After 10 Years of Free Cellphone Service

Mint Mobile: $15/month 3GB plan for 3 months:

How’s it going everybody this is peter bush after more than ten years of not paying for cellphone service i finally started paying for it today’s video i’m gonna talk about which carrier i finally chose how much i’m gonna be paying for and which carrier you should choose in order to pay the least amount now out of these more than ten years how did i get away with

Not paying for anything initially when i started working for start-up companies they usually give me a company phone so then i chose to not have my own personal phone and just use the company phone now a lot of people are not comfortable with this because they think that oh you use their phone number so then they can see everybody that you call now there might be

Some privacy issues and this is generally the main thing for most people that do not want to use just her employer as their main cell phone it wasn’t that big a thing and i never got into trouble with them looking at my phone bill and saying you know there’s some issue why are you calling this you know new potential employer or something because you know it doesn’t

Really say the company name on the phone bill at some point my employer did not offer me a new cell phone plan so i decided to move over to this thing called freedom pop they had this wimax sleeve thing at the time and then i got it and i used it for a year or two and after this you can actually buy an iphone get maybe one gigabyte of data or something so i had

An iphone 5 for maybe three years or so and i did not have to pay any monthly fee for this and then yet after this i use unreal mobile for one year i also got three months worth of mint mobile that i kinda used in parallel to unreal mobile so you know it didn’t really do me any good in terms of saving me money but i was able to try out this service marais actually

Sent this as a gift to me he is a subscriber of this channel so my unreal mobile expired freedompop and unreal mobile is actually cutting off all these ties with sprint they’re like divesting a lot of their customers to from sprint in tooting and then their other service they’re selling this someone else so it seems like the whole company is being sold bits and

Pieces to other companies so out of these 10 plus years you can see if i were paying for real cell phone service all by myself it’s probably $50 or more so you multiply this out it’s roughly between six thousand to ten thousand dollars that i saved you know with this money you can buy a small car instead but really i don’t really go around thinking oh i have you

Know fifty dollars extra per month so i’m just gonna spend it on restaurants or whatever instead i take this money save it invest it and this allowed me to have a bit more financial freedom which is one of the causes for my ability to reach financial freedom a little bit earlier than everybody else so over here i want to show you guys all the devices that i got

From freedom popular you can no longer get these sprint devices and neither would i recommend it because i had to go through a lot of hoops my experience has been they like to charge you left and right for these random service you might be pushing some random button and you accidentally added yourself to some plan and then all of a sudden you have to pay $7 a month

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They also do some sort of automatic top-up things so even if you don’t really want to use any of that they require you to put $20 in and this serves as some sort of credit for you know whatever thing that you happen to use and what happens is if you do not log into their web portal every single month they’re actually going to expire this $20 and you can never get

This $20 back so all in all i feel like working with the service it’s just horrendous and i’ve used it for five six years and you know it’s i don’t like it but then you know they were giving me free service so i was you know going okay i’m gonna deal with it for now because i have it i got our all set up but now that they are getting rid of the sprint service you

Know i am not jumping at the opportunity of signing for up for their other service which is tied to you know a different network so to give you an idea of how many devices actually signed up all these are mobile hotspot thing is you can plug this into your computer i can get one gigabyte of data back in the day you know two years ago not anymore for each of these

Devices so i have three of these i have a mobile hotspot i have the cell phone itself the iphone five i have another usb dongle that i don’t know where it went that also gave me one more gigabyte so one two three four five six gigabytes of data every single month and i kind of like rotated through this and got free internet for i don’t know a couple of months or

So but it was like a huge ordeal because every single time you know i finished one gigabyte and i had to monitor it i have to go okay i’m almost done with this one gigabyte let me switch over to this one so you know all in all it wasn’t worth my time it was like this crazy thing experiment i would say that i did in order to try to get free internet right now i no

Longer do this i only did this as a trial right now i just pay for i think it’s like $50 for my internet i get like 10 12 mega bit or something like that so what’s left here i can no longer get free mobile service so the best i’ve seen is maybe 10 to 15 dollars every single month so i’m like okay i’m okay with paying this amount just so that i can avoid all this

Hassle with freedompop so i looked all over the internet and i’ve tried mint mobile i’ve tried unreal i’ve tried freedompop i haven’t tried ting or free up let me go through some of these networks so over here mint mobile has this deal where you pay $20 a month you buy three months of it so it’s $60 and then you get three months free on top of this so this is in

Total $10 a month as a promotional rate but then afterwards you’re gonna want you to pay more right so i decided to go with this for six months this is just for the next six months maybe if later on they want me to pay more i might just cut off this number and just go hey you know i’m just gonna get another promotional offer whatever they have at the time it might

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Also be $10 a month it might have more data less data or whatever but the deal here to pay the least is to not get too attached to the phone number you might be able to port it or not but generally i like to use my google voice number whenever someone needs to call me my google voice number rings instead of whatever new cell phone number that’s on the cell phone so

For this 20 dollars a month you get eight gigabytes a month which is one of the best i did my comparison with a lot of different carriers as you’ll see i’m gonna talk about this in a little bit so it’s $10 a month and i actually tried this and the thing i like about the cell phone service is that i can actually enable tethering as you will see that other companies

They may not include this tethering service but mint does so if you were using freedompop before they sent out this email saying hey okay you know you can move over to ting if you want six dollars unlimited talk and text but then if you’re gonna use any data and most people are gonna use data you’re gonna add another four dollars per gigabyte so right there it’s

Ten dollars a month already but you only get one gigabyte with mint mobile you get eight gigabytes in my experience if i try to limit my data usage a lot yes i can get it under one gigabyte but it’s not comfortable a gigabyte it’s really comfortable actually had five gigabytes before and you know i tried to use as much as i can and i still only use about two or three

Gigabytes this is a result of me using freedompop and really really knowing where my data is going and now i don’t really need to use all that much data the next carrier i want to look at is free up which is something that some people have recommended in the comment section you do get it for free but you only get 250 minutes top and 250 text unlimited hotspot wi-fi

But this is not lte’s you know i really really enjoy having you know data anywhere especially if you’re gonna use gps then you know you absolutely need some sort of data so let’s also take a look at unreal mobile which is not as good a deal you get unlimited everything three giga by lt ii $20 a month okay maybe you don’t want three gigabyte maybe you want to go to

One gigabyte which is you know $10 a month still so at the $10 price point mint mobile still beats everyone out in terms of getting you eight gigabytes every single month you might also still want to look at freedompop because they still offer this on the at&t network basic two hundred two hundred megabytes per month two hundred minutes five hundred texts now

I have to say two hundred megabytes of data is not very much at all you’re gonna blow through this very very quickly with the applique that you run these days two gigabytes is a reasonable amount to me even with my frugal data usage i feel like you know this is a comfortable amount but then they’re charging you $25 a month so comparing a lot of different carriers

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I feel like mint mobile is you know a very good bang for the buck for now so here’s a spreadsheet of comparison of data plans from all these carriers between one gigabyte and three gigabytes or so around there the best deal for you of course is to figure out how much data you actually need to use once you have this nailed down is it one gigabyte three gigabyte a

Gigabyte then you go around searching for different carriers and seeing how much each one of them charge and then you just buy the lowest plan for the needs that you have if you have very high data needs you might want to consider trying to figure out ways to reduce this sometimes if you have background app refresh using cellular data this might just gobble it up

A lot sometimes if you can defer watching a lot of videos when you’re mobile instead you only watch videos when you’re at home like i personally do most of the time then you can reduce the amount of data usage that you use on the mobile network by a lot you can also wait until that you’re on wi-fi before you update any kind of apps all these things isn’t that big

Inconvenience to me it’s just kind of shifting any kind of data intensive activity that you have on your phone to when you’re on wi-fi as simple as that so i actually paid 60 some dollars out of my own pocket in order to get this mint mobile service because all my other free options just kind of dried up so i actually had to pay out of pocket for this if you guys

Are interested in signing up for mint mobile i do have a referral link down in the video description below now i feel like no matter how you look at this ten dollars for eight gigabytes every single month it’s a really really good deal thanks for watching this if you don’t don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know if you think about switching

Over to this mint mobile thing in my experience using mint mobile has been kind of like a no-fuss deal they’re not going to charge you left and right put all these hidden things you know saying oh yeah we can charge your credit card because you know you agreed to it like freedompop does so using mint i feel like they’re reputable company they’re only gonna charge

You you know making sure that you know you’re going to be charged for a certain amount before actually charging you rather than kind of sneaking it under the rug trying to charge you for stuff freedompop has this weird habit of trying to make sure your card is actually active so they actually charge my credit cards a penny and then somehow they like refund it just

To make sure that your card is active and like i said before they charge you some top-up fee like twenty dollars that is not absolutely spelled out so this kind of earning money tactic is absolutely really really annoying and one of the main reasons i’m moving away from this and rather paying a little bit of money for mint mobile instead so that’s all i have to

Say for that don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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