All Eyes On FOMC Decision – RICH TV LIVE

All Eyes On FOMC Decision – RICH TV LIVE – July 27, 2022 – #fomc #fed #richtvlive

Hey how you guys doing this your boy rich from rich tv live here exclusively on youtube make sure you subscribe and hit that bell for notifications so you get access to more updates and use 24 hours a day seven days a week and we are now looking at the overall markets and wow what a crazy market we are having right now up and down and all the way around you can join

Our community ecosystem at rich tv dot io join our community and learn how to win big in stocks cryptocurrencies and nfts we are deeply rooted in all three industries right now and digging deeper for opportunities every single day now let’s talk about the news lots of big news today and the markets were heavily sold red everywhere and we’re anticipating that that

Will probably lead into tomorrow with lots of big news and a lot of earnings that have been coming out so stocks set for a lower open today and the stocks did open lower today and the dow jones closed 228 points down uh on july 26th so the nasdaq 220 points down as well and the tsx 131 points down so canada and the united states across the board down and bitcoin

Also we’re going to look at the bitcoin chart and ethereum back down under 21k and ethereum below 1400. walmart wmt walmart sinks after cutting outlook not good numbers for walmart and they are dragging down the market today microsoft google earnings aftermarket and i can tell you right off the bat that microsoft and google didn’t have amazing earnings today but

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They especially google is doing well after earnings despite the fact they had a small little miss so we’re going to be watching how that affects the market tomorrow but right now aftermarket google is actually up after reporting a small little miss on earnings essentially meaning that we are finding a bottom for a lot of these stocks and microsoft also reporting

Kind of similar numbers so uh we’ll watch how they produce and how they trade tomorrow now visa ups coca-cola mcdonald’s cmg gm ge also report so we’re going to look at all of those numbers and see how it affects the market but right now looking at all the numbers they’re pretty choppy across the board nothing spectacular that’s for sure and a lot of misses so

Doesn’t look like the numbers are going to be really great for tomorrow going into the big fed decision and fed begins the fomc policy meeting so stay tuned we’ll give you updates on how that looks upcoming events to keep your eye on for july 27th so core durable goods orders month over month coming out that’s going to have a medium impact on the market durable

Goods orders month over month also going to have a medium impact on the market fomc statement was what we’ve been waiting for while the fed talks this will have a very high impact on the news so trade very carefully for tomorrow and the federal funds rate fed most likely hiking the rate again so this will have a high impact on the market we’re expecting a 0.75


Rate hike and basis point hike maybe as much as one full percent tomorrow so we believe that that will most likely have a drag on the market that’s why we believe we see this drag on the market uh mainly due to companies not really reporting strong and how can you report strong when we’re clearly in a recession so uh let’s take a look at bitcoin and ethereum so

We’ve been watching bitcoin and ethereum and we just had a nice little run on bitcoin up to 24 200 in the last month just over the last week or so we’ve seen this huge move on bitcoin hitting the high of the month at 24 000 and really just a few weeks before that hitting a low of 18 000 so a lot of volatility for bitcoin and you can see they’re just sitting right

Now just under 21 000 at 20 997 here on weeble and if we take a look at ethereum eth so this is pretty bearish for uh bitcoin clearly and i say the same thing for ethereum you can see it went up to these higher levels and now they’re starting to come back down they both look extremely bearish you can see breaking down these zones that they went up on and now it

Is starting to come back down so tread lightly with ethereum always remember that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that we love to bring you the news the analysis ceo interviews and we’d love to bring it to you

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First if you have any questions please put it in the description of the video if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live bitcoin and ethereum looking very bullish right now tread with caution the entire markets are red treaded with caution we do expect to see a .75 maybe as much as

One full point racist uh point of interest being increased tomorrow in the fed in the united states we believe that that’s going to have a negative effect on the market we expect this to be very bearish for the market we expect to see a red day for the market tomorrow but you know what we’ve been very volatile stranger things can happen weird things can happen

So we’ll see exactly how the market performs tomorrow but it was a red day overall today on july 26th we expect it to be very volatile and we’re expecting a red day tomorrow love to know what you guys think stay tuned is your host with the most and remember if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we’re bringing the winners we’re bringing the news we’re

Bringing the analysis we’re bringing the ceo interviews for stocks cryptocurrencies and nfds we’re doing it for real estate too and we’ll bring it to you first

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