5 Stocks that are SCREWED Long Term!

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Today we’re talking about five stocks that are gonna experience a lot of trouble over the next ten years guys we’re talking five stocks that i would not touch with any amount of money i cannot wait to share this with you guys today good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and welcome to the

Brand-new set guys what do you think we got new statues on each side we got a new picture and what you guys don’t see is a lot of soundproofing i did in the room so hopefully the audio is leading to the next level guys so welcome to the new setup i hope you guys like it i thought i would put my actual city behind me instead i have a new york city has never even been

In new york city what do i have a picture of new york city in the background i put my city in the back vegas guy so i hope you enjoy it it’s a new setup it will probably be like this for the next six to twelve months and then you know we’re going to do we’re going to change it all up again at that time guys so i hope you enjoy that so we’re talking the five stock

Out there right now that or are screwed long term now long term i’m really thinking like minimum three years out i’m really thinking five 10 15 years out guys and what i wanted to do with these shocks is i did not want to go ahead and and lump them i didn’t want to get picked basically five stocks that or obvious i did not want to pick five stocks at or near 52 week

Low and their profits are down substantially they would have been too easy what i did instead i picked five stocks here now we’re going to go over and we’re going to go over why they’re screwed long-term five stocks that right now are near all-time highs the highest if stocks have ever been or their profits are near record highest right now guys one of those two

And all these stocks meet those criteria guys so i pick some hard ones here that are people are like why does that song really that one those the type of stocks i’m going after guys so let’s just go ahead and get right into this guy’s leave a thumbs up if you enjoy let’s get in this guy so number one number one stocks autozone o’reilly automotive any stocks that

Are generally speaking dealing with a car car fixing car maintenance those kinds of things guys those stocks are going to get creamed over the next i would say five to ten years and it might be a few years before you really get to see this play out the reason being is we know the electric car wave is coming guys we know it’s coming tesla model 3 is launching this

Year in mass production towards the end of the year guys and then you got every single car manufacturer out there scrambling right now to basically make an affordable electric car guys that’s obviously where the market is moving over the long term it’s going to be electric cars guys it’s going to be self-driving cars when you have those type of cars you don’t have

A need for an auto zone or o’reilly automotive at that point you really don’t guys at that point in time if you if you do somehow ever have an issue with the car which is not nearly as much that goes if you’ve ever seen you know what actually goes into an electric car it’s mostly like our computer chips and batteries and stuff guys it’s not like a transmission and

The engine and all these complicated things you know in it’s not a complicated system guys it’s very simple and so the main for autozone o’reilly automotive a lot of those stores it’s basically non-existing you can say what if people want a little shine their tires or just some wipes to wipe down the car or air fresheners well they get that anywhere they get those

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Products at walmart or amazon.com or wherever guys so those stocks unless they somehow reinvent themselves to take on the electric age which i don’t see any way they can possibly do that guys those stocks are going to be screwed to a long-term guys and those both ones are near all-time highs guys those stocks have flown up the past five to ten years guys so huge

Thing there that’s my number one number two dish network direct tv cable companies these ones are going to be in dire straits guys we know that people are cord cutting we know that people are ditching cable you know television you know satellite television doesn’t matter what this we know people at ditching that the the proof is in the pudding the proof is in the

Numbers guys but a lot of people have been held up by the fact that people like myself that like sports a lot that like maybe financial news networks things like that we kinda are stuck having to get it and that’s why i currently have dish network with my my tv provider well the first big response that’s going to kill these companies long-term just happened last

Week youtube the whole platform you’re watching it on is now launching youtube tv over the next several months guys all across america and this is going to be so detrimental to them because people like myself the minute i get on my contract which is in may i’m ditching dish network for good guys i’m going with youtube tv 35 bucks a month i get all the espn

Network to get cnbc i get all the basic channels i really need the ones that i actually what i do have time to actually watch tv the ones i actually watch guys there’s millions of people out there that have just been waiting for someone to do this so we know we didn’t know if it was going to be apple or google or amazon who is going to do this or what is going to

Be netflix finally somebody’s done in google with their youtube platform this is going to be huge guys and it’s going to be absolutely horrible for dish network direct tv the cable companies all those companies guys so not good for them those companies are going to die slow deaths unless they can somehow reinvent themselves to take them to the next level which is

Going to be very hard to do when 80 90 100 percent of revenue comes from basically satellite go or the cable go guys so that’s number two number three costco sam’s club some of these wholesale companies that sell mass products mass paper towels nestle paper whatever it is those companies are going to be in a lot of trouble starting here in a few years guys because

What’s going to end up happening with those companies is they provide a very bad product basically costco have you ever been those hostile maybe you have it it does they’re a bad experience guys you go there and it’s like where the hell am i gonna park i need to park like four miles away you walk in there you want you to get it back get when you do get a basket

There’s like 8 billion people in there you’re trying to push your cart around like what the hell man can’t even get through these aisles especially if it’s a weekend it’s a horrible experience and you’ve got lower oil stuff up into your car oh here’s a 40 pack order up and then okay finally you get through the whole story you got you have ten accidents which type

Of people’s cards in the meantime you finally get done you finally get to the line and the line backed up to halfway to africa guys it’s ridiculous oh it’s a horrible horrible experience and then you got a little all that stuff into your car and then you gotta track it all the way home the minute amazon really starts to take on these guys which amazon will over

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The next few years it won’t happen guys they’re going to start trying to focus on buying in bulk and those kinds of things and getting the shipping costs down low enough where we make sense for people to have a membership to amazon prime or whatever they will get the cost down amazon will and those companies are going to slowly die off because who wants to go and

Have that horrible experience at a costco or sam’s club when you could just order all everything on your amazon app and deliver the next day or delivered a few hours later or whatever guys as long as the pricing as long as the pricing amazon can get is comparable to what you would pay at a costco or sam’s club somewhere like that guys as soon as that happens is not

Going to be pretty for tokio sam’s club or any of those companies guys so that’s probably like i would say a three to five year out and then once that happens you’ll really start to see those prompt store sales go down and down and down and down and they will never recover guys so not going to be good for those two names number four microsoft microsoft has been a

High-flying stock the last three years guys microsoft what microsoft has is a bad situation they have a stake right the stake is pcs they dominate the pc market right but their stake is getting smaller and smaller and they got a lot of side dishes around that stake right they got the xbox they got the cloud they got some of those little things here and there they

Have a little bit mobile but they’re really pathetic in mobile in their stake is getting smaller and smaller every year five consecutive years pc sales are down guys they’re never going to recover ever they’re going to keep continuing to go down doesn’t mean some people won’t buy pc still is it means if you’re in a type of stock that’s related to feces it’s going

To go down absolutely not but the fact is microsoft until they find a new state they’re kind of screwed long term in the picture guys because they’ve completely missed out on the mobile revolution they let apple own it they let google own they let samsung on it they don’t those type of companies completely own the mobile revolution while they’re still relying on

That pc revolution that was like 20 years ago guys every single year the pie gets smaller for them now you could say okay maybe cloud maybe the cloud computing system maybe that could be the next wave from me when i look out at the cloud i see amazon being a huge competitor that’s probably a known them amazon’s already owning microsoft in that game i see google

Being a beast in that game guys are all snapchat they use the snapchat uses all google’s platform guys the cloud service and and google also has a great service for small business owners like myself that use google drive and then i also use another cloud service which is called dropbox dropbox is another great one for small business owners like myself or people

Even in midsize midsize businesses guys so i look at microsoft and i’m like where are you gonna find a new state you have these little side dishes around but where’s where the next piece going to come from for you i do not see it from microsoft so it doesn’t mean microsoft is going to be out of business in 10 or 20 years it just means microsoft could be a stock

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That’s going to struggle immensely over the next decade or so guys because i don’t see them finding a new pc sales guys i don’t see them finding that so that’s number four number five not a specific stock name here guys but multiple multiple auto manufacturers are going to go out of business guys it kind of happens many many auto manufacturers are going to go out of

Business over the next five to 10 years i do not know which name they are car sales are at record highs right now record highs what’s going to end up happening is you’re going to have a double whammy that’s going to happen to these automakers eventually eventually we will have a recession a company in this country probably not this year could be too 19 go bismillah

19 could be 2020 could be 2021 it doesn’t matter it doesn’t happen eventually what’s going to happen you’re going to have double whammy you’ll have a recession at the same time and you’ll have these car manufacturers losing mass amounts of market share from basically tesla they’re going to be losing it to tesla and then you’re going to have some car manufacturers

That are going to succeed in an electric game right you’re going to have a few that will i don’t know which ones are isn’t that ford is it gm is it chrysler fiat is it ferrari i don’t know who knows what companies it’s going to be is it bmw we just don’t know who will be the ones that actually succeed but a lot of them will not succeed guys they will not produce

An electric car that can drive itself nearly fast enough they’re all playing a huge amount to catch up right now to tesla tesla is obviously going to be the winner in this game there’s no question about tesla will be the dominant auto manufacturer ten years from now question is how many others can can follow suit and be the number two the number three the number

Four there’s not going to be room for 10 20 30 car auto manufacturers there will not be especially not in this next game we’re going into which is electric automobiles that can self drive themselves guys so many auto manufacturers are going to go out of business it’s not going to be pretty i don’t know which ones are going to be the ones succeeding but trust me

On this there’s going to be a lot of bankruptcies and the type of bankruptcy is out of forever tight bankruptcies not like oh we went bankrupt and then we came back something like that no like bankrupt and they’re done forever guys so that’s going to happen and it’s not going to be pretty guys so those are those are basically five different stocks or industries

You can even call them that are going to be under pressure we talked to autozone o’reilly automotive dish network directv cable companies costco sam’s club microsoft and multiple auto manufacturers guys though i would not be in any of those stocks over the next 5-10 years because it’s going to be very hard for them it’s not going to be pretty guys so i hope you

Enjoyed this today hit thumbs up if you did guys five stocks that right now they look so pretty and it looks so beautiful and then when you start seeing the futures like maybe not so good guys maybe not so good so i hope you enjoyed this if you just came across the channel you may want to subscribe we talked personal clients in a channel please entrepreneurship

I’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips and we talk v stock markets the most of anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day you you

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5 Stocks that are SCREWED Long Term! By Financial Education

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