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Amazon has expanded to sell just about everything, but that doesn’t mean you should buy it all. Tasha explains 6 things that you should never buy from Amazon. Check out what you should never buy from the grocery store in this video:

Hi i’m tasha from one big happy life on behalf of the financial diet and this is the lifestyle fix brought to you by skill share online shopping is a huge part of many people’s lives and amazon is a major player in the online market in 2018 it was estimated that amazon had nearly 50% of the us retail e-commerce sales in comparison avait in second place had just

6.6 percent of retail e-commerce sales it seems like amazon sells practically anything you could want whenever you want it whether it’s a dvd set of your favorite childhood tv show a new kitchen gadget the latest new york times best seller or supplies for your home office with an amazon prime membership and its many perks including free shipping and insanely cheap

Same-day shipping through prime now it’s really easy to slip into turning to amazon for all of our purchases i’ve definitely experienced this firsthand when i first became a prime member back in 2005 i placed nine orders eight of which were text books and the other was a mariah carey cd compared that to 2019 where my family made a hundred and forty orders and where

Things i bought included a two-part epoxy diapers bottom door hardware so she go party and ovulation predictor tests while the convenience is great amazon like any other retailer doesn’t always have the best deals on the products you need and for other purchases it might be better to skip convenience and save money by buying elsewhere in today’s video i’m gonna

Be talking about six items that you should never buy from amazon number one clothing clothes shopping is hard enough when you’re in the store and have dozens of clothing racks in front of you clothing manufacturers don’t have consistent sizing especially for women’s clothing the sizes are arbitrary and vary wildly from one brand to the next with books and diapers

What you see is what you get clothing on the other hand you never know if something is gonna work out unless you actually try it on when you buy clothes from amazon you’re basically going off of the picture and most likely it’s a brand that you might not be familiar with the shirt that looks so office appropriate on the stock photo mannequin might only be suitable

For a night out when you put it on there’s really no way of knowing if the clothing in the picture will fit like you want it to especially if you’re trying a new you brand of clothing online shopping doesn’t let you feel the fabric the clothing is made from or examine the stitches to check the quality of the piece if you’re gonna go to a store in person it’s easy

To grab several sizes at once try them all on in the dressing room and then only pay for the clothing you like it’s a lot harder to replicate that experience on amazon or other online only stores you could buy three different sizes of the same shirt up front then try them on at home and send back the ones that don’t fit but that’s kind of impractical and a bit

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Expensive for most people unless the clothing you buy on amazon specifically lists free returns as one of the features you’ll likely be out the cost of shipping even if you do send the clothing back unlike many clothing retailers that sell both in person and online you can’t go to an amazon store to return the clothing and immediately get your money back instead

You have to wait till your return gets processed by amazon buying clothing on amazon can be a difficult and frustrating process unless you know exactly what brand and size you need for most clothing items i prefer to buy them in person or from an online retailer that also has physical stores near me number two furniture the listing for a couch on amazon can include

Exact dimensions multiple photographs from several angles and dozens of five-star reviews but none of those things can actually tell you if you’re gonna enjoy sitting on that couch yes you can read the reviews but who do you believe when reviewers can’t agree if a mattress is too soft or too hard i don’t want to assemble a dining room set only to discover that the

Decorative chair bag digs painfully into my shoulder blades when i sit down comfort is a deeply personal thing and it can be very difficult to judge whether the loveseat online will be exactly what you wanted it to be until you’ve lounged in it i’d rather go to a store and spend some time testing out the furniture before i buy it or assemble it buy new furniture

And hating it is an expensive and frustrating experience and i’d rather increase the odds of actually liking my purchase by having a chance of to see the furniture in person before i buy amazon’s 30-day return policy also isn’t very generous when it comes to furniture it can take a while for you to realize that that new office dust doesn’t suit your needs or for

The new setup to start causing you pain due to economic issues ikea on the other hand has a 365 day no-nonsense turn policy if you’re looking to buy furniture there are better places to do it than amazon number three gift cards well i love getting gift cards to amazon because let’s be honest i shop there a lot amazon isn’t always the best place to buy gift cards

Most of the time the gift cards that you buy on amazon are straight dollar for dollar purchases if i buy a $25 gift card i’ll be spending $25 in order to get it while you can find a handful of discounted cards in amazon’s gold box deals there’s no guarantee that you’re gonna be able to find the gift card that you want there there are other places where you can more

Reliably find discounted gift cards costco for example has a hundred dollars worth of build-a-bear gift cards for just $70 and frequently has sales on itunes gift cards my nearby costco also regularly has gift cards for local restaurant chains or discount passes to local amusement parks that amazon just doesn’t sell there are also several online gift card resellers

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Like carpool that offer discounts on resold gift cards and offer purchase guarantees i can find 11 percent off discount on old navy gift cards 15 percent discounts on cheesecake factory gift cards and 8 percent discounts on ulta gift cards and even if i weren’t interested in buying resold gift cards my local grocery store chain regularly offers bonus fuel points

For purchasing gift cards through them which i can then use to get a discount at the gas station while amazon does have an impressive range of gift cards it doesn’t always have the best deals on those gift cards you should check other retailers first for your gift card needs before you resort to amazon number for cleaning supplies trying to buy cleaning supplies on

Amazon is complicated some items can be purchased at the listed price while some other items can only be purchased as add-on items which means that if you want to buy them you need to be spending more than $25 still on other items you can only get the best price by enrolling in the subscribe and save program and on other items you can only buy them through prime

Pantry that’s like pretty convoluted while you can find good deals on cleaning supplies on amazon you can also find similar deals at target walmart the dollar store or even your local grocery store if you have store or manufacturer coupons costco sam’s club and other warehouse stores are also excellent options for cleaning supplies if you have the room to store

Items in bulk with cleaning supplies and other basic household items like toilet paper you want to do careful comparisons with other stores before you go ahead and add them to your amazon cart number five brand name accessories if your intel luxury goods you know just how big those price tags can get it’s tempting to go to amazon to see if you can score a deal on

That one item you really want but brand-name accessories are one of the categories where you really want to shop around before you commit to amazon especially if you want to make sure that you’re getting the real thing according to an april 2018 article in the atlantic amazon like many other sites that allow third-party vendors to sell through them has something of

A knockoff and counterfeit problem if you’re gonna buy from a third-party seller on amazon be sure to do your due diligence in order to make sure that you’re actually going to get what you paid for if you want to get great discounts without having to worry about knockoffs you can always head to your local outlet the outlet stores might even have better prices on

The exact same items than amazon for example michael kors addyson leather backpack is a hundred and sixty dollars at nordstrom rack but it was going for two hundred and eighty nine dollars on amazon if you can’t find what you want and an outlet store you should also check trusted resellers like thread up for gently used items number six cosmetics and speaking of

Knock-offs counterfeit cosmetics are also a booming industry in august 2018 the bbc reported on the seizure of mac chanel nars and other high-end brand counterfeit and how the counterfeit products had ingredients in them that could cause chemical burns and skin rashes some of the counterfeits that were tested even had mercury in them even the fbi has issued warnings

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About the proliferation of fake cosmetics and the dangerous chemicals or you know urine that they can contain you definitely don’t want any of this stuff anywhere near your face when it comes to the cosmetics on amazon it’s not uncommon to find reviews that call the authenticity of the product into question especially if the product is sold by a third-party seller

That’s risky business buying from amazon means missing out on the perks that come with shopping from specialty stores like sephora or ulta they offer free samples generous return policies and rewards for loyal summers i would much rather find out that a new moisturizer is gonna make me break out after i try a free sample for a few days rather than after i’ve

Bought the whole bottle sephora and ulta will generally give you a full refund within 60 days as long as you have your receipt while amazon typically only gives you 30 days going to stores in person means you can test items out before you buy them unlike with amazon which saves you the time and frustration of having to wait two days for your package to arrive only

To discover that the colors on your computer monitor don’t match the real-life makeup colors i’m always a lot happier buying an eyeshadow palette if i can do swatches on my skin before i buy it while amazon can be a reputable source if you’re careful about who you buy from you may also want to consider buying directly from specialty makeup and skincare stores that

You can trust that will allow you to easily return the products that don’t work for you now that i’ve shared my list of things that you should never buy on amazon let’s talk about a great place to learn some new things skillshare skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design business technology and more premium membership gives you

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Out and start learning today thank you so much for tuning in to this latest episode of the lifestyle fix be sure to hit that subscribe button and tune in here every single friday for new episodes see you next week bye

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