think about okay what are

Some other stocks i absolutely wouldn’t sell and here are some stocks i absolutely wouldn’t sell okay cirrus logic i just can’t see myself suddenly that stock even if i was forced to i mean you know that’s an audio chip supplier i think they still have huge growth you look at it we’re up over $15,000 in this stock you say why not just take profits i think it has a

Lot more upside in future years so it’s not a position i’m willing to go out head and sell out of okay suze get dizzy another stock i don’t want to so other stock is a drink maker i love it you know consistent business model like that that dividends they usually pay once a year dividends around november december timeframe so they probably continue to do that i would

Assume and i just think that category that they’re in number one a number two player their long-term and i think they just have huge growth potential still to come you know phi over the next let’s say five or ten years so i’m not selling out of fizzy dizzy and so that leaves us with two potential sells here either irobot or winning resorts and this is a tough one

Okay irobot i just if you’re buying very recently when you’re resorts have been buying for a little bit now we don’t have it was too big of a position but you know this is really tough if i had to sell one of those i would probably sell good old irobot okay the reason being is wind resorts i love it for the cash flow i love it for the consistency in that business

Model and you know it’s it pays me like three point five percent of my money or four percent of my money at worth of dividend money right irobot it doesn’t pay any dividends and you know it’s really hard to replicate a company like win right irobot it’s also a hard company replicate because they have the brand name in robotic vacuum cleaners but you know you have

All these chinese knockoffs and different products like that it definitely is a risk i guess you can say to the business model wynn resorts you know you can’t just like up and build a four billion dollar resort like whether the resorts does okay you can’t just take away their mass amounts of customers that are you know super high-end vip players and whatnot you

Can’t just replicate that overnight this is this is something that’s you know ridiculously hard to do building a robotic vacuum cleaner on the other hand you know it’s a little easier i guess you can say than building a four billion dollar resort needless to say so if i was forced to sell out of one of those positions i would sell the irobot they’re okay which is

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Definitely you know a tough thing but i love that cash flow wynn resorts provides okay now if we look at this if we look at the portfolio even if we sold out of those stocks something that’s very interesting here is it was still a pretty diversified portfolio so you look at the six stocks remaining here and you know six stocks isn’t the most diversified certainly

But it’s still relatively diversified so we have an audio chip player right in smartphones and tablets and things like that we have young google i like the column which is facebook right which is obviously you know where people spend their time you have physio dizzy which is a drink maker all right you have skyward solution which is similar to a cirrus logic in

The respect that they’re both semiconductor companies but they produce very different products very very different products and scour solutions has some unbelievable opportunities in 5g ahead of itself okay you have tesla which is obviously electric car company and obviously you know self-driving vehicles and potentially autonomous taxi networks down the road

Things like that either solar business as well we’ll see what happens with the solar business so very diversified there and then winning resorts which is obviously you know a huge resort company particularly in the gaming spaces in las vegas macau and now they have a property out in boston so if you’re looking at that portfolio it’s still very very diversified for

Being six stocks i mean it’s hard to diversify among six stocks but there are very different industries and so i wouldn’t like to sell any of the stocks but if you told me jeremy you have to sell five of those stocks those are the five stocks i would sell okay no i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section do you think i’m eight would have made the

Right moves if i sold out of those five stocks if i was forced to sell out of those five which five would you sell out of if you had to sell out of let’s say five stocks in that particular portfolio i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section as always and i think there’s a good exercise to go through with your own portfolio every once in a while go

Through your own portfolio and think about if i was forced to sell two stocks out of its portfolio what are my two weakest positions because then you get in your mind what are your actual weakest positions versus your strongest positions and you can kind of put them against each other and say i can’t sell out of this stock and then you kind of get a better idea

Like wow this is really why this is such a good investment for me and you know what this one over here maybe it’s not as good of an investment as i once thought it was okay so do this exercise on your own portfolio every once in a while and let me know the five stocks that you would sell out of in that comment section okay thank you for watching have a great day

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5 Stocks I Would Sell If Forced By Financial Education

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