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Achieving your goals often means hard work and planning ahead. I have been able to (for the most part) completely one YouTube video a day while holding a full time job. I must say this is not impossible to do but it is very difficult. Through this trying exercise, let me share with you the various strategies I used to maximize the time I have to complete all the important tasks that I have.

How’s it going i’m brady this is be the wish you may have already read a book called the seven habits of highly effective people so today i’m going to share with you seven brand new habits of highly effective people the way i got these ideas is really just based on self reflection where i actually work a full-time job and actually produce one youtube video every

Single day now sometimes i might even go on a weekend trip that’s two to four days long and other times i might actually be gone for a whole week and yet i am still able to do one video a day this is just really due to effective planning and sometimes i might even do two videos in one night in preparation for the vacation days that i might be taking in the future so

Now let me share with you the seven new habits of highly effective people the first one is whenever you eat a meal try to eat 50 to 75 percent full only now this is really hard for me to do myself as well because most of time when i sit down for a meal i want to be full i don’t want to just eat a little bit because then i would feel like unsatisfied well sometimes my

Urge to get something done it’s bigger than my appetite so then i would actually force myself to not eat that much the reason for this might be completely obvious but the main goal here is to not get food coma if i eat 75% or less basically i can work at full speed really really quickly after eating a meal therefore i’m not wasting any time in contrast if i eat at

100% i might be like really lazy for the next hour hour and a half or even two hours so this is the time wasted where i just have to lounge around and go oh i’m too full and like watch tv or something and this is a lot of wasted time so forcing yourself to eat a little bit less does take a little bit of willpower but you don’t have to think of it as completely not

Eating it you’re just delaying eating the rest of this 25 percent until a little later you can very well just eat half right now do your business where you have a lot of busy things to do so you don’t get tired and then after you finish something eat the other half then you can just keep on going on without getting food coma the second thing you can do to be highly

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Effective is to actually have a five-year plan most people do not have a five-year plan of what they see themselves becoming the important thing here is to just envision yourself it can be quite grand if you want the important thing is to not wait until you’re ready all maybe if you’re overweight oh i’m going to wait until i slim down until you start something you

Really need to have the plan now and start executing it today even if it’s a tiny tiny thing that you’re doing like maybe you want to get an email address for our business or something or maybe you want to research how to start a business if you do just a few minutes a day you’re going to get there this is actually the third item no matter what do not do nothing

Because the first day we do nothing and then you go oh i miss one day let me miss another day and do nothing and before you know it it’ll be a full year of doing nothing and before you know it will be ten years of doing nothing just promise yourself that no matter what do not do nothing every single day make sure you do one minute even one minute is enough towards

Your goal and you’re eventually going to get there the importance of this is that yes even one minute is not that much but once you get into the habit you’re going to go oh yeah i started this the hardest part is starting the process of doing whatever you want to do towards your goal once you start this you’re going to go oh yeah this is not so hard and the next

Day you might go oh i can do two to five minutes and then the day after that or maybe a week after diet you get so comfortable with it that you can maybe do half an hour or 60 minutes towards your goals the fourth thing is to always remain positive but within reason you don’t want to be so optimistic that you think you cannot fail and everything will be just fine

However you also don’t want to be on the other side of the spectrum where you’re just your own naysayer where you think you cannot do anything the important thing here is of course to have realistic goals and just try to do it the most important thing is to try the fifth habit of highly affected people is that you need to have a worthy reason towards your goal

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Whatever goal you’re reaching for for example early retirement maybe you’re doing it for your family etc it’s important to know what that goal is no matter what it is you really need to have a goal to work towards because if you do not you do not have a driver to get you there the sixth item is that you need to be very wary of the time things in your life if you

Run a business you may have some clients that are extremely high maintenance and they require a lot of your time and yet they bring in very little revenue or maybe not at all so you really have to have an eye for this type of client because if one single client takes up half your time and it’s only bringing in one percent of your revenue then you must know that

This is not really good effective use of your time at some point you might actually have to review service to these type of clients because you have a lot of other science lined up that are more reasonable usage of your time if you don’t run the business there’s also a personal time equivalent of this where you need to kill off excessive usage of your time for

Example excessive watching of tv or excessive hanging out with friends these two things could be a huge time sink because if you just pop down on your couch and watch tv for the rest of the night well you’re not going to do anything else if you always hang out with friends every single night of the week well yeah you can also not do anything else other than just

Hang out with friends so when i say excessive if you want to do something better with your time if you want to of course then you really have to limit these excessive usage of time and possibly trim those down so that you can do something that you want to do the 7 thing that you can do to be highly effective of course is to optimize your time every person may have

A lot of different tasks that they need to complete the idea here is to optimize your time and pick the ones that are most worth your time you do this by estimating the time it takes for each task and also the reward associated with it of course the things with the most reward and the least amount of time you want to prioritize sometimes there will be things that

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Are not very rewarding and yet it will take time as well the impacts are also important it’s sort of like an investing in your future so you really also need to put a little bit of time in those tasks as well also remember to not get carried away with your to-do list because you might just cross them off and you go yeah i’m on a roll and then you just keep on adding

Stuff to your to-do list you’ll find out that your to-do list never ever end it’s just going to keep on going and you’re going to have more and more stuff to do on it the idea here to cut down on the to-do list is sometimes you can just decide not to do that item there may be certain reasons why you don’t want to do it or maybe it’s not worth your time you could

Possibly do one task and make a lot of different tasks irrelevant lastly don’t forget if you want to save time on doing individual tasks always look for ways to automate that task i hope you enjoyed these 7 tips on how to be more effective don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you use some of these tips and tricks already if

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