5 Stocks that pay SICK Dividends!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and today we’re talking about five stocks that pay sick dividends it looks just great dividends currently but i have the potential to pay some even bigger dividends in the future guys so i’m going to take you through a couple steps on how i basically

Sift through companies and basically find me five companies i found today guys so if you enjoy this video hit that thumbs up button and let’s just go ahead and get right into this guys so number one company i found here that we’re talking about is proctor in gamble so procter & gamble if you guys don’t know they’re one of the biggest i guess you say consumer

Discretionary companies in the entire world walk through your local walmart or target or whatnot in the paper towel or toilet paper or napkins or whatever or pillows i also look at the backup products i’m guarantee you some of the biggest brands are all going to say manufactured by procter & gamble they own some of the biggest brands in the world so that’s what

Procter & gamble does currently they pay a dividend just over three percent so that’s great so that’s one thing i want to look at i want to look at the current dividend they pay so that’s good that’s over a three percent yield it’s not bad on $100,000 invest in that company that means you’re getting over three thousand dollars per year basically in dividends

Sent to you we look at their eps i look at eps because that basically shows if they can pay out what they’re paying out or pay out more so they had eps of $3.75 which is two lines up there versus they had they had a dividend they paid of only two dollars and 68 cents per share so basically there have a dollar a dollar and eight cents extra in money left over per

Share that they could actually increase that dividend in the future and that’s just if their business stays stagnant now if they grow earnings and those kinds of things then that dividend yield can go even higher and higher and higher next up i like to look at i’d like to look and just see if they have plenty of cash laying around short-term investments long-term

Investments that way in case they stumble upon some financial troubles maybe they won’t have to cut that dividend or at least cut it very much at all so procter & gamble here have over seven billion dollars in cash and cash equivalents they have over six billion dollars in short-term investments they have no long-term investment so basically they have plenty

Of money laying around that that even if they did come upon some financial struggles they wouldn’t have to cut that dividend or if they did cut it it would be very my newton in my opinion because of the strong balance sheet and because they have an eps way over what they’re paying out in a dividend yield so let’s go on to stock number two this one is called north

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American tanker company basically they are like a tanker company so if you have oil wells or whatnot and you drill those you need somewhere to put that oil and sometimes tankers are a good place to put it so sometimes companies put the oil in the tankers and sit down the sea until they’re ready to sell it or whatnot or if they need to ship it across the country or

Across the world let you say things like that so nordic american tanker they pay a 12% dividend yield it’s freakin sick now this company is is a little different this is one of those you just want to close your eyes and maybe put some money up because that’s what to me that’s what noir nordic american tanker makes sense because i’m like i try to figure things out

With this company and look at epa sub 73 cents but yet they paid out a dollar and four cents and dividend yield or the in dividends per share so they paid out more in dividends per share than they had in earnings per share last year companies like this i just can’t figure out how they do it i remember i even looked into this company when i was starting to invest

In 2008-2009 because some reason these high dividend yield companies they attract new investors not even email the ceo he’ll he mailed me back you know talking about the company and trying to explain it to me and things like that i still couldn’t quite understand how they’re able to pay these type of dividends out when sometimes their earnings per share don’t even

Match those dividends so it really doesn’t make sense but they do it and the company’s been around at least since i’ve been investing and they’ve been paying fat juicy dividends for all that amount of time so you know how they do it i don’t know now those company they have twenty nine million dollars in cash and cash equivalents like i said that company’s a risky

One that’s a specular of dividend company in my opinion if you want to try to get some gate great gains i have three seek at twelve percent dividend you-let’s freakin insane but you want to do more risky style that might be the stock for you i would never mess with that one just because if i don’t fully understand the company and how they’re able paid a dividend

Yield i can’t invest in it but that’s me that because i do it that way it doesn’t mean everybody has to do it that way guys so next one up here is we have a tmt one of the biggest telecom companies in entire world you guys may even have at&t as your sole provider service 18t pays just under a 5% yield so i’ll remember $100,000 invested you’re getting basically

Almost $5,000 per year paid out to you and dividends basically free money given to you did eps last year of two dollars and thirty five cents they paid out a dollar ninety six cents per share in dividends so they’re getting pretty close to maxing out that dividend unless they can find a way to get more and more profitable as time goes on they get more and more

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Profitable as time goes on they can definitely expand that dividend but right now there’s basically only about a what is that about 40 cent a per so 39 cent gap between basically what they’re earning per share versus what they’re paying out per share and dividends so there’s not a lot of wiggle room to really raise that dividend and less they get a lot more profitable

Now do they have plenty of money laying around they’re over five billion dollars in cash and cash equivalents they have no short-term investments they have about 1.6 billion dollars in long-term investments so they have plenty of money laying around at&t stock number four we are getting into here this is las vegas sands is actually a competitor to one of the

Companies i’m biggest invested in which is wynn resorts which i talked about with three stocks to buy videos i do every month so las vegas sands they pay over five percent dividend yield now this one looks really bad because eps of only two dollars and five cents last year they paid out two dollars and eighty eight cents in dividends but what should i understand

With las vegas sands in because i know a little bit about their business and whatnot one is macau is come back stronger so the earnings overall should be stronger because macau is very important for las vegas sands they get the majority their revenue from from macau so that should improve earnings also they opened a brand new resort this year in macao that should

Help earning so i could see them definitely earning enough money to pay that dividend at the same time this is a company that’s kind of maxed out even even with these things kind of bouncing back even with the new resort it kind of maxed out on what they can pay in dividends at the moment so but still it’s over 5% you know like i said 100k invested you’re gonna

Get over $5000 and dividends as long as they keep paying out those dividends their balance sheet over two billion dollars in cash and cash equivalents no short-term investments no long-term investments but that’s a lot of money for a company like las vegas sands they’re a gambling company basically in a resort company last one up here we have the almighty apple

Coming in at number five apple so right now it might seem kind of miniscule they only pay a 2% yield turkey so if you have 100k invested you’re only going to get to $2,000 in per year and dividends at the current rate they’re paying out but what i love about apple is the eps of 8.31 cents versus a dividend yield of $2 and 28 cents so they could basically quadruple

That dividend almost quadruple that dividend if as long as they were able able to keep earnings the same and just remain exactly as profitable they could almost quadruple that dividend guys and be able to pay it out so you could pay out realistically closer to an 8% yield if they really want to at the moment don’t mind if they can just get a little a little slight

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Growth here and slowly grow earnings even more overtime this dividend could go much much higher here guys and then look at their balance sheet this is another reason why they can payouts you know insane amounts in the future over twenty billion dollars in cash over forty six billion dollars of short-term investments over one hundred and seventy billion dollars and

Long-term investments so i look at apple and i see the company that is positioned to pay out ridiculous insane amounts of dividends over the next ten to fifteen years as long as they’re able to just stay as profitable as they are now or even begin to get a little more profitable as time goes on it doesn’t have to be great growth in this company it doesn’t have to

Be any growth and they can still pay monster monster dividends in the future so apple a look at and i say man this could be a phenomenal dividend company for the next 10 to 15 years as long as i can keep their business stable or slight growth because when you have that much cash when you have that high of an eps versus what you pay out in dividends per share you

Have a lot of room to move that dividend up over the coming years guys i hope you enjoyed this video today obviously if i’m actually investing in stock i go through you know hours of research more than what we just went through here but this is kind of like a good way to sift through through dividend companies you know type in ticker symbols and try to find some

Good ones that have a great yield that payout hopefully they payout on you know less than what they have in earnings per share and then kind of looking at the balance sheet seen what kind of cash they have around what kind of investments those kinds of things and that can kind of set you on your way to to saying okay now we can look in this company more because

They meet my criteria which if you’re a given investor which i know a lot of people on my channel are specifically dividend investors then you can kind of go on the next steps in kind of research more and more guys i hope you enjoyed this video today if you have not subscribed yet you may want to we talk personal finance in the channel entrepreneurship on the

Channel i’m a business owner give a lot a lot of my business tips away we also talk to stock market almost almost every single day like at least five times a week my voice by the way is getting a little better it’s like i would say like 75 80 percent i hope you guys notice a little improvement versus yesterday’s video which was the rich dad poor dad video which

Did phenomenal thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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