7 Beauty Products You Should Always Buy At The Drugstore

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Hi i’m tasha from one big happy life on behalf of the financial diet and this is the lifestyle fix brought to you by skill share in today’s video i’m gonna be sharing seven makeup items you should always consider buying at the drugstore first before opting for higher priced luxury products now as always i have to note that these are not universal absolutes they’re

Guidelines that you can take into consideration as you make the best decision for you given your specific circumstances skincare and makeup are hugely personal decisions and products that someone else loves may not be the best choice for you you may have dry or oily or combination skin be prone to acne have rosacea be sensitive to certain ingredients or have

Allergies and so on or you may have dark skin and have difficulty finding products that match your skin tone at the drugstore on top of all of your skin’s individual needs there are also other criteria to take into consideration like whether the product is cruelty-free vegan or vegan friendly or ethically sourced and made another thing to take into consideration is

Cost if you’re into skincare and makeup chances are that you’ve felt the pull towards expensive name-brand products maybe you’ve even found a couple of holy grail products that you swear by because of what they do for you you should keep using the products that deliver the best results for you so long as they also make sense for your personal finances less expensive

Skincare and makeup brands have come a long way in the last few years so there are many great finds for you just waiting at your local drugstore so what are the differences between drugstore and luxury skincare and makeup products sometimes it’s the quality or concentration of the active ingredients or the pigmentation which also affects how well the products do what

They claim to do or how much you need to apply to get the look you want but sometimes you end up paying a premium mostly for the beautiful packaging or the prestige of a name and company history today i’m gonna walk you through some personal lists of seven skincare and makeup items you should always consider buying at the drugstore number one facial cleanser with

The increasing popularity of more intricate skincare routines it’s easy to get distracted with trying to figure out all the different products you should be using and what ingredients they should have and what order you should be using them in but facial cleanser is as simple as it gets you need something that’ll get rid of the makeup dirt and dead skin cells on

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Your face fortunately there are many facial cleansers on the market and whether you have dry oily combination sensitive or acne prone skin the odds are good that there’s something that’ll work for you at the drugstore the cleanser you settle on should be gentle enough that it doesn’t irritate your skin with daily use and it also shouldn’t clog your pores you want

To begin your facial routine with a clean slate and a good drugstore facial cleanser is a great place to start number two toner if toner is a regular part of your skincare routine the good news is that drugstore brands have put a lot of effort into expanding their products most brands now offer alcohol-free toner zoar toners that are specifically designed to be

Gentle for people with sensitive skin you can also find budget-friendly toners that target a variety of skin care concerns from acne to dryness while there are many fantastic high-end toners toners are not one of the steps in your skincare routine that you have to drop a lot of money on if you’re looking for products to cut back on and if you switch from disposable

Cotton rounds to reusable ones you can also save even more money on this skin care step number three sunscreen sunscreen should be a part of your daily skincare routine and that goes double since summer is on the way it’s your major defense against the damaging effects of uv radiation which can increase your risk for skin cancer your moisturizers and foundations

With spf aren’t enough on their own you should be putting on sunscreen after you moisturize but before your makeup if you wear it to ensure that your face is protected luckily you can find really good reasonably priced sunscreens at any drugstore which is great because you don’t want to skimp on this essential skincare step it may take a bit of experimentation to

Find a budget brand you like but sunscreen is definitely one product you don’t need to drop a lot of money on just make sure you use enough of it and apply it thoroughly on any exposed skin and you should be good to go until it’s time to reapply number four eyeliner and eyebrow pencils eyeliner is a great way to finish off your look and can turn a simple eyeshadow

Combination from something ordinary it to something dramatic whether you prefer liquid gel cream or pencil eyeliner depends on the kind of look you’re going for and how steady your hand is but whatever your preference is there are a number of great drugstore eyeliners that you should check out if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative to what your

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Current we using similarly filling in your eyebrows doesn’t need to cost you a fortune drugstore eyebrow pencils come in a wide variety of formulas shapes sizes and colors and they can complete your look for a fraction of the cost of designer brands if you’re paying more than you want to for your eyebrow pencils i would recommend you do some research online for

The best drugstore eyebrow pencils the next time you need to buy you could end up finding a new favorite that’ll suit your bank account better number 5 you all know that i swear by drugstore mascara a good mascara is a great way to transform your makeup routine and while mascara is certainly a product that you can splurge on if you wish a lot of people find that

They love the look of their lashes just as much with drugstore brands as more expensive options one of the keys to finding a mascara you love is figuring out which mascara wand will work best for the results you want to achieve there are all sorts of lawn shapes for mascara including tapered hourglass and corkscrew and you can find just about any shapes somewhere

In the drugstore makeup aisles if you haven’t looked for a cheaper version of your favorite name-brand mascara lately you owe it to your wallet to at least check out what possibilities are at your local walgreens number 6 tinted lip balm or lip gloss when you want to add just a touch of color to your lips tinted lip balm or lip gloss is the way to go it’s easy to

Reapply and it isn’t too noticeable if it ends up fading or transfers while you’re going about your day you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a bunch of great tinted lip balm and lip gloss brands at your local drugstore there are a number of reliable brands that truly deliver on the hydration flirty colors shimmer and shine if you want a low maintenance lip color

That won’t drain your wallet tinted lip balm and lip gloss from a drugstore are excellent choices as an added bonus your money will stretch further to cover more fun summer shades with the drugstore brands and if you went for high-end brands number 7 nail polish your home manicure is cheaper than regularly going to the salon no question but if you want to lessen

The financial impact of the cost of your nail art this summer one of the best places you can save is actually on your nail polish itself you can get some great long-lasting vibrant colors from a five to nine dollar bottle of nail polish from your local drugstore instead of shelling out $30 or more for a bottle from lugs rands changing your nail colors frequently

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Is much easier on your wallet when you aren’t buying expensive brands however if you’re worried about extending the life of your manicures while being mindful of your budget many nail artists recommend that you splurge for a good topcoat rather than on the nail polish itself a good topcoat will help you’re less expensive polishes look great and lasts longer than

They would otherwise ultimately what matters most when it comes to your skincare and makeup routines is finding products that do what you need them to at a price that makes sense for your finances there are some categories where luxury brands may very well be worth that higher price tag to you but there are also a lot of categories where drugstore dupe can get

You results that are just as good as their more expensive counterparts for a fraction of the cost if you use the expensive versions of any of the skincare or maked categories i talked about in this video maybe consider swinging by your local drugstore the next time you need a replacement to see if you can find a similar product that won’t put as much strain on

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7 Beauty Products You Should Always Buy At The Drugstore By The Financial Diet

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