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The strategies I describe will help you beat the game without fail every time. The only reason you may lose if you fail to do the ‘switchy’ trick wrong. Now that you can get 2048, you can get 4096 or 8192. .

So this is part 2 of my 2048 game strategy strategy number 1 gravitate the highest numbers towards one corner of your choosing i’m using the top-left corner here so if you use a different corner you can just rotate everything and do the same thing strategy number two always push up and left most of the time and very sparingly push right or down that’s because if

You push right or down you you leave the chance of having a small number fill up in the space here and it will essentially block you from putting your number your biggest number in the corner the smaller numbers essentially takes up space and gives you less and less working group so that you can build up the higher number so you can put it in here strategy number

3 always keep the first row filled with something if you have some numbers down here try to try to push the numbers this way and then when something appears here push it up and fill up that spot what the first row filled because that allows you to push up left or right if you push right in this situation you’re your biggest number will not move that way however if

You have both numbers the same here this is our tricky it looks like it’s filled in but it’s going to compress down and this one will join together and then they’ll open up this spot where our two could appear there strategy number 4 when you have the top row filled with the highest numbers in descending order like this you want to start generating numbers on this

Other corner on the top right corner instead for example i’ve shown 64 here and some numbers filled up essentially when you’ve built it up enough you can combine me so that this will become 128 and right afterwards you can push that in now this is not very important at first when you have low numbers because you have a lot of room to work with but when you start


Having numbers like 1024 in this corner you need you need the room here in order to generate the big numbers you essentially if you built it over here you’re not going to be able push it all the way on this side and and win the game early strategy number five you might sometimes find yourself stuck and you can no longer push up or left and nothing happens when you

Do that so you might you are forced to push right or down so what i found out is that you can essentially push right and then left very quickly and all the tiles will move that way and then back and then two tiles would appear here instead so essentially you move it that way and you didn’t give it a chance to appear in one of the empty spots you don’t want it to

Appear there so you moved it back and something else appears on this side so this this workaround is is what allows you to more definitely win the game every time similarly you might find yourself in this situation where you must push down so what i would do here is push down real quick and push back up so you need to get your fingers on the touchscreen ready to

Push down in and up really quickly so when you’re when you encounter such a situation you need to just pause for a moment and get ready to do your up/down trick once i figured out you can push up and down really quickly and make the tiles appear on the side that you own it to i was able to get up to 2048 very quickly but then 4096 was a bit of a challenge because

It takes a quite a while to get there i did get the 4096 tile recently and it was glorious so when playing this game i tried to trim my time playing it as much as possible so when i’m gravitating towards this corner i just push up up up left up left really quickly very rapidly i’m not even looking at what i’m doing and and all the tiles would fall fall into place

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And do what they’re supposed to and then once you fill this row with everything that you want to different numbers then you just push up right up right very quickly but then you need to watch out for one thing when you do this because if you if some situation like this happens 2 2 4 8 and then 16 when you do this all of a sudden if you push it up and then right

This will be 16 and then you push right your big numbers will move this way and you would not have been prepared to push this back and then a number may appear here which is two and you’re stuck so if you get a two in this spot the world is not over there is a way to get this out of this corner and get your big number back in that corner but it’s quite difficult

You essentially need to jumble up the whole board and and cross your fingers that you can save the game essentially you need to put some towels here and push down so that they fall and then and then you have to push push right in and then you’ll have all these numbers jumbled up and then at least you get the biggest number in the corner again and hopefully the

Other numbers are a bit lower so you can combine them and then put them back to where they belong so the goal of the game is to get the 2048 towel or double that or double that so the way i’ve been playing this game to really rapidly get the 2048 towel is to push up and left as fast as you can until something is stuck and then if something has stuff do you either

Push right and then left really quick and have something up here and you’ve become unstuck or down and then up down in and up is less preferred to left and right because down and up you have more chances of having things up here in the top towel if in case you missed the the little switchy trick so in this situation i’ve pushed up and left very rapidly and got to

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This point where i got 124 here and then a then 8 here if i push left these two would join together and create an empty space so when i have this empty space what i would suggest to do is to very rapidly put something there as soon as you can so that you can push right at some point so in this situation i would push up and left a little bit slower and watch out

For any numbers appear in this column as soon as it appears on this column push up and fill that spot up with another now that it’s filled up you can push these numbers left right or up as you please and get it to fill up the way that you want to so i played this game on the computer and ipod touch ipad air and ipad third generation and i found that a computer is

A little too fast for you to do the fakie trick you can do it on an ipod touch pretty successfully and it will work on the ipad air and ipad there third generation i found out that the third generation ipad i was using was a bit less responsive because because i’m doing an up left touch very quickly very rapidly and i can notice a difference between the air and

The third generation so given this game i’d much prefer the ipad air 2 to play this game on so using these strategies i was able to get the 4096 tile i’m still working on the 8192 tile and frankly i don’t have it as much of an urge to play this game after figuring out all these strategies look i just got the 8192 tile so i hope this video will help you get the

Tile that you want and hopefully get less addicted to this game so you may have noticed i make a lot of different kinds of videos so if you’re interested in only one subject you can go to my playlist and click on the type of subject that you like and view it from there if you like this video please click thumbs up and/or subscribe thanks for watching you

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