6 Wedding Budget Hacks I Used to Save Thousands | The 3-Minute Guide

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Minute guide brought to you by skillshare. in mid-september my partner and i didn’t focus on a frugal wedding, but we did find both big and small dollars in the process. here are six of the hacks that we used. number one, invitations and sent everything via email. we used paperless post so our of the cost that we would have spent sending traditional wedding invitations.

Via email and my 92 year old grandmother was the first person to rsvp to our you can do a mix of both print and digital invites if you have a couple people who need to kick it old-school. many of the digital card platforms do offer the option to print on paper. number two, i used referral discounts for somebody’s work yourself, so i already knew that i wanted to use a dj that

Had used at hers. when i contacted each of these vendors, i asked them straight up additional party lighting and the photographer gave me a $500 discount. photographers and djs. number three, used the performer in me didn’t want to have a first dance where we just swayed that meant we needed a choreographed first dance but after researching some a thousand dollars to have

A professional help us choreograph our “ain’t no mountain high enough” to be our on youtube to see other couples first dances and those are couples who had then mashed it up with other ballroom dance moves that were pretty simple and and it was completely free. i also used youtube to help choreograph the flowers and centerpieces can be a really pricey part of your wedding

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Budget so i of the centerpieces out of our 18 tables. that move alone shaved a few hundred another idea is to nix flowers entirely as a centerpiece or pick up premade her wedding or if you have the time you can get flowers wholesale and make the bridesmaids dresses on black friday. this isn’t typical, but i paid for my could choose and they told me their style preference

In size and then i told me that was the biggest discount available for the year. my male i also fully endorsed just picking a particular color and then having your beautiful in. finally, our hotel room the we used a hotel that would comp our room if enough of our wedding guests stayed block that we had reserved. this is a fairly common practice and definitely your room

Comped and usually upgraded can save you a couple hundred bucks the it’s a great time to travel hack using sign-on bonuses with credit cards and just make sure you’re not putting yourself in credit card debt in order to certainly one of the best ways to hack a wedding budget. one place you can go to which provides an easy and affordable way to expand your talents. every

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6 Wedding Budget Hacks I Used to Save Thousands | The 3-Minute Guide By The Financial Diet

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