Advice every 20 year old NEEDS TO HEAR!

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Today’s video is about advice we did to every single twenty-year-old out there 20 years old there’s your whole life in front of you right you just graduate high school recently within last year or two you’re probably either in college you’re trying to figure things out it’s a magical time in life because there’s so much opportunity now to you’re finally maybe on

Your own maybe you’re thinking about moving out of your parents tune your your freedom is abundant your freedom is starting to come to you it’s a magical time and at the time the next 10 years you should not waste that’s the bottom line guys i’m going to give you eight pieces of advice i would give to every single 20 year old out there that’s a little different than

Maybe some one advice that some people would get a 20 years old because i know a lot of people i’ve seen a lot of people that get advice you know after they graduate high school and whatnot and they’re kind of at 18 19 20 year old range and they’re like a lot of a lot of elders say oh just have fun you know have a great social life you know these are years your life

Enjoy them i’m like that’s such that stuff is who the wants this i’m sorry who wants to live the best years are life at 20 years old and then what do you want to be measurable at 30 and miserable at 40 and 50 and 60 and 1780 that’s not the way i want to live i want to be happy all the way through i don’t want to look back on my twenties and be like those were

The times oh those were such happy times or you know those are the best years of my life absolutely not or look back and be happy that you know reflect on them and be like that was a great time but at the same time i want every decade to be the best decade of my life like now at 27 this is the best year of my life by far this is the best year of my life it’s way

Better than when i was 26 25 way better than i was 24 23 22 21 any year in the past guys and i totally feel like everybody should live their lives not just like oh you know when you’re in college just have a lot of fun in or do you know do so much stuff and hang out with so many people and do as many chicks as possible or whatever you know whatever type of preach

Thing they’re trying to preach out there nowadays you know just have fun be the best years of life it’s not the best it it can be the best years of your life if you treat it like that but if you set your if you focused in your 20 and you set your life up you’re going to set for life you will be set for life and you’ll make your entire life which generally speaking

If you’re a human and you’re born the chances you’re going to live a full life to be 80 90 my group maybe even 100 years old is very very high the chances are going to live to be 80 90 100 years old it’s very very high its chances you’re going to die before that age very slim so you need to focus your life on like treat every day like it’s your last absolutely but

At the same time you need to try to focus and say i’m going to live to be this age so i want to make sure all those other decades or break that game so let’s do this guy’s eight pieces of advice i would give every 20 year old number one number one the next 10 years will set up your life for the better for the worse or for mediocrity you’re going to set yourself up

From the ages of 20 years old to the ages of 30 years old you’re gonna set yourself up for failure for success or for mediocrity of type life that’s what you’re going to do now that doesn’t mean if you’re 30 years old you haven’t done anything yet in your life doesn’t mean you’re going to be a failure you can absolutely still turn around at that age you can turn

Around at 40 years old you can turn around 50 years old it doesn’t matter but at the same time it’s all hell of a lot harder if you haven’t done anything at age 30 you don’t have any things built up at least story whether it’s a business whether it’s a really good job whether it’s money whether it’s investing these kinds of things if you don’t have anything built

Up that is sturdy is going to make the entire rest of your process really hard and that’s why a lot of people fall into that rut of man i remember when i was 20 you know those are such happy times and you know now my life blows and all the head of stuff because they set themselves up for failure they set themselves up for failure by not being really focused from

That age 20 to age 30 when they could have been doing so much in this world when they could have been creating so much and taking themselves to a whole new levels solely when you’re 50 years old you should look back and say i’m so happy left from age 20 age 30 i was extremely focused and i got that business off the ground or i got that side business off the ground

Or i was focused on getting you know moved up the ranks or i was focused on learning about real estate investing or stock market investing whatever when you’re 50 years old years old thank yourself for what you did you’re 20 you’ll want to look back and be like you don’t want to be one of those people that looks back and says why the hell was i you know 28 years


Old doing that what what was i thinking that was so idiotic why was i you know partying all in college rather than learning about stock market investing why was i you know doing this doing that why was i just focused on you know dating every chick i couldn’t trying to bang her instead of instead of focusing on what i should have been focused on and now i’m freeing

Living in a two-bedroom apartment at 52 years old and like you know making 40,000 a year that’s not the life you want to live so you don’t want to look back to their 20s and you know 20 years old but 30 years old and say what was i doing you don’t want to do that guy so that’s number one piece of advice i would give them number two learn everything you possibly

Can about starting a business learn everything you possibly can even if you’re not planning on starting a business at that time even if you’re not planning on being an entrepreneur i wasn’t planning on being an entrepreneur for quite a while i thought i was just going to work for company and then slowly but surely i get sick of working for the man and i wanted to

Be self-employed and i saw how much more money i could make if i was self-employed rather than working for a company and so that’s what kind of drove me out of the company take focus you know being an employee to being a boss that’s what drove me out she’ll learn everything you can just in case that happens and especially if you already feel like you know there’s a

Good chance i might be coming on to some point i’m then you sure for sure want to learn as much as possible and learn from small business owners talk to people that actually owned small businesses and pay attention as those more than these our actual business god’s pay attention to these small business owners rather than a steve jobs rather than an elon musk rather

Than these people people think you know are listened interviews or things like that from from those individuals when those individuals are actually not the right people to listen to the reason being is they’re so far removed from the from the ground stage they’re so far removed on what it took from you know being in that garage or whatever they’re so focused on you

Know it could have been decades ago they started that business they don’t remember half of what you know what they were going through in the process and all the kinds of things they’re thinking they were you know the furthest back thing today can go is when they were hiring 500 employees at a time or 800 employees like their mindset is way off into the future and

They’re thinking so much about the future that they don’t have time they seem think about the past own an interview they’re not going to be able to give the best answers if good answers are all about actually starting a business actually the fundamentals of starting a business so i actually recommend you guys you know reach out small business owners pay attention

To small business owners rather than these people at home and company to have hundreds of employees owned thousands of employees tens of thousands of employees because those people have started business probably so long ago that they don’t you remember how the hell we got it off the ground because it was that long ago guys i mean think about trying to think about

Things that happen 10 years ago you can probably barely think about vary my new details of things but you can’t think about specific details like oh yeah i want to do this and i’m going to talk to this type of customer and this and that guys so listen to small business owners pay attention and business tips all those kinds of things learn as much as possible number

Three learn everything you possibly can about investing everything you possibly can i don’t care stock market investing i don’t care if it’s you know long term investing short term investing any type of investing learn as much possible that learn as much possible about real estate investing learn as much possible about cd account savings account any type of way of

Making your money into money any type of way about maybe investing in small businesses anything like that guys learn about investing because investing is so important in building your money into money you know usually does a great thing do you work hard for your money is your money work hard for you for me i probably work hard for my money but i also want my money

To work hard for me so it’s like double whammy you know if my money is not doing me anything then that’s not good especially if i’m working my ass off spending 1012 hours a day working so make sure you pay attention to as much as possible about investing learn as much as possible so when you’re 24 years old 26 years old you have immense immense amount of bility

To know about different types of investing you can like speak on the subjects very intelligently number four realize that you are a brand so you need to learn everything as much as possible about building a brand think about yourself as a brand i think this is a is a huge huge huge thing for anybody out there think of yourself as a brand rather than a human and i

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Mean it’s in the context of specifically relating to work so whether you work for company whether you own your own business with your own social media like i am don’t matter what you’re doing think of yourself as a brand and how do you build your brand you know what’s the first thing you think about when you think about apple what’s the first thing you think about

When you think about coca-cola what’s the first thing you think about when you think about oh gosh playstation or it’s usually sony you know what’s the first thing you think about when you think about sony one of the first things you think about when you think about these type of businesses now think about yourself and think about how do other people view me how

Do lettis people do me so think about yourself as a brand and build that brand to the place you want to build that brand to because you can control with that brand go do you want to be a brand that’s known for being on time for being responsible for being able to handle multiple tasks at a time do you want to be known as that kind of brand you want to be known as a

Brand that is very intelligent or do you want to be known as a brand that it’s kind of like you know or 50 r brand on the scale and things like that so learn about brand building so you can build your own brand whether you work for company whether you start your own business whatever it is branding is so important in fact that you should just think about yourself

When it comes to work is a brand rather than a human it’s big time and it could literally change your life number five don’t listen to elder’s when they try to put you down you know a lot of elders yeah as are supportive to a certain extent and then a lot of elders i’m talking in all people out of 40 50 60 years old sometimes they can flat-out put you down they

Can say you’re too young to do this you’re too young to really know anything about the stock market you’re too young to know about real estate investing you’re too young to start a business you need to get more experience due to the you to your to this and a lot of times a lot of elders just will put you down for whatever reason is because they’ll put a limit on

You on what you think you what they think you can do rather than what you think you can do now there are some that are very supportive and you know reach your reach your dreams reach your goals things like that but there’s a lot of them that will push you down guys don’t listen to those ones trying to put you down saying you can’t do this you can’t do that if i

Were to listen to that i would have never started investing at 19 years old because a lot of elders out there would said you’re way too young you know enough about soccer you know about the stock market you haven’t been through enough don’t start investing in you’re 19 would have been a really bad move on my part it would have been a really bad move part way to

Listen to those people so listen your gut listen your instincts don’t listen and when elders or anybody in general tries to push you down you know because of your this age you’re not smart enough to do it or you’re not experienced enough don’t listen that garbage guy’s number six number six here don’t worry about what your peers are doing or what your peers are

Saying or your peers in general they might be doing this in that myth in that they might be smoking weed all day you know and and partying all weekend that’s fine that they can do them right they do them you do you worry about what you’re doing and if they look down upon you for old you’re starting this business over here you’re so paying attention is investing

You’re a loser and that’s how a lot of people review it oh you’re such a nerd you know ba ba ba screw them screw them they’re the ones that are on a ship the ones are smoking weed all day just drinking and doing whatever trying to party they’re the ones that are screwed up in life you’re the one that’s going to work but a lot of times in that in that high school

College type atmosphere those early years if you’re trying to actually do something a lot of people are like what are you doing like you’re starting a business why hey come on man let’s go a fun party like what are you doing like you’re learning about investing on your ipad well you’re looking at stock price on your phone wouldn’t a what’s the deal with you man

You you are sell out or something you know that helped a lot of people look at it in those specific age brackets and then all sudden something they get to their 30s they’re like what the hell was i doing in the first place is like reality actually hit them at that point so don’t pay attention what those peers are doing don’t let them drag you down either because

A lot of them will try to drag you down to their place move above that number seven number seven education is cumulative education compound realize that so don’t ever stop learning ever don’t ever stop learning about whatever it is whether it’s business whether it’s about entrepreneurship whether it’s about investing but it’s about different kinds of investing

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Don’t ever stop learning just keep on learning because the thing that i learned when i was 19 years old 20 years old 21 years old they’re extremely useful to me now that i’m 27 years old all that paying attention of stock market investing back then even though small amounts of money it’s very important to me now i have more money all those things i learned about

Starting a business about business in general back then they helped me immensely now that i had two businesses so realize everything is just a snowball and it’s just rolling downhill and it’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger as that goes down the hill so you want to make that snowball as big as possible as fast as possible so then whenever you need

To go in a snowball and pull up some information it’s there because you might have learned that five years ago and you remember still so realize that don’t ever get too good for learning a lot of people just graduate college all right that’s it i’m done learning or high school i’m done learning you know that’s it i don’t need to learn anymore it’s like you don’t

Ever want to stop learning because there’s so much your learner i mean i’ve been investing in for nine years i’m still learning stuff still learning stuff number eight have a side income is the last one have a side income of some kind have a side income of some kind it doesn’t have to be a you know a thing you’re spending ten hours a week on or even 20 hours a

Week or even 30 hours a week it could just be something you’re spending five hours a week maybe an hour a day monday through friday something you’re trying to start inside maybe you’re an ebay reseller maybe you’re doing something online with social medias whether it’s photography or videography or something on instagram something on facebook something on youtube

Something on snapchat something that you’re going to try to get some type of income for some type of side business right because i see it’s important because then that will take you even if you’re working athletes will take you in your entrepreneur type mindset and whatever that side business you start or side thing you start you never know where that can take you

For instance started my regular business right and then i start this channel just as like a id thing to do it i mean really started that the side business i just started that there’s a side fun thing to do right i make more money off this channel now then i make in my actual business and meanwhile my business is having record month but this channel is taken off

To such a ridiculous rate and as user so many and all these things that this is actually my main business now as far as at least as far as the amount of money coming in so you never know what a side where side business could take you you might become an ebay reseller and you’re just you know reselling some shut up here and there and on craigslist and whatnot and

Then also in six months go by and also near you you’re selling like hundreds of dollars now at this point also another six months goes by there’s doing thousands of dollars of reselling making thousands of dollars of profit and also 18 months in tulsa you’re making more money from nick staying over here then you’re actually making from your job or from your other

Actual business you never know where tango you never know in plus it’s nice to have something on the side that either is more money you can put toward investing or just in general what happens if you lose your job what happens if your business falters do you have anything to fall back on the other side this is something going on the side also you still have some

Income while you try to figure out whatever the other thing you do is so absolutely start a side business if you’re in your 20s absolutely don’t matter what age you are i don’t care if you’re 45 you’re working making $150,000 a year i don’t care if you’re 62 and you got a business making a million dollars a year i don’t care what you’re doing i don’t care what

Level you’re at start a side difference it’s them is a huge thing and it’s something i’m preaching more and more now than i’m a year in because i’ve seen it in my own life and i’ve seen where it can take you so now i’m like wanna preach this as much as i want to preach anything starting a side business getting another income source it’s like on every pretty much

Entrepreneur video i’m gonna be speaking about this guy so you might get sick of it but absolutely it needs to be done all eating into people’s heads if i active so anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this today the advice i would give that any twenty-year-old out there anybody after you even in high school you know trying to focus you know get focused and those kinds

Of things is advice i would give them hope you guys enjoyed this today if you just came across this video you may want to subscribe we talked personal finance photo channel i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk to stock market the most has anything on this channel guys thank you for watching and have a great day

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