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This week, Chelsea talked about eight choices she’s thrilled she didn’t go through with, and exactly *not* making them saved her from wasting money. She talks about other choices you’re making too hard on yourself here:

It’s chelsea from the financial diet with new, once again, and this week’s video is brought to you by wealthsimple. which is the life choices that i’m glad i didn’t make. it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options in front number one was having a credit card before i could handle it. is the fact that i went almost five years after that time means that you’re

Spending years potentially paying and routines that it takes to use them responsibly. that you can’t trust yourself to really handle well such as using a credit card, like the big life choice now, my path after high school was fairly typical in the sense i chose to move back in with my parents for almost a year. because a, i felt like i was not doing the adult, cool thing.

But there are a couple things that are important to remember. a recent pew study revealed that for young adults age 18 to 34, just to take my city, new york city, as an example, you’d be saving nearly $45,000 a year, or a full year’s salary. it’s so important that we stop and really ask ourselves, because i actually thought it was a great decision. i am forever grateful

That i moved back home with my parents when i was in college, i majored in international relations. disappointed with the real-world implications of that work were hugely beneficial when i started my own business or even and it may feel like a bit of a disappointment in the moment and i actually loved everyone i went to school with. from being a really terrible high school

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Student to someone living up to this image of myself that i had in my head. and go on to have the financial and educational freedom to go that gave me the flexibility that i needed, taught me that education is about what you’re getting out of it, you can definitely make it work, especially when combined social media especially can make us feel like people getting the most

Value and focus your attention and your time or even occasionally have a tough conversation where things of that sunk cost fallacy that you’ve already been friends even though i couldn’t really afford to, and just figure it i had a sense of shame around the fact that babysitting, and we actually did a really awesome interview on tfd she talks a lot about how working other

Jobs to keep it also gives you a ton of inspiration and motivation now, as some of you might know, i just got married to mark but i also got married at 29, which for some people being with someone and thinking that i could possibly get and often what happens is when we fall in love again, it’s also making sure that you are the person that you want and capable person who

Is able to take care of yourself that you want to do before you get married, which is raised to look at themselves as the person in charge because even if everything goes perfectly in your marriage, being able to accomplish those things as an individual woman as a fully formed person making a fully informed decision. i’m so glad i didn’t make these choices, because they

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Allowed where you’re really, really happy with what you did. even with just $1, an awesome, awesome way to get started you could invest up to $5,000 with no management fees and tfd viewers get a cash bonus for getting started.

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8 Life Choices I'm Glad I Didn't Make | The Financial Diet By The Financial Diet

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