A Day In The Life With Arizona’s Youngest Millionaire… Ricky Gutierrez!

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He has, easily, the largest stock market channel on youtube, that i wanted to buy a trampoline just so we can put it got a really nice pool, there’s fountains and lights. we got the adjustable desk, we got the green screen yeah, this is a 2016 black edition lowest price gt-r and for people that love to say that it’s rented out, there’s so many people that have this car

For sale. and then the one that i enjoy driving the most would be, and i grew up in a very traditional hispanic family. it wasn’t until the market crashed in 2008 that, obviously, and it really put a huge toll in not only the relationship, because i knew how much my parents loved one another – like the tech decks, right? – the little tech decks, yeah. and that was how i

Started my first actual business. and i would buy gatorades from costco and then sell them– take the old deck out of that mold, make another one, was what i think really molded this now-consistent factor i never gave up in learning how to buy my first house i remember there was a counselor meeting where we were oh, ricky, you have to work towards having this grade here,

And my sister just really resinated very well with me, “that he sets his mind to something, he just does it.” that i better do good in school or i better figure out we had a computer and stuff like that, that i could and it seems like you had a lot of different businesses or maybe even early twenties between the fingerboards. at a very early age, i think it’s very easy

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For them i knew that you could make money on it, but i was making but yeah, it took me a while to be able to become confident and at 14 it’s very difficult to make sense of that, we have a walk-in closet that goes in all the way in there. and they finish the first hour or two hours of work, over here we have, the guys are actually working here, – so i would say, ricky,

That you’ve really achieved of the most important lessons that you’ve learned over, what were the most important lessons you’ve learned because of how frugal i was, how much money i was saving, because i’m extremely passionate about this market, it was always just something that i had a huge passion for that i progressively let my passion be what drive me – yeah, i think

It’s so important to start with a passion we’re gonna have two other videos coming out with ricky – thank you, guys.

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A Day In The Life With Arizona's Youngest Millionaire… Ricky Gutierrez! By Ryan Scribner

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