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How’s it going everybody this is betta bush today i’m going to show you all 18 of my different credit cards and just go over really quick on why each one is so good here are all of my credit cards it’s kind of like you left some kid to do whatever they want in a room and you go back in and discover this crazy mess so let me go over all the credit cards i have i have

A chase ink freedom amazon i have a bank of america better balance rewards cash rewards i have a discover it cards two of them i have a u.s. bank cash plus and a perks plus i have a citibank thank you premier double cash and at sears card i have a barclays cash hoard card and a commend card i have a synchrony bank walmart cart and a banana republic heart i have a

Capital one quicksilver card american express blue cash everyday card so that’s all not all these cards are my favorite of course comments i’m going to kill this one off soon walmart i’m going to kill this off soon and maybe i might kill off perks plus the other ones are pretty good so i think i’ll keep all the other ones let me go over a little bit why each one is

So good the ink one has a lot of three-percent categories the freedom one has rotating categories so you need this as a diversified cash back portfolio i guess amazon good for amazon better balance give you thirty dollars of cash back every single quarter if you just use it every single month cash rewards i just got that just to get the sign-up bonus but they have

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This bonus thing where it makes it so that gas is really really good deal i’ll discover it as i mentioned has this $10 cold cash thing it also have a dollar ninety nine low balance cancellation you would think has a pretty good rotating category although it’s not so good anymore thank you premier it’s good for travel although it has a ninety five dollar annual fee

So i’m going to cancel that pretty soon double cashback has 2% on everything really good general usage for for that card you just use this for everything and you get two percent sears is really really good because they have these ten percent cashback on em on gift cards or groceries or shopping or whatnot every holiday season so it’s good to keep this around i have

A good feeling they’re going to have a really good deal that’s coming holiday season as well barclay cash forward i thought this also because just to turn to get the cash bonus i’m not looking to using this in the future because they only has 1.5% cash back i rather use a double cash commend used to be the sallie mae card that’s why i’m killing this one because it

Doesn’t no longer has really good rewards walmart card i thought i was going to get it for walmart but the cash back percentage is not very good it’s only 1% rather use a double cash back for that so that’s why on the chopping block ah banana republic is actually really good to keep this card because they often times send me these mailings saying they give you all

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These points if you use it once or whatever so i’ve been collecting a lot of points and getting a lot of free clothes actually actually this shirt here i got from banana republic and i got this pretty close to free like a couple dollars or something capital one quicksilver as i mentioned is really good for form transaction fee amex blue cash everyday is gets you 3%

On groceries you can get the paid version of 95 dollars i think for a yearly fee but you get 6% i have a breakdown of video on that one on which one is better but for me i like to stick with a no annual fee one at 3% is just fine for me so thanks for watching i hope that didn’t look too crazy on me showing you all 18 on my different credit cards i hope showing you

Each one gives you some insight on why i hold each one and so when they have new credit cards come out you can just kind of judge for yourself don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of my mixture of credit cards if you’re interested in supporting this channel don’t forget to check out my audible link over here

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