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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about eight pieces of advice i would give myself when i was 19 years old i’m 27 years old now if i you go eight years back in the past what would i tell myself what are some pieces of advice and i would love to hear in the comment

Section today what pieces of advice you would give yourself if you were 5 years younger 10 years younger if you go back in time what are some things you would tell yourself guys i’m going to share these with you today those things literally if i had eight things to pick from that i had to go back you know in the in the past and tell myself about these are the eight

Things the eight pieces of advice i would give myself guys so hope you enjoy this today if that thumbs up button if you do and let’s get into this so number one number one thing i would tell myself you know if i had to go back and past eight years ago i would say with success jeremy you will have greed that will come in when you have success some greed is going

To come in when that green comes in sight that greed like no other fight the greed like no other this is a perfect example of what happened to me in 2014 is 2015 when i was 24 25 years old i had come off of five years straight of just knocking the ball out of the park as far as my investment returns i built up you know a great summer month a great sum of money so

Fast in my early life you know despite not you know making a ton of money or anything like that like i had a good job making 5060 k year but it wasn’t like i was killing it and i built up such a good investment account because i had so much success and then the greed crept in and then what happened if you know anything about my story you know that i lost $75,000

In 2015 through basically being greedy basically getting involved with stuff that i had no clue about you know that trying to trade it or short-term earnings trading on margin taking out loan so i could invest even more money paying interest on that o is such an ugly ugly story so i have a whole video about that that you guys have probably seen in the past but

So greed definitely crept in i wish i would have known that you know with success greed comes and i wish i would have known to fight it off better but that’s definitely a huge piece that i would go back and tell myself about number two i would say jeremy celebrate your own successes and don’t focus on others not having success with a lot of my early years 18 are

Suited me 19 20 21 years old a lot of my feelings inside were not just about me having success in me doing good in the world but also viewing others who weren’t as successful you know peers and whatnot from the past is like haha you suck man you suck you’re not you’re not making as much money as me you’re not doing things you’re still living with your parents like

That’s how i thought back then and i’ve matured a lot over time and really now i’m just indifferent if somebody’s doing bad i wish them actually did do good even if i don’t like that person like i hope they do good but at that time that stage 19 20 21 years old i got a lot of excitement out of others doing bad and not just me doing good so and i think that’s just

Kind of a wrong way of you and things get excited about yourself you know celebrate your own success but don’t just because someone else hasn’t having success who you might not like or just you know maybe said something and sometimes i don’t get you know all hyped out about you know them not having success don’t just pay attention to them focus on yourself sober

At your own successes and don’t be that type of person which is what i was number three i would say jeremy start documenting your journey on youtube now i was already watching youtube back then when i was 19 years old i mean youtube i started watching that and i think it was 2005-2006 like right after youtube came about i was watching youtube guys and i wish i

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Would have started documenting my journey back then i really do because oh my gosh like all those investment games all the you know success and whatnot you know where would this channel be i mean could you imagine the size of this channel now like all this stuff i think about like it would be it’s awesome you know and we have some haters that always come on and

As you get more and more success you’re going to have more and more haters come on but of course you have way more people that love you that come on that way outweigh that number but we always had people come on in and say oh you know you don’t know what you’re talking about or whatever and it’s not i wish i had all these videos from all those years of investing

Getting great games that i could already say in the past hey go watch video and suchlike i’m already getting to that point you know with some of these investments like when and whatnot google or like a lot of different investments but i wish i was you know at a place where i could say oh go watch episode 1123 and look at those comments and everybody people saying

This and that and look what happened after that like i wish like that would be such a cool thing to do and that’s going to be a cool thing with this channel over time i’m gonna be able to point back at things hey you know look at this look at that but uh you know right now anything prior to 2016 because i started the channel in 2016 it’s just lost basically it’s

Just lost so i wish i would have started documenting my journey back then that would be freaking awesome and lord would i be thinking a lot of money youtube’s working out i’d be a millionaire from youtube number four i would find another way to make money other than just my job so for a long time i thought you know you work your job and that’s like the only income

You have and if you want to make another income then you need to quit your job and go do something else well no i didn’t really understand or learn about how you can make so much money from so many different ways so many different avenues without quitting your job and just putting in a few hours extra work per day that you might spend watching the tube you know

At night you know let me watch cnn let me watch fox news or i could spend two hours doing this little size business i have here make an extra $50 today hundred dollars today and go ahead and invest that money or just put it towards savings or buy yourself something nice with it whatever you want to do like i wish i would have figured that out earlier it took me

Until 25 years old 25 26 years old to really start understanding hey this other ways to make money out there other than just a job other than just what you’re doing is other ways to do it so i wish i would have really researched things earlier on in the process and really got things figured out there guys instead of just having that one income number five i would

Tell myself don’t spend time trying to teach people that don’t want to be taught i spend so much time over the years trying to teach people about the stock market about how to invest you know co-workers friends all these people and they really didn’t want to learn they really didn’t want to learn at the end and you know i get that look after you know going off

And i’m so excited about it and i would tell them all about you know how to invest or whatever and they were just trying to look that give me that look like dude shut up like i don’t want to hear this like like in that so frustrating i wish i would have not spent all that time trying to teach people all these things that didn’t want to be taught and now i have

People that thousands of people tens of thousands of people that watch this channel that actually care to be taught and it’s a great feeling for me because now i actually teach people things they actually want the knowledge like i actually care about learning and those kinds of things guys i would have told myself you know those people that don’t want to learn

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Just don’t spend time on them they’re not worth it they’re not worth you you know pouring your heart out for them and then they don’t even care about what you’re saying at the end of the day like so i wish i would have told myself that because i would save myself a lot of time and a lot of frustration because i would think you know after yeah i would have a bad

Feeling after i you know you know poured my heart out there and trying to teach me yeah and i’m involved with this stock in this talk and you know this is how you do it and whatnot and then they just don’t you know tear it the end of the day it’s a bad feeling so i definitely wish i would have told myself that number six realizing life is not going to be anything

Like you planned jeremy like realize life’s not going to be like you planned boy i thought for a long time you know my life would be this way in that way and then it changed and i thought oh it might be like this and then it changed and you know what i mean so when you’re 19 years old you think you got it all figured out you think you know what i think i’m going

To do this and then and then it just doesn’t like like when i was 19 years old i thought i was going to keep working at walgreens and work the ranks up at walgreens and by the time i was 40 years old i was going to be a such-and-such position and i would be investing and doing those kinds of things like that’s how he thought and then i went and got another job at

Another company named kwik trip and then i thought i’m going to work my way my way up here and then at 30 years old i’m going to retire i’m a focus strictly on investing and that’s how i thought for a while and then i quit kwik trip and then i moved actually with quick trip back to charlotte north carolina and then i moved i quit quick trip and i moved from charlotte

Out to las vegas who would have thought 19 years old i’d be living in vegas like if you told me you told me in 19 years old i would have a youtube channel with tens of thousands of subscribers you see would have told me in 19 years old that i would have real estate marketing company if you would told me at 19 years old i would have already need $200,000 and then

I would have lost 75 thousand dollars in one year because a lot of pet decision if you would have told me i would be living in las vegas but that like if you would have told me i have a kid and another kid on the way like if you would have told me i was stuck like as i stood well you know like what are you talking about you’re crazy like life’s just not going to

Go as planned and you’re going to adjust and things are going to happen and that’s fine like you know adjustments happen but don’t don’t just think like oh because i’m thinking this is the way it can go that doesn’t mean that’s the way it’s going to go sometime just going to figure out okay here’s a better move i need to make know if life’s like playing chess or

Checkers or something like that guys you got to make the next move you might think at one time i need to make this next move and then somebody else makes another move right and you’re like oh no that’s not the best move i can make this is the best move i can make adjust in like don’t just you know if you have a plan you can stick to that plan but sometimes some

Better opportunity to come out come out there you may just want to take advantage of those so that’s why i would tell myself number seven let’s say geremy realize you have gifts find those gifts when i was 19 years old i didn’t really think i had any gifts like and i think that’s how most i would say the thousand 99.9% of people think 99 percent of people think

They don’t have any gifts when in fact every single one of us has at least one gift or several gifts it’s just up to you to figure out what that gift is like we get so tied up into do we have the gift to be athletic and be in the nba or the nfl or something and if you’re not then you’re not gifted and if you don’t have the voice of justin bieber and you can’t be

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A musician it can’t be a musician or an athlete then you don’t have any gifts like there’s so many more gifts out there than just being athletic or just being able to sing or something like that there’s a million different gifts you’ve got to figure out what you’re more gifted at than other people for me it took a while what i’m truly gifted at is the ability to

Really teach people the ability to figure out something become good at that and then teach others to do that same exact thing like i’m addicted to learning stuff and then as soon as i become good at that teach other it’s like i’m extreme exaction online i have like as soon as i become as soon as i became good at making passive income what i want to do i want to

Start making passive income videos on this channel like as soon as i became good at the stock market investing like as soon as i became good at that i want to start teaching other people and fortunately i didn’t have a youtube channel back then but like we talked about earlier i would teach these people and they didn’t care so that’s my guest like i’m a lot better

At teaching people then almost then the majority of people out there this is put that way and it doesn’t matter what it is as soon as i become good at something i’m very good at breaking that something down in teaching others that’s my true gift in life and you know i wish i would have found that a little earlier took a long time for me to find that but everyone

Has gifts you just got to find out what your particular gift is because it might not be teaching it might be something else guys you just got to explore and explore and explore until you find that and the last one here number eight guys i would tell myself don’t stress about friends don’t stress about girlfriends like don’t stress about you know what somebody might

Have said behind your back like don’t stress about the way somebody’s feeling over there right now don’t stress about that kind of stuff because in a few years those people will not even matter i’m not friends with even one person i was friends with when i was 19 years old like not even one because what happened i i you know i went to college and then other people

Went to other colleges or didn’t go to college and then i moved to charlotte north carolina and i moved a lot like there’s a lot of things that happen so none of those people matter to me at all right now all those people that have spent on mental energy thinking oh i’ve got to keep this person happy all you need to do this oh what did they say behind my back all

That mental energy i spent back then like that didn’t need to be spent doing that like i could have been using that toward a lot more productive things than thinking about friends and girlfriends and things like that and also and so broke up with me you know i wish i could’ve told my softball few years later you’re going to meet your wife so you know don’t worry

About that don’t cry over that don’t stress over that it’s not worth your time at the end of the day so i wish i could have never go back in time and tell myself that but those are they things that if i had an opportunity to go eight years in the past and tell myself these things those are the eight i would tell myself what would you guys tell yourself i would love to

Hear from you guys in that comment section hit that thumbs up button if you enjoy today guys i really hope you did if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talked personal finance we talked entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk to stock market the most of anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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