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Growing up means your priorities continually change — and what you spent money on at 20 probably won’t be what you want to spend it on at 30. In this episode, one woman explains the six major ways her spending started changing once she entered the decade of her 30s.

Making it work is brought to you by wealth simple which gives everyone access to simple affordable investing on cruise control the year i turned 30 marked some really big changes i started a new job moved into my first solo apartment and had to make a lot of big decisions at once this pretty much forced me to stop and take inventory of my life and my priorities i

Started thinking about all the ways this next chapter of my life was already so different from the semi aimless wandering of my 20s in particular how what i value has changed dramatically i make more money now than i did in my 20s but i also think a lot more intentionally about how i spend it here are the six major spending swaps i’ve started making now that i’m

Thirty number one shoes i can wear to any wedding instead of a new dress for every wedding i attend remember when going to a wedding was a novelty when the first wave of my friends started getting hitched around 25 every invitation was an excuse to overspend on a new dress tailored to the location and season of the nuptials and probably new shoes or a clutch to

Match it there were going to be professional photos taken after all now that i’m in my 30s and attending weddings is pretty much everyone’s part-time job i rerouted those funds into two pairs of quality heels that i can actually wear for four hours without wanting to die they go with every dress in my arsenal and i always make it to the last dance number two flying

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Direct instead of paying for extra fees and in-flight cocktails in my 20s budget-friendly was my number one travel priority if that meant saving a hundred dollars by taking a 1 a.m. flight with a four-hour layover i was down but as i got older and my ability to sleep sitting up or function after being awake all night significantly diminished i started getting

Smarter about my travel i plan ahead to cut out crappy overpriced airport food and extra baggage fees and i never drink on the plane because 10 dollars for a glass of cheap wine that’s only going to give me a headache just isn’t a deal i’m willing to make anymore instead i splurged a little more on direct flights that leave at convenient times so that i can hit the

Ground running and make the most of my vacations number three a decent gym membership instead of cute workout clothes when i was younger i was super self-conscious at the gym i always wanted to try group classes but i felt really intimidated by all my lululemon clad grippy sock wearing classmates dressing the part in color matching crop tops and leggings definitely

Helped me conquer that insecurity and get into a groove with my exercise routine but now that i know the lay of the land i would rather recycle the same worn-out t-shirts and grab new sports bras off the sale rack at target so that i can put that money towards improving my actual workouts with a personal trainer or a membership to a quality gym number four quality

Skin care instead of fancy bath products i spent my early 20s in a tiny apartment in brooklyn so moving to la and discovering my new place had an actual bathtub was basically the height of luxury i spend all kinds of money on scented bubble bath essential oils aromatherapy candles anything that made that time feel even more luxurious i did really enjoy it but once

That novelty wore off i realized most of that stuff was just pretty smelling bs that had no real effect on your skin or health or left it worse off than before bath bomb slime anyone now i stick to the basics soap hot water and epsom salt if i’m feeling fancy and i invest in a good moisturizer and other skin care products that actually work number five good booze

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Instead of takeout every other night as a twenty-something i always knew i should be cooking more meals at home but i was also constantly running from work to the gym to happy hours and then i’m so tired and my favorite thai place is just right there we all know how that story ends now that i’m more settled and have an actual kitchen i’ve discovered that i really

Prefer having friends over to cook rather than going out to eat a well-stocked bar is a we’re grown-ups dinner party staple i love being able to offer my friends a proper cocktail when they arrive as opposed to whatever leftover booze we can dig out of a cabinet from that party my roommate through last month number 6 investing in my home instead of multiple weekend

Getaways for me turning 30 marked my official induction into the stay home club i moved into my own one-bedroom about a month after my birthday and designing my new home became a full-time hobby i invested in a lot of new furniture and decor that made me happy when i was younger i would start itching to escape the city and my roommates every couple of weeks blowing

A ton of money on last-minute tickets and accommodations but now that my home is a place i love i’m much happier to stay here and just enjoy the space i’ve created being intentional with your spending is a totally personal choice where one person might really value a stay in a luxury hotel but think it’s crazy to spend more than you have to on a car someone else

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Might get a ton of joy from their new ride and be perfectly happy crashing in a hostel take some time to think over your own spending priorities once in a while notice how they’ve changed along with your life writing down what was important to me in this new phase of my adulthood has been super clarifying and useful and i plan to keep doing so at the end of every

Decade i make it to all of our priorities change as we get older and the more life you live the more you realize just how important it is to take care of your future and with a company like wealth simple you can start investing in that future on cruise control wealth simple is online investing that’s as simple and human as it gets in just five minutes they’ll

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