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Chelsea shares her tips on how to upgrade your home on a budget. Not sure where to splurge and where to skimp when it comes to home items? Check out this video:

Hey guys it’s chelsea from the financial diet and today i’m here to talk about how to make your home more beautiful and more wonderful to live in for very little money i’m someone who loves home decor and therefore loves reading home decor blogs and magazines and instagrams and pinterest and twitter accounts and a lot of home decor things and it’s fun and beautiful

To look at but can often leave me feeling worse than when i started because i quickly realized that 90% of the stuff i’m looking at i just can’t afford and like i mentioned in a recent travel video which i’ll link in the description a lot of times we’re looking at these bloggers who are presenting something is their real life but really it’s an advertisement and

Even if it’s not in many cases it’s their full-time job to curate these spaces into perfection if you’re working on a normal or low budget and it’s not your full-time job you’re guaranteed to come up short but i believe that a home you love to be in is a home where you’re more productive and happy and fulfilled so i believe in finding little ways to upgrade a space

With very little money these are all things you can do in a place that you own or rent and they take very very little skill to implement and to demonstrate some of these ideas you’ll see some pictures of my current and former apartments where i’ve put them to work number one is paint and contact paper a lot of us probably find ourselves in apartments or homes where

We don’t really have a lot of ability to change things for example you might move into an apartment you love but the kitchen hasn’t been updated since about 1973 and being in there makes you want to die in a kitchen you love is when you want to be cooking in more and therefore saving money in so learn to get crafty with contact paper i have an apartment that i love

To be in but the cabinets were just heinous to look at what was the solution is 22 dollars worth of contact paper that perfectly matched the cabinets on the bottom which side no why in the first place for the bottom and top cabinets completely different colors and materials who knows and to replace the heinous seafoam green backsplash that had like tiles that were

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Made to look i think like amethyst who knows i used more contact paper to just give it a very sort of like weathered neutral white look that was also waterproof these are extremely minor changes but they change the entire look and feel of the space and when you’re done you peel it off paint is a similar thing if you’re allowed to paint it all and sometimes they say

You’re not but really just paint back over it give it one accent wall and the whole room feels done for example my bedroom was kind of white on white on white which made it feel a little bit like a mental asylum so i found a great benjamin moore color that’s like a rich sort of peek hockey color and it is kind of expensive but about 25 dollars for a port and with

That i have a beautiful backsplash behind my bed number q is a brightly colored door little-known fact you can usually paint an entryway door and then repaint it when you leave lauren did for example and look at how cute the entryway is it’s an extremely easy cheap and effective way to make your space feel interesting intentional and fun i once read that painting

Your door a bright color was the equivalent of putting on a little red lipstick it brings the whole look together number three is little plants in creative containers basically figure out how good you are at keeping or not keeping plants alive and then buy plants according to that level of green summary for example i kill plants by looking at them so i’ve narrowed

My you can buy this plant down to a very small list of plants that can essentially thrive in the desert but nonetheless i have them and i love them i love putting plants and everything from little old boxes of key to colorfully painted pots to anything i have lying around the house not only is keeping plants alive a good habit to get into it’s also a great way to

Make any space even really dark and small ones feel more bright and airy and happy number four is discount candle here’s my life secret about once every four months or so i go down to the marshals at the t.j.maxx and i raid their discount candle section they have tons of amazing candles they’re from like $0.99 to $9.99 for like humongous ones that last for months

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And they immediately transform your home your home smells better it feels cozier and it’s also really sweet to have on while you’re like watching a movie or cuddled under a blanket plus it’s just also pleasant to look at their cutest objects one of the keys to feeling really comfortable in your home particularly when you’re entertaining which you should be doing

More of instead of going out is having decent lighting that means getting a few light bulbs that aren’t crazy harsh and having some candles to light you can make your home feel like a sexy bistro even if it’s entirely full of ikea number five is gallery walls i love gallery walls as we speak i have like 3 of them in my current apartment and they’re great for three

Reasons from a budget perspective one it allows you to fill up space and make your home look warm and beautiful while not having perfectly matching thing – it allows you the perfect opportunity to raid the discount home goods section and also all of the old things you might have around from your childhood or college such as old prints or posters or things you

Might want to frame and three it’s totally moveable if you change apartments or just change styles a gallery wall is awesome for making use of the things you have around and instantly making your home feel like someone really put thought into it which you did nothing says i’m a fancy 25 year old like a gallery wall number six is framed magazine cutouts so i’m a

Subscriber to bone appetit magazine which i love to browse through aimlessly cook recipes from and then also repurpose into extremely affordable decor on every gallery while i have at least one or two of the frames or maybe even perhaps the cork boards have some beautiful selections from bone appetit beautiful magazine cutouts are something that you can change on a

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Moment’s notice and cost like literally pennies and trust me when you frame it it looks like a print number seven is thrift shop boxes around my home i always have a little scattering of different storage boxes that i bought from thrift stores now this could be beautiful hat boxes or repurposed old crates or even old trunk in fact our audio supplies for recording

Are stored in this year hat box the point is that we all need storage for random odds and ends and the best place to find beautiful interesting and super affordable storage is thrift stores instead of getting yet another one of those like weird fad fabric ikea boxes go to the thrift store and for basically the same price you can get an old repurpose wooden crate

That is actually vintage instead of like so vintage which is most of the things that we buy and if the trunk you find is nice and big enough you can even use it for a coffee table number eight is dark walls and fairy lights the combination of a dark rich wall and some twinkly fairy lights are like the cheat code to coziness i sort of do it as a rule in my bedrooms

Now just because it immediately makes the space feel romantic and inviting and beautiful it’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make any corner of your home feel like a cozy little nook in our current bedroom for example i have the dark wall and i have the fairy lights and i also put up a little shelf with some pretty decor and candles i’m someone

Who’s made home decor a bit of a hobby on a serious budget and i know that anyone can do the same you might need to be a little bit more create and a little bit more patient but the right stuff is out there at the right price you can make your home feel preferable to any restaurant bar or movie theater you just need to put in a little work so as always thank you

For watching and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and to go to the financial diet comm for more bye

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