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A new home is a blank slate ready to for your own personal decoration details.  Sometimes you may not know where to start and the blank walls become overwhelming. In this video, Tasha reveals her tips for decorating on a budget to let you take charge of your spaces to make them your own.

Hi i’m tasha from one big happy life on behalf of the financial diet and this is the lifestyle fix brought to you by wealth simple the love suffix is all about helping you create the life that you want on any budget today i’m gonna be sharing seven tips to help you decorate an apartment on a budget my first apartment was a tiny one-bedroom apartment above a bar it

Came pre furnished which was great because eighteen year old me had no idea where to start when it came to buying furniture or decorating my space five apartments six houses and many years later i feel like i’m finally starting to get the hang of this whole home decor thing and while every rental is different this first home decorating rule holds true for all of them

Rule number one check with your landlord or rental company before you change anything in your apartment while there are lots of things that you can do to make your rental homey that don’t require you to make any permanent changes if you do decide that you want to make changes to your apartment you’ll want to take a hard look at your lease and speak to your landlord

Before you do i’ve had a lease that limited the number and size of holes you could put in the wall for hanging art another of my lease is stipulated that not only could you not remove the mini blinds but they actually had to stay closed during the day not sticking to the terms of your lease can cost you your security deposit talking to your landlord beforehand and

Getting their permission can save you all of that headache plus you never know your landlord might be willing to pay for the improvements if you do the work or give you a break on your rent keep in mind that if your landlord does give you permission to do something like paint or switch out the light fixtures you might have to put the apartment back how you found

It when you move out rule number 2 live in the space for a while before you start buying things when you move into a new space it can be really tempting to go straight to the store and buy all the things then come home and decorate your space to hdt for your perfection all in one weekend resist this urge number one doing it this way is pretty bad for your budget

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Because chances are you aren’t making sure that you’re getting the best deal on your purchases second going off shopping all willy-nilly will likely result in you bringing home some impulse purchases that you don’t truly love third buying items before you really have a vision space and a good grasp of how you actually use it can lead to a home that’s filled with

Stuff but doesn’t actually fit your needs so as much as you can try to hold off on buying things for your new place until you have a plan in place you’d be surprised just how long an air mattress some paper self-adhesive blinds and a three drawer plastic dresser will tide you over and yes i’m speaking from personal experience rule number three create a decorating

Plan when i was in ninth grade i took an architectural drafting class and i was actually pretty good at it in fact i made $500 that semester by helping other students with their final projects aside from that little side hustle i thought it was a pretty useless class until i decided to build my first house when i was 22 that’s when i realized that every room has a

Floor plan and that you can create a drawing that takes into account the features of the room how you want to use that room and sketch out how furniture will fit in the room before you break out your wallet to buy anything creating a decorating plan can be as simple as sketching out a room on a piece of grid paper and then adding in the furniture you already own

Plus any that you’re thinking about buying and to kick it up a notch you can also sketch out what the room might look like from different vantage points so here’s a drawing of what i expected the windowed wall to look like when i decorated my daughter’s old room and here’s a picture of what it looked like before and then what’d it look like after we decorated it

I followed the exact same process for our home office which is where i shoot these videos starting with a decorating plan means that when you do start buying things you’re buying them with a specific purpose in mind that fits with your overall vision for your space then you can take your time and only buy pieces that you know will work which will save you a lot of

Money and make the whole decorating process a lot easier rule number four learn some basic diy skills i’m an avid diy er i built that cabinet that you can see right there in the background but when i was first starting out i knew absolutely nothing about diy my mom’s a seamstress she makes wedding dresses and i didn’t even know how to sew i picked up my diy skills

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Including sewing slowly over time and so can you there are lots of great easy wall art projects that you can do even if you’re brand-new to diy or don’t have the space for heavy tools brushing up on your diy skills can save you money while also helping you to create an apartment with finishes that are 100% tailored to your needs and tastes rule number five keep an

Eye out for great deals on used furniture one of the best ways to save money when you’re decorating your space is to buy used furniture instead of new furniture used furniture tends to cost only a fraction of what the item would cost if it were new sometimes you can even get it for free when i was in law school come graduation season people often just left good

Furniture out on the curb with a free sign on it in fact i actually scored a curbside sofa that found a home in my apartment in new haven for two years before i graduated and passed it on to someone else in my entire dining room set including a dining room table eight chairs buffet and sideboard only cost me two hundred and fifty dollars of course buying used is

Pretty random so it may mean that you’ll need to regularly scour the internet or local thrift stores until you find the right piece but the cost savings is totally worth it rule number six buy a nice mattress i know these tips are all about decorating on a budget but budgeting isn’t just about figuring out where to cut back so that you can save more it’s also

About deciding which categories are worth spending more on and your mattress is one of those places where you don’t want to skimp assuming that you get the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night you spend a full third of your life on your mattress the quality of your sleep is directly linked to your overall health and wellness so while it might be tempting to jump

On that hundred dollar mattress and box spring deal and just call it a day resist the urge and instead save up for a higher-quality mattress that will give you a good night’s sleep and last for years to come rule number seven buy a cheap sofa i know this might sound strange coming off of my tip to splurge on your mattress but hear me out i’m gonna start by first

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Telling you about my first sofa it was actually part of a two-piece set and when i saw it i thought it was just the cutest thing ever the couch was a deep navy blue with a matching arm-chair that had light silvery blue swirls all over it i paid $1,400 for that set which was a huge splurge for me at the time once it was in my living room i realized that i had zero

Idea of how to decorate around it for one because i didn’t have a plan in place and after a few months that swirly blue armchair was just not that cute to me anymore my style had changed but i was stuck with it i replaced it a few years later with an inexpensive neutral sofa set that stayed with me for multiple moves through multiple spaces and worked equally well

In all of them eventually that set wore out and i upgraded to my first expensive sofa a custom made sectional that’s five years old but still looks and feels as good as it did the day that we bought it sofas are one of those big-ticket items that you basically have to have and are typically pretty expensive to replace chances are you’re gonna be moving with them

A lot they’re gonna get banged up and they might even have to be left behind so in the beginning feel free to seek out a comfortable but inexpensive sofa instead of feeling pressured to buy an expensive one and speaking of easy ways to save money well simple is an online investing service that makes it easy to start saving and investing like a pro just answer a

Few simple questions and they’ll build you a custom portfolio that’s designed to fit your financial needs whether it’s using a smart savings account for your home decor or building a long-term nest egg in an ira best of all it runs on autopilot just set up automatic transfers and let it go to work in the background if you have any questions along the way you can

Always reach out to one of their many experts for a free portfolio review plus tfd viewers get a special cast bonus for getting started check them out at wealth simple calm slash promo slash lifestyle fix or use the link in the description box down below thank you so much for watching be sure to thumbs up subscribe and hit that notification bell to tune in here

Every single friday for another new episode of the lifestyle fix see you next week

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7 Rules For Decorating Your Home On A Budget | The Lifestyle Fix By The Financial Diet

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