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We all want to live more organized and productive lives. Here are some of the best free productivity apps for the new year. These apps will help you turn your phone into a tool to get more done. Looking for more productivity tips? Check out this video:

Hi i’m tasha from one big happy life on behalf of the financial diet and this is the lifestyle fix brought to you by wealth simple the lifestyle fix is all about helping you live well on any budget today i’m gonna be sharing 7 free apps that will help you be a more productive and organized adults when you’re feeling completely in control of your life it’s that much

Easier to take control of your money and follow through on all of those good daily habits that ultimately help you reach your financial goals if you’re new around here you may not know that in addition to being the host of the lifestyle fix i also work as a banking and finance attorney run my own youtube channel one big happy life and i have two kids the only way

That i’m able to accomplish all of this is by using apps and tools that help me stay organized if you’re interested and what a typical day in my life looks like you can check out the video that i’ve linked to down in the description box or by clicking the card up above now always remember that everyone is different there’s no one system that works perfectly for

Everyone so as you go through this list look at it as a jumping off point to help you get started thinking about the kinds of apps and tools that you may want to include in your daily life to help you be more organized and productive number one calm we all have a happiness set point that’s the baseline level of happiness that controls how we feel about life and

How we look at the world meditation has been proven to increase your baseline happiness over time so it’s a great habit to include in your daily life there are plenty of free meditation apps out there for you to choose from but combe is my personal favorite it has different types of guided meditation depending on what your goal is and you can even choose different

Lengths depending on how much time you have to work with they have meditations for reducing stress increasing gratitude and bedtime meditation to help you wind down to sleep at night just to name a few the app is free to use but if you want to unlock all of the features and all of the various guided meditation you can either pay a monthly fee or pay a one-time fee

For lifetime access number two google calendar getting into the habit of using a calendar makes life so much easier we’re all running on some kind of schedule whether it’s a college schedule work schedule or even a baby sleep schedule if you’re a new parent plus they’re all of those one-time events that we need to keep track of like doctor’s appointments birthdays

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Dinner days it might be tempting to try to keep everything in your mind but over the long term especially as your life starts to get more complicated it can create a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety trying to force your brain to juggle all of the things that you need to remember google calendar is a great free app that’s easy to use and has a lot of useful

Features because it’s cloud-based you can access it on your phone or computer wherever you are it also integrates really well with other apps like outlook and icalendar if you use an app i have several different calendars that i use for different purposes one is my super detailed block schedule where i set aside time for everything that i want to accomplish each

Day i also have one just for events and birthdays which is great for being able to have a high-level view of all the big things i have coming up over the next few weeks or months google calendar also makes it really easy to share calendars and meetings with other people which is exactly how my family and i stay on top of each other schedule number three trello

Trello is a project management app that makes it really easy to organize projects track tasks and collaborate with a team all you have to do is create a board then you can start creating lists and cards within the board that represents tasks that you need to accomplish they can be customized to add as much or as little information as you need now when you think

Of project management apps it probably makes your mind go straight to business / work instead of your day-to-day life although i do use trello for business to collaborate with my family on one big happy life it’s also an amazing tool to organize your personal life i’ve used it to plan vacations diy projects around the house and most recently have been testing it

Out as a digital recipe box to help with weekly meal planning here’s the trello board for our family vacation to singapore last year if you had any kind of project coming up in your life whether it’s planning a party or creating a digital vision board for your future trello is a great way to capture all of those moving pieces in one place outside of your number

Four one note one note is a digital notebook that makes it easy to gather information and share it with collaborators just like a paper notebook it can be anything that you want it to be you can hand write notes record speech short clips from websites track to dues and way more it comes with a robust search function that can even search handwritten notes and video

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And audio clips unlike a paper notebook you don’t have to worry about losing it because it backs up to the cloud and can sync between your phone and computer my favorite thing about onenote that i think really separates it from the competition is that it’s freeform so you can draw all outside the lines just like a paper notebook so it’s great for mind mapping and

Brainstorming it’s also a great option for organizing your life digitally for example you can create a notebook for your car maintenance log that holds digital receipts from all of your oil changes or you can have a notebook that stores the instruction manuals receipts and warranty information for any big-ticket items that you own like your laptop or tv onenote

Is so flexible that you can use it for just about anything even bullet journaling number five lastpass keeping your online accounts secure is serious business we have more website logons than ever and our passwords are getting longer and more complicated we’re having to change them so often that it’s really easy to lose track of which passwords go where next thing

You know you’re locked out of your account and have to go through an annoying account recovery process to get it back it’s almost enough to tempt you to just write all of your passwords down on a piece of paper which is super unsecure luckily there are free apps that can help with that lastpass is a password management app that generates secure passwords and

Stores your passwords for you it logs into the apps and websites with just the click of a button and works everywhere your laptop your phone or in a web browser it also has a handy feature that makes it easy to securely share your passwords and notes with other people so instead of having to remember 150 different passwords you only need to remember one number

6 tied procrastination is a major productivity killer when we don’t want to work on something it’s really easy for other things to distract us from what we’re supposed to be doing as much as we might like to feel like we can multi tasks the fact is it takes so much longer to get things done if you’re constantly stopping to check social media read your email or

Just getting lost down that web-surfing rabbit hole tide is a great app that can help beat procrastination and increase focus it has a focused timer which helps you concentrate and smaller productive 25-minute sessions and then it lets you rest for five minutes it’s based on the pomodoro productivity system where you pick a task and focus on just that one thing

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Until the timer rings then you get to take a break the idea is that by breaking your work segments down to twenty-five minutes that gives you enough time to get in the zone and make some real headway on a task without being so long that your inner procrastinator is gonna be like i’m not even having that right now tie pairs it’s timer with various soundscapes like

Rain or ocean the free version has other great features like daily quotes and a recurring sleep timer number seven to do it to do list is basically exactly what it sounds like a digital to-do list where you can track all of the tasks that you need to get done it’s cloud-based so you can use it as an app on your phone or through your web browser in addition to

Being able to track all of your own tasks you can collaborate with other people and assign them specific lists or tasks my family has a shared grocery list if any of us uses the last of something or notices that we’re running low we add it to the grocery list then whoever’s going grocery shopping that week checks the list and makes sure to grab what we need from

The grocery store these seven apps will help you organize your life and make adulting a little bit easier so let’s talk about another easy way to start making progress on your life goals well simple is an online investing service that makes it easy to start saving and investing like a pro just answer a few simple questions and they’ll build you a custom portfolio

That’s designed to fit your financial needs whether it’s using a smart savings account for your next vacation or building your long-term nest egg in an ira best of all it runs on autopilot just set up automatic transfers and let it go to work in the background if you have any questions along the way you can always reach out to one of their money experts for a free

Portfolio review plus tft viewers get a cash bonus for getting started check them out at wealth simple comm slash promote slash lifestyle fix or use the link in the description box below thank you so much for watching be sure to thumbs up subscribe and hit that notification bell and tune in here every single friday for another new episode of the lifestyle fix see you next week you

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