After 10 Years This is How I Eat an Orange

How do you eat an orange with minimal effort, maximal health benefits, and maximum satisfaction? I have eaten it in many different ways and have settled on this final method. Watch to find out how.

How’s it going everybody this is betta bush this isn’t orange and i’ve been eating this all my life now why am i doing a video on a simple thing such as an orange is because all my life i’ve neglected the pleasure of eating such a thing many people would think it’s a hassle to peel it open you can consume a lot more of it if you just drink a glass of orange juice

Well since then i’ve learned that if you drink orange juice it’s kind of like drinking soda because the intake of a liquid orange makes it so that you absorb all the sugars and you throw away all the fibers and it makes it that much harder on your body so suffice to say that these days i do not buy orange juice anymore and i prefer to actually eat the orange by

Itself some people would even open up an orange with a tiny little tool but i prefer just to use my fingers and just dig in like this now today i’m gonna demonstrate to you how i personally open up an orange and the way i eat the orange in order to gain the most satisfaction i feel like you can eat the orange wrong you can just go okay open it up and eat it but

There’s a certain way i do it to maximize you know my pleasure from eating this orange so the first thing that you do of course is to just peel it open like this and what i do is just use my fingers basically and just peel it open kind of one piece at a time and i don’t need to try to get all the peel in one piece just kind of roughly get all the orange parts out

I’m not caring too much about removing the white parts right now because if you try to do that it’ll take weight long with that done i just stick my thumb right in the middle and then i slowly pry it apart like that okay so i have that side now i’m going to remove these little finger things and you’ll notice since i did it so roughly sometimes when you peel it open

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You have these little tabs that you can peel off like that in that case you can remove more of the white rind because that is a little bit bitter if you have too much of it the orange will taste a little bit bitter so now i’m going to individually remove each one you see i have a little bit of white wine here i’m just gonna remove that i’m gonna try to remove it

Into individual pieces so then it’s all peeled and i won’t get my fingers dirty as i’m eating here is the other piece i’m just gonna remove that we’re not gonna eat that again remove the top pieces like this and i’m just going to go ahead and remove each little section here you see again over here i got some of the wine i can easily remove this you see without

Removing each section first this is gonna be really hard to remove this right so going back here i’m going to remove each piece like this again you can see little tabs up here and i can just remove that so now this orange is basically ready to eat i’ll just leave all the peels over here and let me show you how i eat it to gain the most satisfaction now after i peeled

An orange i’ve washed my hands just so that you know i don’t want to feel uncomfortable while i’m eating orange so basically this whole orange on this side is all edible what you’ll notice that one single piece is usually a little bit too big for your whole mouth but here is what i do i would use the front of my teeth to bite the center of the orange in order to

Peel it open into two pieces like this okay i got now what i find is that if you bite into the thicker section of the orange in your mouth it’s gonna squirt all over the place it’s kind of like you know kind of like drinking orange juice in itself except you don’t have to squeeze this thing and you can get all the fiber that goes with it but if you bite the orange


And stick it between your teeth on the largest part and just bite down on it it’s gonna squirt all over the place because this thing won’t fit around your teeth if that makes sense so i’m gonna try to do this without biting in and half so it’s gonna look like this okay you can do it generally i feel like that’s a little bit too big and it feels like you’re using

Some of the thinner parts of your teeth to buy in an orange so you’re not getting as much bursting of the orange what i like to do is bite into the of the orange like this you just do an initial bite good tear it open and then i’m gonna use my front teeth to essentially tear open half of the orange and put that inside my mouth like this okay background and then

What i like to do is bite across the thickest portion of the orange so when you do so all of those inside little granular things inside the orange all of them burst open like so like this so this is basically how i eat it after you’re done with one half of it you can put the other half right between the biggest of your teeth right down and then after you bite down

Basically your whole mouth is filled with orange juice and if you do it any other way it would feel like you know not as much liquid gets burst out immediately eventually yes when you chew it enough it does but when you bite down on it once and everything just explodes in your mouth and you know that’s generally a lot better i’m gonna demonstrate one more time bite

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In the middle okay write down let me show a close-up of this orange and show you really what i mean here this is the cross-section of the orange if i bite down over here all of this will get torn up and exploding your mouth but if you buy over here you can see you can only tear open about half as many of those little granular things inside so what i try to do is

Bite at the thickest portion over here and if you bite down i’m gonna squeeze a little bit like that then a lot of juice gets burst out i know this topic as simple as eating an orange might sound very very ridiculous but it’s precisely that it’s so ridiculous that no one ever talks about how do you eat an orange you just go okay yeah open it up take them out put

It in your mouth and chew but how do you chew to gain maximum satisfaction how do you open it so that it minimizes the amount of work no one ever talks about this and hopefully this video shed some light on this this is the way i do it and i hope you do try out yourself and see if it makes a difference for you don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment

Down below let me know if this improves how much you like oranges after trying this method if you’re interested in supporting this channel check out my audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audio book came your like this audiobook or this service you can cancel it before the subscription expiring you can still keep this audiobook

For free and help benefit this channel and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching you know i really really like oranges now after developing this method and eating it this way yeah i really look forward to eating oranges

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After 10 Years This is How I Eat an Orange By BeatTheBush

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