Accurately Find Out How Much a YouTuber Make

Do you ever want to find out how much a certain YouTuber make? In this video, I shall give you a framework to accurately calculate how much a YouTuber makes. Typical estimate can vary by 10x, the method I show here will narrow down the amount to just 2x.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to teach you how to accurately calculate how much a youtuber makes a youtuber makes a large portion of their income through ad revenues that is sold by google google takes 45% of this ad revenue and the 55 percent goes to the youtuber in order to understand this better we have to start at the source

Where the advertiser is paying money into this google platform in order to serve ads on youtube videos the advertisers pay something called a cpm which is how much they have to pay per 1000 impressions of an ad that they’re buying now ads gets played on video such as this one but they don’t get played 100% of the time this is called the fill rate and this depends

On if the youtube algorithm likes your video and they want to place a lot of ads on it or not i’ve seen the fill rate go anywhere from none at all which means the video is not monetized at all – something really really good like 99% every single time that you view it someone else is viewing it from somewhere an ad gets served but that means that if every time

Someone watches this video an ad place they have a chance that the viewer is gonna watch through the whole thing which means they have a higher chance of getting paid now there are different kinds of ad that runs on a video there are the little square things at the bottom over here that you might have to click and close well every time that displays they do have

To pay for that particular ad for the ads that place before a video which you might have seen before this video if you click skip the advertiser does not have to pay for that ad however if you watch more than 30 seconds or watch till completion of that ad then they do have to pay for that ad so this all means that if you have an ad blocker the youtuber that you’re

Watching does not get paid for your views if you skip these ad after 5 seconds the youtuber also does not get paid so this sounds great at all and it’s a little bit complex but you just want to know really quickly per youtuber how much they make all you have to do is just go to look at the total number of views this person has and take off 3 zeros

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And that’s how much money they made in a lifetime in the ballpark it’s within one order of magnitude as an example you can go to my page and you can see that i have 20 million total views knock three zeroes it means i made about $20,000 in my lifetime however this is not exactly correct it varies by one order of magnitude and it’s assuming a cpm an effective cpm

Of $1.00 per 1000 views now the real range is actually divided by 2 or multiplied by 5 so it’s really 10,000 to $100,000 if you want a good ballpark of how much this person makes every single month rather than their lifetime total just look at the detailed view scroll all the way to the bottom and look at how many views they get every single month knock off three

Zeros and that’s roughly how much they make a month if you look at my it says you know about 1,000 dollars every month but again the real range here is $500 to $5,000 then you might go well that’s not very helpful knowing if someone makes $1,000,000 is very different than if someone made 10 million dollars there’s a big range here because every single channel has

A different genre which the ads are paying at a different rate on top of this depending on the popularity of the youtube channel and the type of content in contains it may have a different kind of fill rate now all of this only includes youtube ad revenue a channel might have other things like sponsorship brand deals or affiliate links if you add in all of this

Depending on if the channel actually does all these monetization scheme and if they do it effectively it may range from zero if they don’t do it at all to maybe two to four x as much as the ad revenue sometimes the channel may not make any ad revenue at all because they’re completely deep monetized and they solely make money in other ways such as patreon most of

These youtube videos that explains how much a youtuber makes basically ends here they just go go to socialblade and yeah that is the range of how much they make to me this is just a little bit too vague so i’m going to give you some tools today to help you figure out how much someone earns and give you an example on this now over here is my super secret set of

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Cpm numbers that advertisers pay for a different genre of ads you have the low end and the high end and the average cpm that an advertiser to pay for this genre of ads you can see i have business and finance tech home in architecture government and politics etc now if you look on the fourth column it says 55% this is what the youtuber would take home after the

Advertiser pays this out but this is not the end of the story because sometimes when you view a video you might not see an ad at all sometimes if it’s a really good video you might see an ad every single time this is what’s called the fill rate if you play that same video 1000 times and you have 25% feel right it means out of 250 of those views and ad actually played

On it now you still have to multiply this number by the number of times ad is actually viewed if the viewer refuses to watch the ad all the way through then you’re gonna have lower numbers now if you want to find out the fill rate of your favorite youtuber you just go on one of their videos and just click play see if you see an ad and just reload it ten times and

See how many times the ad actually plays on that video the more you do it the more accurate it’s gonna be then you’re gonna get the fill rate now as an example let’s evaluate casey neistat’s total income from youtube if you look on the social blade web page you’ll see that he has about 1.8 billion views so far this is the bulk of his views he has other channels

But it does not add all that much to this 1.8 billion his genre is somewhat tech and entertainment so if you look up the cpm rates for tech and entertainment you’ll see that entertainment is 1.16 tech is 1.9 i’m just gonna take the average of those just as a ballpark so it’s one point $5 per 1,000 views so i’m gonna assume he has 95% for it because apparently

Youtube algorithms really really liked him and so the cpm is really about 1.9 so 1.8 times 1.9 it means in total he probably made about 3.4 million dollars from youtube ads alone now if you watch his channel he does do sponsorship and things like that so i’m going to multiply it by two to four times so total that he made is probably i would guess anywhere from 6

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To 12 million dollars now with the current youtube ad controversy they implemented an automatic flagging mechanism where any video that are slightly suspicious they’re going to flag and d monetize lots of videos rd monetized and i think i’ve happened to about 10 fifteen videos already and currently three of my last videos are currently demonetized now you can go

In there and ask for them to manually review this video and google did hire a whole bunch of people to actually watch these videos to make sure they are advertiser friendly but something is really broken here because based on the history of my channel all of my videos are actually monetized they are all basically advertiser friendly so i think they should add in a

Piece where they look at your brand quality and that you do not have a history of uploading these controversial videos so in my experience even though i can petition for them to manually review them it takes them about 28 to 48 hours the last three videos has taken a little bit longer so two days so far and that it’s being not monetized so i hope you enjoyed this

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