A Mistake To Avoid!

We need to talk about Cathie Wood and The Ark Invest Disruptive Innovation Fund to see if there is anything we can learn from the rise and fall of ARKK? What mistakes do investors make when selecting funds to invest in.

Things have not been going well for arkk investors. 2021 wasn’t so good either where the disruptive tech stocks in general did quite well that the arkk funds’ performance even more surprising – and disruptive… the fund manager, as cathie has a few advantages over them. returns, and apart from its extreme volatility, most investors unfortunately didn’t invest on

Day one along with cathie. if he is still invested, it might be one of most investors we find, invested in late 2020 well, for one thing they hadn’t heard of the eft on day one. it was all over the news at the time, and all over youtube too. this is because the disruptive innovation the management fee is seventy-five basis points, at the peak in 2021 fees would have

Been over much more money had come in, so not a bad alongside the disruptive innovation etf ark to themes from cryptocurrencies to space exploration, fees, so overall assets for the company peaked so in terms of fees, 2021 – the year in it would appear that less than 40 people work and have very little prior financial experience, one of which i take from one of my favorite

In the introduction to the book, he tells a research director for a big wall street brokerage firm. one of the statistics that cta’s were required was the percentage of client accounts that closed with a profit. accounts showed a net loss for virtually all well, the answer is that investors – on entries and exits that most of them end up they do this by buying after

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Periods of good now, this instinctive approach to investing we can look at the fund flows for the ark and you can see the green lines are money i chose this fund, not to pick out someone it provides a really vivid example of the you can see that not much happened in terms then all of the money came in right after the fund performance peaked. if we look at the same chart

For an s&p tracking buy after periods of good performance and sell after periods of bad stock market performance. than arkk and it won’t have attracted nearly based on these fund flows, you can see that, long term percentage returns to the overall market since its inception. this etf is up in percentage terms since inception a gain of 150% on two billion dollars,

Followed there is a long history of funds like this, which was a dot com mutual fund from the late 1990’s. to more than $11 billion by spring 2000 right as the dot com bubble burst. between investment losses and investors withdrawing this wasn’t the end though; the fund went on to lose an additional 45% in 2002. there was the munder digital economy fund, research shows

That in general fund investors a paper by dalbar, inc. showed that over a over 6% a year, but the average equity fund they found that the average investor buys invested in any given fund for a long enough digging deeper into jack schwager’s book, mutual fund will usually return a list of market sector that is outperforming the broad market. recent worst performing sector,

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Or the overall average. he also looks at 140 years of us stock market baron rothschild, an 18th-century british rothschild followed his own advice and made ok, so are there any other lessons we can well, one vulnerability in ark’s model is the problem with this is that as investors buy shares in these small companies which then pushes the stock prices up. the problem

Then is that if the etf underperforms, the exact opposite happens and the selling one example of this issue is proto labs, a 3d printing company. to push its market value from less than $3bn but when ark invest began cutting the stocks the dangers of illiquid investments are highlighted as “the man who can’t stop making money” and “britain’s warren buffett”.

Unable to cope with a surge of investor redemptions. the uk markets regulator, the fca, said at the fund’s assets were in extremely illiquid ark rose to prominence during the covid pandemic, stocks and cryptocurrencies, with many online by getting involved in social media and freely cult following amongst a younger audience of investors. cathie made bold predictions about

The valuation she predicted that her etf would generate of 50%, something that has only been achieved records began, and that was a 3 times levered fund. i don’t know what to tell you about that… she is an optimist, i guess… investors haven’t yet really started selling the ark disruptive innovation etf. to trackinsight, but the etf’s fall from short sellers and

The short interest in the etf is over a billion dollars. been conditioned to always “buy the dip” – after all, stonks only go up. my video on investing in an inflationary environment see you next week, bye.

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