5 Ways to Streamline Your Life

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How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush as you know i’ve been d hoarding my stuff so today i’m gonna talk about five ways you can streamline your life the first thing to realize is that if you backed up a lot of data previously you can essentially buy hard disks for so cheap these days and you can even buy double of them so that you can mirror from one drive

To another just in case one drive crashes over here is a huge binder worth of data backup 288 disks of it this is a five terabyte hard drive and a couple of years ago a five terabyte will cost you about a thousand dollars but these days you know it’s about 140 120 even with five terabytes you can essentially backup 1000 dvd worth of data this is 288 disks over

Here so it’s about four of these that you can transform into one of these or two of them if you want to mirror them i know people get a lot of cal outs that you do not even look at sometimes what i did was even though i’m not looking at them or i’m not buying anything i tend to just keep the latest issue that they send me the thing i started realizing is that wow

If i didn’t buy anything within the last few years i probably won’t buy anything in the future and even if i really wanted to i can probably go online look up the same company and still buy the stuff that i want to so catalogs like these you don’t really need to keep a cache of it and take up room you can essentially toss these in the recycling bin now i want to

Talk about my new strategy of recycling if you buy a lot of canned drinks sure you’re gonna collect enough cans so that you can go and redeem them many people would just put anything recyclable in the recycling bin without redeeming them for money now when should you actually try to redeem stuff for money it’s when you have an enough volume of it for example if

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You just buy like a six-pack of beer this might not be worth it to try to collect six glass bottles and then go to a place to redeem them just for those six however if your pace of drinking these things is enough where you have a good amount of it then yeah sure you can collect enough of it so that it will be worth your time to go to the recycling place to redeem

Them for cash anyhow for me i don’t really generate all that much recyclables because these days i cut out soda you know almost completely and i also don’t drink all not all that much beer i don’t eat that many canned foods either so all these recyclables you know i’m not generating as much these days anymore now this suggestion came from a lot of people in my

Last video where you should take a picture of something sentimental if you think you’re not going to use it in the future this thing is my iron man arm costume thing over here there’s like a little button behind the thumb so that when you push it yeah it lights up and stuff so this is the repulsor canyon supposedly i don’t think i’m actually gonna wear this anymore

Because i actually dismantled the rest of the costume which use electroluminescent wires so therefore i think i’m just going to take a picture of this sort of destroy this and throw this away so my point over here is that yeah this stuff is taking up space i haven’t used it and i do not think i will use it in the future so if you have things like that take a picture

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And then you just have to let it go throw it away now i just bought a hairdryer and you might think oh i don’t really need a hairdryer i have short hair but you know i like to dry my hair really quickly i don’t like to have it kind of damp after i take a shower this is the cheapest hairdryer with all the features i can find basically what i did about couple years

Ago i stood at a target and i looked through all of the hair dryers i’m like hmm you know which one has all the features however being the cheapest this one is what i arrived at because it has this infrared thing this thermal wine ionic technology so it has ionic it has infrared heat and some sort of ceramic coating which makes it so that your hair dries faster me

Using it i do feel like yeah it does dry a little bit faster but it’s not like twice as fast or anything like that the thing i notice about this hair dry verse is the one that’s before this which is all black and gray that previous version had this really weird switch that is not very durable and actually that previous one kind of short-circuited itself on me and

It just it just did that one day and and it broke so that’s why i had to buy this one but this one has these more generic switches that is easily replaceable it does have this funny gimmick thing where it has these little red led lights around um i just thought well you don’t really need these red leds but yeah it’s kind of fun to like when you turn it on the red

Leds just kennish shines on whatever you are drying so then you can go oh yeah you know it kind of feels warmer just because there’s some red light going there anyhow this hairdryer is something i think i’m going to use until it’s end-of-life therefore i do not really need this box so that’s what i want to say about boxes in general because you might have a lot

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Of boxes in the closet of items that you know that you bought and maybe you think oh i might kind of return it one day or maybe you might sell it one day however if i know with very high certainty that i’m going to keep it for a really long time or that i will not never ever sell it then it’s safe to throw away the box so that you can reclaim this volume of space

In your home so thanks for watching i do have a giveaway from txt now this time i have an lg tribute v over here and they’re giving away one of these for free so if you’re gonna get this text now service anyway let me know in the comment section below first one to say something say that they want this you basically can get it for my next video i figure i’ll do

In q&a so if you have any whatever sort of questions for me i will try to answer them i know you guys know i’m a little bit of a private person so you can go ahead and ask whatever you want but i may not be able to answer every single thing so leave your questions down below in the comments down below and then the next video after that i’ll just bring them up

And try to answer some of them if you’re interested in supporting this channel i have an audible link down to the video description below where you can get a free audio book i have a patreon over here and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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