6 Qt vs 8 Qt Instant Pot with Air Fryer

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna show you the difference between a six quart insta pot and an eight quart insapot i had this eight quart in supply and i wanted to upgrade to this airfryer and sous-vide version this was on sale it was six quarts i thought it was big enough but the first thing that happened when i opened the box i was

Like this is not big enough to cook a chicken there are small differences i’m gonna show you all of these in this video this video is brought to you by rakuten it’s an online portal where you can shop through it if you do so and you buy one of these instapot it doesn’t really matter what you buy actually but you’ll get forty dollars credited back to your paypal

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Link down in the video description below first let me remove the lid on both of them they both come with a second tier rack the six core one is seven inches in diameter the eight quart one is eight inches in diameter this is the air frying attachment this is the six quart insupot and you can see the inner air frying diameter is seven inches now i don’t know

About you but this is a very small chicken that you can fit in there so the first thing i thought was i can’t roast a rotisserie chicken in this air fryer so just because of that you probably don’t want the six quart one here’s the eight quart one this is eight inches for american chickens you might have a hard time fitting a whole chicken in here also you

Probably have to get like one of the little smaller chickens that will fit in here but at least it can do some kind of chicken let me go over real quick what’s included in the instapot dual crisp and air fryer of course you have this air fryer over here but there are no controls you lift this up and you’ll see it has these little contacts you have the mating

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Contact over here with little rubber grommets i assume to push out all the moisture so it doesn’t get inside what’s included in this dual crisp and air fryer of course is the air fryer thing itself you have this little lid thing apparently the bottom of this gets really hot after you use it so then you don’t want to put it on your counter and burn your counter

So you’re supposed to put it on top of this like that after you’re done it comes with a steam rack because you have the air fryer you need the air frying attachment inside and inside here there’s a second tier just in case you want to put more stuff that’s air frying inside and also the bottom has little grate so that the oil can just fall right through you

Can see that this is metal by the sound of it it just kind of feels like aluminum that’s coated and then there’s also this plastic ring i can tell that this is some kind of plastic and it attaches to the bottom of this this steamer tray does not fit inside the airfryer tray yeah you can put it in but then this little handle stuff on the side it’s supposed to

Stand up so that you can lift whatever that’s inside up out of this tray so when you put it inside this thing the little handles are supposed to stick out on the side you put whatever that you want like a chicken or something and then you can go in here grab onto the side and pull whatever you’re cooking out now to me i am upgrading from the previous instapot to

This version here’s a previous one and i want to show you guys the improvement from this one over to this one obviously this guy has an air fryer attachment and the second most important thing is that it has a sous-vide function over here which means that it has a much more accurate temperature sensing mechanism probably accurate to one degree or so and this is


What’s needed in order to control the temperature precisely so that your meat doesn’t get overcooked or undercooked one of the things that i don’t like about the new one is that the markings within the stainless steel pot is really rough it says pc max two-thirds and then one-half over here but that’s all there is there’s no marking anywhere else not for cup or

Anything but if you look at the previous instapot you have a cup marking two three four all the way up to cup 14 and also a max leaders one one and a half all the way to six liters over here so i find this marking very very useful i use the two marking all the time to cook steel cut oats so if i migrate over to this one i’m not gonna have that ability anymore

So just take note of this it’s not all terrible over here because i remember in this old insta pot if i want to release the pressure you can’t actually use your finger to push this over because really really hot steam comes out of this thing and you don’t want to be anywhere near the outlet of this pressure thing so you’re going to get scorch if you use your finger

So i just use something like a utensil a chopstick a spoon or anything and i push this over and you know it releases the pressure and that was kind of like a danger point of using this thing but you learn real quick it’s not a big problem or anything but they improved on the safety feature on this thing now there is no little lever right next to where the steam

Is right now if you want to release the steam you push this little button and it releases the steam and if you want to be able to lock the steam again you just kind of push up and it will lock one thing i never understood about this insta pot thing is even in the old version it has this little hook for the cable it doesn’t really hold it all that well i mean

If you have this front facing panel over here the hook portion is directly behind it yeah right here directly behind it so i assume you can kind of wrap the wire around here and maybe plug it in somewhere but i i don’t know i guess this is just to get it so that it doesn’t get underneath the instapot and kind of sit on top of the cable and crimp it or something


Something you guys might not know this is the old lid it will fit with the new pot see now when you’re using this bottom lid portion you just kind of put it on right it doesn’t seem to fit very well it’s like it’s just a piece of plastic thing that’s came as an afterthought if you’re gonna store this thing you can flip it over and you just kind of put it on turn

It and it locks into place and i guess you know you can store it like this inside this airfryer there is like a little fan mechanism all the way inside you can see if i just stick my finger in there this will turn for air fryers this is the heating mechanism over here this is kind of like greenish color and the air blows downwards and this is how it circulates

The air this is vented here you’ll see some vents so whatever you’re cooking if it needs to vent some moisture it will come out of here so that’s all there is for the difference between a six core and eight core instapot i hope this video is useful to you guys because i certainly would have wanted to know the difference between the two before i had to buy it now

I have to go and return it so this might save you some time if you happen to do the same thing i did don’t forget to check out the rakuten link down in the video description below to get your free 40 just buy whatever you want i don’t know you can buy like bags full of candy or like buy two turkeys or something don’t forget to give me a like comment down below

Let me know if you’re going with this eight quart insupot air fryer sous-vide version thing and as always push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching you

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6 Qt vs 8 Qt Instant Pot with Air Fryer By BeatTheBush

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