Abcann Global Corp (ABCN)(ABCCF) New IPO

Abcann Global Corp (ABCN) New IPO on TSXV Exchange

What’s up party people we got some big news for you today it’s true if you’re not winning you’re simply not watching look at the newest ipo for medical marijuana stocks in canada a licensed producer who we’ve talked about in length let’s give it up to the newest ipo in canada ab can medicals is pleased to announce we will be publicly trading on the tsx venture

On may 4th under the symbol abc and go to wwf can ca and find out about this exciting company chemical and pesticide free always has been always will be we grow organically abc n went public today let’s take a look at how they did shall we look at this they are currently on a dollar 8 they opened up as high as a dollar 50 their initial ipo was at 86 but look at

This today guys two thousand six hundred and ninety seven trades for ab can they’ve been on fire out of the gates like i said guys there went as high as a dollar 50 currently at a dollar nine they’ve been as low as $1 six a bcn on the tsx venture this is rich tv live reporting giving you the new ipo of a medical marijuana company that is licensed by health canada

Look at this volume guys it is traded 9 million shares already today that is absolutely incredible volume for a brand new ipo we love you afghan rich tv live is a huge fan of a b c and yeah we love it when we find new ipos that have this much potential now why do we like abc n forget the fact that the stock is going up forget the fact that they have a license

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To health canada but what is the real reason why we like abc n so much well let’s take a look at this let’s find out why we like it so much i like it because it is organically grown standardized medical marijuana so we’re talking about the best in quality organic medical marijuana and we believe that this is a huge company that has huge potential if you look at

Their website you will see everything you need to know about ab can we love ab can we will be watching ab can very diligently every single day within our community and ab can if you’re watching congratulations on the successful ipo today we wish you the utmost of success in your future endeavors our entire community is watching and we will be ready like ninjas

Like snipers to get in and buy low and hopefully as you grow and you mature as a public company we can sell high and work with you on a day-to-day basis to help you build your story to help you tell your story and to help the world get educated on ab can once again guys under the symbol a b c n it is ab can medicals they are brand new ipo on the tsx venture we

Love you ab can we wish you the best of success now this is rich reporting from rich tv live make sure you click that like button make sure you guys subscribe for more updates more ipos more stock news more trending news more sports and travel news as it happens this is rich from rich tv live saying congratulations out ken you have arrived for only $10 a gram you

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Too can get organic medical marijuana license through health canada through ab ken thanks for watching everybody make sure you like it subscribe and remember all we do is bring you winners let’s take a look at that one winner shall we i can i had a dollar eight it went public in 80 cents so you’re already up thanks for watching guys enjoy the show level to the greatest show on earth

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Abcann Global Corp (ABCN)(ABCCF) New IPO By RICH TV LIVE

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