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Your bedroom is supposed to be a safe haven for calm and sleep. In this video, Tasha introduces 8 things you should get rid of in your bedroom right now and restore your bedroom to all its glory. Want to clean out your closet too? Check out this video:

The lifestyle fix brought to you by fresh books the lifestyle fix is all be talking about things you need to purge from your bedroom right now our recharge at the end of the day according to the national institute of health getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental full third of our life in our bedroom sleeping it makes sense to optimize

That where we start the day waking up every morning to an organized clutter free about some things you might want to get rid of as you work to transform your before but it’s worth repeating sleep is important chronic sleep deprivation can it can also have long-term consequences on your physical health and is linked to the quality and comfort of your mattress get a good

Night’s sleep not to mention that a crappy mattress can lead to the piece of furniture that you’re most likely to be tempted to skimp on but that works best for your body test out a lot of mattresses before selecting one mattress remember that it requires care to maintain and that all mattresses have continue to use it past its useful life number two crappy sheets just

Like no uncomfortable rough sheets also in the crappy sheet category are stain sheets tend to mend that well unless you add extra material as a patch which also nothing like slipping into a bed with clean soft sheets at night good sheets thread count generally a low thread count makes for rough and uncomfortable the sheets are actually better thread count refers to the

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Number of threads in manufacturers use to inflate the thread count and the price but not necessarily pay attention to the type of cotton that was used and the weave good sheets will bad pillow can contribute to poor sleep and make it harder for you to fall rearranging them to get comfortable it’s probably time for you to get a new it in half if it bounces back to straight

Right away then it’s in good rehabilitate it feather and down pillows amount of moisture your pillow is exposed to can help prevent lumps from pillowcase to hold out water if your pillow is already lumpy here’s how you you can also try opening up your pillow along the seam and manually pulling the works it’s time for a new pillow you also want to make sure that you have

The side or stomach requires different support and the wrong pillow can cause pillow to keep their neck in line with their back a stomach sleeper doesn’t needs a medium pillow with medium thickness so if your pillow is number four clutter crowding your surface is when clutter starts to and turn your bedroom from a relaxed area into a stress zone seeing all of bed and who

Wants that the mental stress from clutter can stifle your creative will contribute to a nice and relaxing slumber when it comes to dealing with exactly what’s causing the clutter is it dirty laundry piled up on a chair clean that somehow made it to your dresser as you work to declutter your space try to likelihood that it will happen again for example if you keep piling

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Up dirty and put a new laundry basket with a lid in its place instead number five books really hard for you to look at them and see clutter but if you aren’t actively of unfinished been meaning to we’ll get there someday stuff keeping it around that pile get smaller any faster trust me instead of letting those books relocate the other books to a designated to read shelf

Elsewhere in your home getting your mind primed for sleep some sleep experts believe that while it’s for two things and two things only sleep and sex so for the best and most bedroom and doing your pre bed reading in a comfy chair somewhere else instead our work to bed with us working on a big project or sending a last-minute email if you aren’t pulling out your work while

You’re laying in bed just having doing which can get your mind thinking about work stuff when it should be small apartment and can’t escape your workspace completely try to hide your out of sight keeping your work desk out of the bedroom makes it easier for you everywhere but the one place that they really shouldn’t be is your bedroom relationship with almost everyone has

At least one electronic item in their electronics within one hour before bed and about two-thirds of adults take because blue light the same kind of light our screens produce has been shown makes us feel drowsy letting us know that it’s time to sleep less melatonin yet even though we are the same light from screens can also degrade the effect using the screens hurts us by


Adding extra stimulation and not the our phones first thing in the morning and be bombarded with outside messages consider doing a digital detox and banning screens from your bedroom echo or google home as your alarm clock and music player in the morning number 8 your furry pal out of your bedroom entirely but you might want to consider up in arms but hear me out our pets

Can be a great source of comfort they can of us can’t imagine sleeping without them but a recent sleep study found that by their pets 63% report poor sleep and 5% had trouble falling back asleep the disrupt our sleep either by pulling us out of deeper and super essential phases amount of sleep that you’re getting or the quality of your sleep it may be that their own or in

A different room now that you know how to turn your bedroom let’s talk about an essential business tool for a healthy business freshbooks order things like invoicing tracking time and expenses project coordination turn caused unnecessary stress freshbooks accounting software has been those time-consuming accounting tasks so that you can use your business savvy or your

Relationship with your business with fresh books right now fresh books required go to fresh books comm slash tft and enter the financial diet in that subscribe and hit that notification valve and tune in here every single flicks see you next time

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8 Things to Purge from your Bedroom Today | The Lifestyle Fix By The Financial Diet

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