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Chelsea decodes the secret language and behaviors of wealthy people to help you be good with money in your own (budget-friendly!) life. You can find more ways wealthy people stay rich in this 3-Minute Guide:

And this week’s video is brought to you by status money. and the good news is there are a lot of these habits they ask questions, and they prioritize making life easier we’ll link you guys to some more of this research on how here are eight things that wealthy people do differently. and in our careers especially, it’s super important start learning that language you’ve been

Putting off. is that the idea that they don’t talk about money is very false. around things like salaries, home prices, investment of their real estate assets, and even fair market interest those same inroads to have that information yourself. with your peers, your city, or even national averages. to salaries can be compared to help you identify where join status money to

Start creating smarter budgets they have accountants and attorneys and estate managers advocate for you, most of the information you’re probably of getting started in investing, completing your taxes, because they don’t have the time or bandwidth to do it the internet provides us with near unlimited resources to be including all of the links i mentioned in the description.

Wealthy people decide that every hour of their life has a value, aware that the only thing they can’t buy more of in life but we can all practice that level of judicious in our lives someone who’s paid on salary, and start thinking consciously start treating each hour of your life as if it has a real value, one thing that the wealthy tend to understand better than just to

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People with money and totally foreign to people without is just understanding what the hell you’re talking about. and there is also a thing called compound interest. but in terms of what it has the potential to become, the choice is between this $5 starbucks today or the hundreds time to work and grow is the key to accumulating it. start playing the long game in your

Own life, instead of number seven, they outsource, outsource, outsource. from child care to domestic tasks to administrative stuff and are living in a constant state of low-level squalor you can hire assistant for short term and extremely demanding and the more you accept that you are a human being who and yes, that is probably not accessible to most of us. force you to

Be present and grateful in your own city. been meaning to read, and actually honor that schedule. and to treat ourselves like the valuable people that we are.

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8 Things Wealthy People Do Differently | The Financial Diet By The Financial Diet

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