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Five stocks under $5 to watch that is exactly what we were discussing here today guys these videos are always kind of fun to make some of these little speculative companies that are five dollars and under because usually we talk about the apples the google’s the amazon nvidia facebook a lot of these big companies these ones we usually talk about right and for

Good reason they’ve taken over the world their continue to take over the world they make billions and billions of dollars in profit they deserve to be talked about a lot right every once in a while it’s fun to talk about some more speculative names and with that being said guys just realize any stock that’s $5 or lower generally speaking it’s there for a reason

Okay sometimes is because their revenues have fallen off a cliff sometimes it’s because they’re not profitable sometimes it’s because you know people just don’t believe in a wall street doesn’t believe in them sometimes it’s because they have yet to prove themselves you might have a lot of exciting things coming some reach of research and development and things

But they haven’t really proven anything guys so this is something you kind of got to think about going into any of these stocks of you before you ever put a dime in them and also keep this in mind these companies are all very speculative right anything under $5 is highly speculative so make sure if you do ever invest in stocks that are under $5 make sure you do

So with a portion of money that is very small in comparison your portfolio these stocks could potentially increase your wealth right they could potentially you could increase your wealth and these could be the next big company that you know turns it around or they’re know things the next big thing right and they become a huge corporation but at the same time guys

Some of these companies could be out of business someday some of these some of these companies so you know darn profitable they don’t really they aren’t for sure gonna be around and things like that so you’ve got to take that in account just make sure if you ever invest in any company whether it’s one of these i’m mentioning here or any company in the future just

Make sure guys it’s a gotta you’ve got to kind of think about what’s the risk involved with this whole deal guys so i hope you enjoy this make sure if you’re new the stock market you check out my stock market investing mastery course there’s a first link down there in the description that goes into it exactly everything that i look for in an investment first link

Down the description check it out after this is over first stock is patriot 1 technologies this is of the five this is the most speculative of speculation here guys this stock is actually up around it’s nearly doubled in the past like three or four months okay ever since the las vegas shooting here that happened unfortunately back in october ever since then the

Stock is blown up and the reason is this company has had some technology that could maybe prevent it that entire shooting guys in couldn’t prevent like so many terrorist attacks and things so this company is run by martin cronin right a picture at one technologies i was watching a fox interview recently with him after the las vegas massacre happened right and

They have what’s called a pet scan technology ok so basically this technology this these scanners right they can be behind walls no one could even know they’re there right and they can be scanning people’s bodies while they’re walking by ok so they it’s not even like they have to get patted down or something like that people might not even know it’s there right

But it checks your body and i can you know we see if you had a firearm on you or something or maybe you got an explosive and a backpack or something like that guys and right now in that interview he talks about how they’re actually testing with one of the resorts out here called westgate right they’re testing a lot of this technology ok so it’s very interesting

Technology because you think about somewhere like here in las vegas right no one wants to go from you everybody got walks around and goes to different hotels all throughout the strip and whatnot last thing you want to do going in there right is have to get patted down by security and have to get your backpack checked and all this kind of stuff right you’re having

Fun you’re having a good time you’re drinking or have you’re having a blast right last thing you want to do is is imagine if everywhere you walk to every other resort you’ve got to get patted down like that just throw that just totally dampers the mood right that’s just totally dampers a mood so with the technology like this this could be you know in airports all

Over the place this could be in resorts and all kinds of things like that guys so very exciting technology but the business is not proven yet they basically have almost virtually no revenue they’re testing all the equipment out at westgate right now but it has huge potential you know potential revenue down the road and profits down the road if they can rolled out

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Themselves or they could potentially license this to a bigger company right and just kind of take licensing fees off of all this because they got a lot of patents on a lot of this technology right hard stuff to come up with right then how i actually found out about this is i was on a conference call if you guys know one my big wall my biggest investment is wynn

Resorts right wynn resorts so they were in the november conference call it was october november right they asked steve wynn about the massacre and whatnot and they kind of got into like some security stuff and wind starts explaining a lot of the security they have in the wind properties right and then all of a sudden he starts talking about some of this technology

Here right he never mentions patriot 1 technologies by name but basically the the technology he was talking about where people might not even know it’s there it’s behind walls or whatnot that could ski in people’s body identify if they have a fire on a explosive or anything like that when he was talking about it was basically the same exact technology this company

Has and it was so crazy because in that conference call he goes like this is not an exact quote but it was something like this hey in any of you stock pickers out there you might want to look into this and i thought he was talking to me i’m like does he know i’m on this conference call right now so very interesting company highly speculative right now because they

Basically haven’t proven themselves as far as revenue and profits and those kind of things but some really interesting technology that could be a huge key word is could be guys so that’s the first one that’s the most speculative of all these number two is probably the most of the second most speculative out of these i don’t even know if pronounce this company’s

Name trans & tricks i believe it’s called right i found this one a few months ago in and in the past year it’s up 41% so it’s doing pretty pretty good so far so trans and tricks’ is a medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of surgical robot systems okay similar to like in in to to a cold surgical i don’t know if you guys know

That company it’s becoming a massive multi-billion dollar company now which basically they have robot systems that do surgeries and whatnot okay so this company has pretty much no revenue as of yet but that’s because some of their systems just got allowed in okay so 2017 was a transformational year fortran centrex and include the commencement of the u.s. sen

Haas commercialization and progression toward the global commercialization of the sergey bot is what they’re they’re like rural robots are called and whatnot they can do surgeries and whatnot so this company is starting to actually sell these now okay so during the quarter end at december 31st 2017 the company sold two of these sin hoth systems for revenuer 3.3

Million dollars so basically they’ve run for about 1.6 million for each of these right total 2017 revenue is approximately seven million dollars a 360 percent increase over 2016 okay representing a total of five cent haas systems they sold including two to europe and two to asia and one to the united states here alright so the balance sheet they still have some

Cash on there because they’re burning money right now they’re losing a lot of money obviously because they’re just kind of getting their thing going right so as of december 31 2017 the company had cash and restricted cash balance of approximately 97 million dollars a company believes that the capital is sufficient to fund operations through 2019 supposedly okay

So something to keep in mind with the stock like this is they’re gonna probably need to raise funds later on down the road okay this company’s probably gonna need to raise funds however they should be able to get that funding as long as they can keep proving that the revenues going up if this company all going son goes from they did 1.5 million 2016 okay they do

7 million this past year if also in this upcoming year they do 1520 million right and then else in the next year they do 40 million you know all banks are gonna look at that as well this company’s really increasing they’re worthy of giving a loan to okay or venture capital or private investors whoever to kind of get them through through the times until they get to

The profitability on the other side guys and the hope for a company like this is maybe they can become half of what intuitive surgical has become right there their stock is up around 7,000 percent from about 2000 to about 2016 the stock was up around seven thousand percent guys so there’s maybe hope that maybe this company could be half of that someday or something

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Like that guys so exciting exciting things going on obviously a company is going to be able to probably increase revenues huge but at the same time they probably won’t be profitable for quite a while so that’s something to keep in mind there blue apron holdings okay this one went public and since it went public less than a year ago guys less than a year ago this

One went public right it’s now almost seventy percent from where it went public out okay so blue apron basically they have a system where you can go and you can make orders and you kind of picked out what ingredients you want and whatnot for your for your dinner and you can kind of choose from all these different things chefs have and whatnot and it get basically

Get to deliver straight to your door the plans start at $8.99 per serving you know so it’s an interesting company okay they’re in an interesting space i i mean i don’t see the reason why i would do something like this but a lot of people do okay so net revenues increased three percent year-over-year why marketing spend decreased thirty-one percent that revenue

Only increasing three percent was kind of looked at as a not a very good thing for blue apron subsequent to the third quarter blue apron completed its most recent product expansion to all customers and fully transitioned product volumes to its newly launched east coast fulfillment center in linden new jersey which is the huge fulfillment center that’s supposed to

Be awesome for them right but this company’s losing a lot of money right now adjust that ebay dock for the quarter was a loss of 48 million dollars guys they took a loss of 48 million and that was the year prior they lost 34 million so they’re losing even more money now okay in us and there’s even worse news here so customers decreased by six percent year over year

And decreased nine percent quarter-over-quarter though the good news is average revenue per customer came in two hundred and forty five dollars in the third quarter that’s compared to 227 in the same quarter last year so at least customers spend is going up but unfortunately they lost with a lot more customers and they gained basically okay this company does have

266 million dollars in cash so you should be able to get it through for a certain amount of time until maybe they have to raise funding or whatnot unless they can miraculously come to be a profitable company i’m not sure when you’re making when you’re taking 48 million dollar losses guys in a quarter not sure you’re anywhere even remotely close to profitability

So they’re probably gonna have to eat in that cash balance however it’s a super you know a super lower valuation like if you look at what the valuation was just at this time last year right it was dramatically higher so you getting this company for a way lower valuation at this point the question is is this a type of company that’s kind of you know got too much

Competition right now is this an industry that is serious for the future is this an industry that may be an amazon can come in with whole foods brand and take them out things like that so there’s a lot to be worried about but at the same time there there’s something there’s some things to be excited about because it is a growing space they’re in with this whole thing

Where people like to you know place orders and have the food delivered straight to their house and they just cook it up there those kind of things so there is some excitement there you just got to ask yourself is this the one that can make the bounce-back over the next couple years guys pandora pandora’s the next one up here guys it’s a four dollar and thirty seven

Cent stock how do you guys probably listen to pandora i listen to still pandora a decent amount not nearly as much as i used to back in the day but i still listen to it so pandora t yes the ceo was there and i was just watching an interview recently with him on there and he was kind of talking about pandora and the competition they have from apple and spotify you

Know since i got an apple music account about six months ago i listened to pandora far less than when i used to is now i just listened to music on demand this is a company that has a revenues trending in the right way right they 920 million in 2014 and they did 1.1 million in 2015 almost 1.4 million in 2016 but on the flip side here guys who look at net income

It’s just getting worse and worse they take a 30 million dollar loss and then you take 169 million dollar loss now they took a 342 million dollar loss guys these are massive massive losses this company’s taken but here’s the thing guys there’s a company with a market cap now of about a billion dollars okay so you buy the whole company for about a billion dollars

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Okay and remember they have revenues that are higher than a billion dollars right now there’s losing a ton of money so when i look at a company like pandora i kind of think if you’re if you’re getting in this stock it’s kind of like your thought process almost has to be around an acquisition that’s a risky thing because an acquisition might never come okay but

At the same time like like it’s a company that i could see some companies potentially acquiring like in my opinion if i was google i would absolutely buy this company what are you gonna have to pay for 1.5 billion that’s like a buying a can of soda for google like 1.5 billion is nothing okay and when i think about how easy google platforms are to advertise on and

Whatnot and how much that could help a company like pandora pandora right now you have to like fill out a form and then hope they get back to you as far as like trying to advertise on pandora and whatnot it’s very difficult right google has such an easy system because like i could go in right now and like create google ads right now in like it’s so simple it’s like

So simple it doesn’t matter if my budgets ten dollars or my budget it’s 110 thousand dollars i could create ads or on that it’s so simple on my computer right pandora doesn’t have something like that right now i think it would be an interesting acquisition target from maybe someone like a google maybe even potentially someone like an amazon so they can integrate

That with like their amazon echoes very easily and things like that maybe apple but i doubt apple really needs them because apples having so much success already in the music game i doubt apple would even even be interested to buy pandora even if they were selling for a hundred million dollars just because apple has so much going on already you never know it could

Be happening but i don’t know so google amazon possibility as far as pandora as a standalone company i’m not sure they’ll ever be able to be profitable i’m really not at this point in time guys so much competition in the space that i’m just not sure next one up here in this one so this one’s over $5 unfortunately groupon it was just recently when i prep the video it

Was under $5 right but just in the last three days this one’s went up nearly 11% which is basically amazing it over a $5 stock but we’re still keeping it in there guys so groupon recently over the past few years has had trouble really growing revenue okay they’ve had trouble growing revenue they’ve kind of been stuck around this three billion dollar number for a

Few years now and it’s not much going on there also they’ve taken you know pretty big losses like last year friends is 2016 it took a hundred ago i guess that’s two years ago now – now we’re in 2018 they took a 200 million dollar loss guys they took a 200 million dollar loss however there’s some hope for this company okay just in this past quarter they actually had

A positive net income guys and there’s a possibility then the december quarter it can be even more positive so maybe this is a company now that’s starting to get to a place where they can be profitable okay that would be huge for groupon because this company that’s historically just not a profitable company and they’re kind of stuck around this three billion dollar

Revenue number and it’s like okay so you can’t really grow your you’re not profitable what are we buying here as shareholders so maybe there’s something here with the the fact that there’s gonna start being profitable more unlikely 891 million dollars in cash okay 141 million dollars in long-term investments and then if we look at the the debt only a hundred and

Seventy eight million so groupon has always had a phenomenal balance sheet and they still do to this day so might be an interesting one to see if they can start becoming more consistently profitable and put together a nice consistently profitable year like a fifty million dollar profit and net income a hundred million dollars something like that and maybe something

To build on there so anyways i hope you guys really enjoyed this day five stocks under five dollars to watch very interesting stocks let me know if you have any interesting ones that are under five dollars that you think people should check out i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section don’t forget if you’re a beginner in the stock market check

Out my stock market investing mastery course it’s an eleven part course first link in the description down there that goes into everything i look into investing in a stock thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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