Affilate Marketing Rundown

Before you buy those ebooks or online courses on how to make money online using affiliate marketing, you may want to check out my insights having actually used affiliate marketing. In short, learning to do it is easy. Each affiliate website will guide you through how to do this. The hard part is getting the audience in front of your affiliate links.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about how you can make money through affiliate marketing now before i start i’ve seen a lot of videos on youtube just kind of briefly goes over how you’re supposed to do this and then eventually leads you to a free ebook and then after that they lead you to some course where you have to pay i

Don’t know 50 60 $100 for that thing all i want to do is cover what these longer videos would cover except in a much shorter time also i want to offer my opinion before you shell out the 60 to $100 for some course on exactly where i think the value could be maybe you can get good value out of these but i personally have not bought any of these courses so i wouldn’t

Know what’s in them however i have done affiliate marketing through this channel and i can guarantee you i’m not making what they claim to be like twenty thousand dollars every single month this is just to hook you in they usually show you that they’re in this really fabulous house this fabulous lifestyle that they have and then go oh yeah you know if you follow

Me you can do the same thing that’s why you need to go get the information that i have the truth is i don’t have statistics to back this up but i believe that most of people who buy these courses they might just go through it and then go oh yeah this is nice and then they try to do the same thing and they may not get the same results maybe they can get a little bit

Of good result but the amount of money that you can actually get through affiliate marketing really really depends from the person-to-person now in one of the videos it shows you that you can go on amazon and become affiliate this is the thing where you go to the website become an affiliate so that whenever you point to items on amazon and if whoever you point to

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Buy something you get a percentage cut from that and that’s essentially affiliate marketing where you get a cut from every sale that you actually make through you walmart has the same thing and i have not signed up for their program and i might just do it in the future best buy also has a philia program just go to the bottom of the website and find that partnership

Link clickbank has something similar too and they have a lot of different kinds of products that you can market to other people and if you have a channel where you can get people to buy things through you now not every single person is going to buy something right so the more views you have the more people are going to buy then every single person that actually does

Make a purchase is going to create some sort of revenue for you generally because it’s a conversion rate and it may not be very good or it may be very very good it depends on your audience the conversion rate can be anywhere from 0.1% to 99% which means out of 1,000 people that goes through your website your instagram your youtube channel you have either from one

Person to 999 people that would actually buy something through your channel or instagram or whatnot now finally one of these ads did point to google keyword planner this is just something you can sign up everyone can just sign up to use this tool through google and you can essentially type in some word and it will say how many people would search for that keyword

Every single month now this is helpful in trying to find out what people are actually searching for which keyword terms are hot so you can try to target your website your blog or something towards those keywords so that you have more hits so you have more traffic now let me wrap back to affiliate marketing itself because selling it itself is probably more lucrative

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Than actually doing affiliate marketing because if you say all this rich and glamorous life i’m living then you’re going to go oh yeah you know i really want to do this affiliate marketing too so then you end up signing up for this course you buy this $100 thing or whatever they charge and then you try to do the same thing the final key point i want to address here

Is in order to make affiliate marketing work for you is not learning how to do affiliate marketing but actually how to get more eyeballs through whatever channel you’re trying to get people to view for example if you’re trying to build a website from scratch and you’re just starting something it’s really hard to get a little bit more and more traction it may take

You years you may need some sort of insight some sort of special concept something where people would be drawn to your website so that people would look at it therefore you can place ads on there you can place affiliate link on there so that people would click through those links and buy stuff after same thing with instagram you don’t go and open up an instagram

Account saying hey i’m an affiliate marketer here are all these products i want to sell you know just buy these products if you have an instagram that just tries to sell stuff people no one is going to follow you on instagram see them for youtube if you just start some channel make videos about products all the time and just go hey look at this product by this

Product buy that product no one is going to sign up for like a home shopping network channel where they go oh yeah you know they’re just going to try to sell you a product every single day the key here is to build an audience and people talk about number of eyeballs every single month on your webpage or on your youtube on your instagram it’s these number of eyeballs

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Which you build from other means not through the course that they’re selling that is very valuable once you have these eyeballs then you put on affiliate links tack it on on top of that in order to monetize the audience i hope this gives you a little bit of insight into those ads and where the value that you’re trying to buy is those courses might be worth it i never

Bought it myself so if you bought it you know feel free to comment down below and say you know do they actually help you make as much that they say they would don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you participated in any of these affiliate marketing ads that teaches you how to do it if you’re interested in supporting my channel

Which by the way is an affiliate link you can check out audible down in the video description below where you can get a free audiobook and if you don’t like this audiobook or this service you can cancel it before the trial subscription and then you can still keep the audiobook even if you cancel it you don’t have to pay a thing you can still help visit this channel

If you’re interested in supporting this channel which is completely optional by the way you can check out my patreon link over here where i did various perks at various contribution levels and as always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to the subscribe button so you get a notification whenever i upload a brand new video thanks for watching

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