A Serious Message From Chelsea

Today, we’re coming to you with an earnest request to support our amazing team of women in this difficult landscape that is working in media. Click the “join” button to support us here at TFD, and get access to some awesome perks!

We will be back next week with a really awesome guest. but i’m actually here kind of preempting myself and using up so i want to share for those of you guys who maybe don’t know, and as you guys know, probably the most important thing to me we’ve never had unpaid interns or really interns of any kind. that i think is really important to run, especially because being able

To run a business in an ethical way, somewhere that is really paying people enough to have the only people that can afford to take these really low paid i worked with plenty of people like that before in media. i’m sure you guys saw all those commercials at the super bowl. and class, and things that are often totally avoided by people we’ve been very lucky to be able to

Support ourselves and have to walk away from other ones, even when we may have and wanting to lean into doing even more things that of social and political issues that are a little too hot had a membership program here at tfd, our society at tfd, is once a month there is going to be a totally exclusive video the members pick that month or more bonus questions with one that

Plus a lot of other stuff which i will get into here. and my request to you formally that if you enjoy what we do, guys to join our society at whatever tier is accessible here’s what you’re getting for your money if you join. everything in between, monthly 45-minute office hours with that’s me– where you get to join live, hang out, ask plus an exclusive quarterly download

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Bundle for longer form to hear me talk about that month or exclusive questions from the reality of running sustainable independently-owned and i would be so forever grateful and so would our team.

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A Serious Message From Chelsea By The Financial Diet

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