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ADACash is a Cardano (ADA) Rewards Token on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) RICH TV LIVE – January 5, 2021 – #adacash #cardano #richtvlive #solcash #solana #cardano #binance #bsc #binancesmartchain #richtv #rich #crypto #bitcoin #btc #money #trading

Hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich from behalf of rich tv live with two very special guests the ceo of ada cash hydra is on the phone from germany and the vice president of ada cash zack horn is here with us today how you gentlemen doing today i’m doing very well rich i’ll find you thank you hydra for joining us from the phone from germany i

Know you’re really really busy as the ceo of a growing cryptocurrency and thank you for joining us today the vice president zack horn very excited about learning more about your your coin today about your project today in fact you guys have two coins you got ada cash and soul cash and why don’t we just get started i’ve got some questions for you guys today

And the first question i have is what is ada cash and soul cash and are they developed by the same developers yeah um so i can definitely answer that for you so ada cash and soul cash they are reflections tokens okay and as we’ve been seeing in the market now reflections tokens have become bigger and they’re evolving right and it’s it is a newer style of

Cryptocurrency where you will go ahead and invest instead of the traditional way with marketing like you’re hoping that the market cap goes up for bitcoin well with uh you know reflections tokens rewards tokens now what you do is you invest and you accumulate over time reflections and that goes right into your wallet and you can use that for passive income

Right so ada cash and soul cash are brother and sister tokens they go hand in hand with each other our tax is fifteen percent for eta cash and soul cash when you buy and sell ten percent of that goes back to the rewards for the holders so with ada cash you get paid out and pegged one for one cardano and then for soul cash you get paid one for one for in solana

So yeah it’s an amazing thing um it is new and revolutionary i personally think so i think you know over time uh we’re gonna start to see these kind of tokens really taking off and evolving even better you know and that that’s our goal to change lives so was it the same developers that developed both tokens yes yes we um we are the same team behind aydah cash

And soul cash like i said aydah cash is the big brother soul cash is the little sister and they go hand to hand now you mentioned reflection tokens can you explain exactly what is a reflection token and how does it work yeah so um a reflection token is like kind of like what i was mentioning before so instead of the traditional market of bitcoin where you

Are relying heavily on the market cap to rise up that’s how you make your money if you were to sell your bitcoin or ethereum or doge point even right so with reflections tokens you invest uh for example ada cash you buy eta cash and over time depending on volume now one is volume so depending on if the the volume within 24 hour period goes up you’ll get paid

Out in your reflections a lot faster now again if the volume goes down it will take a little bit longer to get your reflections but they still accumulate over time right so and then the second thing is it’s not based off of the market cap what it is is it’s based off of the how much you’re holding so if you’re holding several million tokens or several billion

Tokens you’re going to earn more in reflections so that’s the whole you know premise of these new reflections and rewards tokens is that you know instead of um you know the traditional style where you have to wait and hope the market cap goes up to make money you still make money by literally just investing and holding and you just keep accumulating money as

A passive income that you can use for um you know daily life activities if that needs to be gas diapers groceries rent you know or you can use it to reinvest you know so there are that that’s what’s the nice thing about reflections tokens instead of just waiting to make money off the market cap you literally just invest and you make money over time you know so

It’s it’s it’s revolutionary is what it really love it because we love selena here and we love cardano so our community absolutely loves both coins so the ability to earn rewards in those coins i think is absolutely brilliant now you guys can see i also love bitcoin i am a holder of bitcoin i am consistently investing in bitcoin and we’ve been talking about

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Bitcoin here at rich tv live since 2017 when it was at a thousand so today bitcoin trades at around 47 000 us it’s a 47x it’s done extremely well so how is it beneficial for investors to invest into a project like ada cash and soul cash versus other coins like bitcoin which i consider is the mothership yeah you know so bitcoin is always going to be the king

Right it’s going to be the king no matter what in cryptocurrency um but with ada cash and soul cash it’s another way for investors to make money like i mentioned to make money by just investing and holding right so if you want to think about it you compare it to again like the traditional way where you’re just waiting on the market cap to rise this this gives

The investor the chance an opportunity to make more money over over a long period of time it is a long-term investment it’s not a short-term pump and dump or anything like that this our project is meant for the long-term investments um you know investors like you know bitcoin ethereum you’re a long-term holder if you hold those right well it’s the same thing but

The longer you hold the more money you make that’s one of the things i love about cryptocurrencies that’s where i learned the word huddle hold on for dear life and had you done that since we started in 2017 you would be a crypto millionaire because cryptocurrencies have absolutely exploded so i absolutely love what you guys are doing here because you guys are

Revolutionary revolutionizing an industry that is already revolutionary in so many different ways and provided rewards in two of the top coins that are out there and i haven’t seen anyone do that so i really like what you’re doing now can you explain how are reflection reward tokens better than a traditional bank we love cryptocurrencies we understand that

Cryptocurrencies are putting a lot of pressure on traditional banks so how are these reflection reward tokens better in your opinion than a traditional bank so in my opinion you know and i’m here from the united states so and i can speak on this so you know i have a bank just like many americans do and many people around the world do so when you if you have a

Savings account we’ll use that for an example there’s usually apy when you put your money into a savings account it accumulates over time right it’s usually a very small percentage well with reflections tokens and ours is at 10 percent in rewards given back to the holder right instead of waiting for that to accumulate you know for months or a year to get maybe

One percent plus you’ve got to factor in inflation so you’re really not making anything um but with reflections tokens you’re getting that 10 every time there’s a buy or sell so you know say like the volume is really high in one day enough to get you know say five transactions put back in your wallet with reflections say you’re holding enough to make a hundred

Dollars each time you made 500 that day versus holding and waiting for like a traditional bank and holding you know and hopefully making five bucks on top of you know a hundred dollars or something like that right so you know again with the volume going up and how much you hold you’re gonna make significantly more money in just a day or two versus you would

If you’re putting the money into a traditional bank so that that’s the big thing right we i mean really it does pay better than a bank yeah and that’s one of the reasons why i’m heavily investing in cryptocurrencies and i’m going to continue to heavily invest into cryptocurrencies because i’m not getting any rewards from my traditional bank at all really so

Because of that i’m looking for alternatives and cryptocurrencies is one of the best places that are going to provide those alternatives now i have a question for hydra thank you hydra for joining us from germany on the phone we do have a huge community of german investors that i’m sure are going to be watching this video i have a question for you hydra what

Other utilities do you have or can you use ada cash and soul cash with okay uh first let me say hello to all the investment so to keep it in english uh it’s it’s it’s funny so even if there is no use case there is a there’s no use case uh like the reflections so uh we’re working on some more use cases of course to keep the volume uh up because as uh self

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Explained before uh as more volume there is as more rewards you get so there will be for example an nft game soon in the next months like working on the decides right now and we’ll be for sure something new within the next weeks uh where you will need ada cash and solar cash to participate in the game like uh for example you want to build an nft from the

Game you have to spend either cash uh or you want to upgrade something or use something in the game itself you need to use solar cash so there will be a uh definitely a spike in the the trading volume which benefits all holders even if they don’t play the game um that’s the reason for the game players of course you will have an nft marketplace where you

Can trade red buy and sell the nfts especially the renting features and cool stuff because if you like have a very rare nft you can rent it for a good amount of ada cash or soul cash so another person can breed a new nft and have a bigger chance to get a real one too so yeah that’s one of the use cases uh we work on but we have also some major stuff behind

The scenes we can’t speak about right now because it’s yeah it’s very secret but once we have finalized all the details um there will be a big big surprise which also will give a little spike in the trading volume for sure so yeah and also we are working on uh partnerships like we have one already with earnhardt at the moment where uh people can stake their

Laptop to get more inner cash which increases our volume because it’s buying uh ada cash in real time for the staking people and there will be for sure some other partnerships too in the near future as we already uh working on some so yeah that’s at the moment uh what i can say about the the use cases but we all i also want to assure everyone that we will

Think about many more use cases in the future it’s not like you’re stopping after the game or whatever we will always try to bring something new especially new uh for the people to see a spike in the the volleyball or keep it high or whatever so the people should not forget even if the market cap for example would go down to five million or whatever as long

As the volume keeps straight you will get the same rewards as if the market can be at one hundred million so yes we working on the volume uh this will be the main use case for the for the future every new stuff we break out one of the things that we love about cryptocurrencies is that you’re literally building on the blockchain and one of the things that

Happened in 2021 is we got introduced to d5 nfts the metaverse and it seems like everybody in the crypto world is jumping in in those sectors so i completely understand when you’re saying there’s going to be more coming because this is really just an ongoing process and an evolution of new technology there’s also web 3.0 coming so there’s so much happening in

Cryptocurrencies now i know that you guys um are working on a staking platform so what is your staking platform and we love staking because that means more rewards for investors and how does it work hydra exactly the staking platform we are developing at the moment is something very new um because our ethos is like we really want to get the volume up and we

Want to benefit from investors as good as possible so they really can live off their reflections in the future and just live their lives so the staking platform is new because there are some features i didn’t see anywhere else at the moment you can lose it will be able to stake your either cash and it doesn’t stop to give you the reflections so you’ll still

Get your ada rewards while you’re staking along cash but that’s not all you will get a soul cash for staking beta cash and now the crazy one comes because as soon as you’ve got your first solar cash from the staking you instantly start to burn solana because the psychic budget will see yes you have your first store cash and bad the tracker will uh track

It and you get your solana rewards tool and once you harvest your licks you’ll at your ada you get your soul cash you get your solana and now imagine just for me personally i just keep solana forever because i know solana will be worth like multiple thousands of the future in the next years and now you get it 200 solana or whatever it is at the moment and

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Just as you get even more money so you can’t do anything wrong just for holding either cash it’s crazy or mistaken but for people i agree with you uh sam bankman fried one of the youngest billionaires in the crypto space the founder of ftx exchange loves solana and he believes that they could be the biggest competitor to bitcoin so what you guys are doing is

Brilliant because you’re giving people the ability to earn rewards in one of the most interesting exciting coins in the entire crypto space so i think it’s absolutely brilliant now i have a question for you zack your nft game cashy mons what is that going to be like and how will you tie in ada cash and soul cash okay yeah so cash of mines is kind of like a play

On words um if you’re familiar familiar with pokemon well it’s kind of you know a play on word with that so it’s cashmon um i’m a big-time gamer i love pokemon collected pokemon cards ever since i was a child and i spent too much money on them still so i wanted to when we were discussing the create our cachemon game or an ft game i wanted to bring somewhat

Of a nostalgia feel in our nft game it’s where where you’re you’re not just collecting nfts but you in a way you are collecting ones um that could be more rare than others as well just like pokemon cards but there’s also gonna be mechanics where there’s gonna be pve and pvp battling so you know we wanted to bring something without getting too much details yet

Because it’s still in development we wanted to bring nostalgia for players that used to grow up playing pokemon and we want to also bring something fresh and new to it as well um and kind of what briefly what hydra mentioned prior you are going to be able to use your ada cache and your soul cache for like in-game purchases that might be potions you know if

You’re battling a player like for player versus player pve you’re gonna have to heal your cash mon right so you can use that to buy which also then helps increase the volume as well so we’re going to have many things that you will need ada cash for and soul cash for your nfts as well um with me you know with the breeding there’s going to be breeding in there

Too as well so it’s kind of be like one of the other nfts out there they do a morph or they combine nfts they either be have a chance to become something more rare worth more money you know that’s going to be kind of the same concept as well too so there are going to be a lot of tie-ins with holy native cash and soul catch so you’ll definitely want to accumulate

Enough so you can participate in our nfc game i’m super excited about this project i think everybody needs to put these coins on their radar on their watch list ada cash soul cash thank you for joining us today i must remind you guys that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you

Invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that i do believe these are projects that are underappreciated underexposed undervalued put ada cash and soul cash on your watch list on your radar i think they’re very unique and i think they’re going to be very hot in 2022 and beyond thank you for joining us today the ceo hydra of ada

Cash and soul cash and the vice president zach horn thank you for joining us today gentlemen thank you rich i wish you guys all the best of luck in 2022 and beyond love to invite you guys back on the show anytime you have any big breaking news anything you want to discuss love to invite you back on the show so we can bring you to the community of investors and

I know that the investors in our communities are going to love what you guys are doing so keep up the good work and i’d love to speak to you guys soon thank you rich appreciate it always a pleasure thank you for watching if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first have a nice day everybody we’ll talk to you soon you

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ADACash is a Cardano (ADA) Rewards Token on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) ✅ RICH TV LIVE By RICH TV LIVE

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