Amazon Done In China?! Apple Missing Earnings?! Canopy To Buy Acreage Holdings?!

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This just in breaking news canopy is gonna buy acreage but wait there is a catch i mean other breaking news amazon is gonna exit china does this mean mr. jackman alibaba have won and lastly a research firm is saying that apple is gonna miss their iphone estimates well guys welcome into the financial education channel if you’re new here i am jeremy we gotta talk

About some stocks making some moves here today okay now in terms of the stock prices of these for stocks we’re talking about here today apple was up on the day around 2% good day for apple amazon didn’t make much of a move at all canapé was up over 2% today and it’s up over 6% after hours in an acreage we should see a big pop when that one opens tomorrow okay

First up here mj giant i can’t say that w-word guys i might get demonetised this happen before okay mj giant can it be growth closing in on a deal to buy acreage holdings the two companies have been in talks for about two weeks and we’re scheduled to speak on the phone wednesday to finalize the agreement sources familiar with the matter told cnbc shares of canopy

Rally more than 10 percent after hours after we looked at as of right now at least it’s up about 6 percent in an acreage we should see a big move up there but then there’s almost like this confusing catch with this situation okay here’s what we have going on all sudden market watch publishes this article like literally about 10 minutes ago says canopy growth isn’t

Buying acreage holdings its buying the right to buy acreage holdings canopy growth is not outright acquiring acreage holdings as a report said wednesday but it is preparing to pay billions for the rights to buy the us-based mj company a source familiar with negotiations confirm wednesday afternoon that a canopy growth deal with acreage was 98% done as in it’s pretty

Much almost a done deal okay though the final price was still being worked out ridge had a market cap of around 921 million as of wednesday’s close according to fact set but the deal will be worth several billions in canadian dollars a source said if canopy growth were to outright acquire acreage though it would run afoul of the rules of the toronto stock exchange

Where shares are listed the tsx does not allow companies to own stakes and businesses that run illegal operations which acreage technically does because mj is still federally illegal in the us canapé would also have to give up its us listing which was cross listed from the tsx and instead look to canadian securities exchange and over the counting trading in the

Us as publicly listed us companies do instead canopy will purchase the rights to buy acreage win or if mj becomes federally legal in the us as an agreed-upon price according to this source so essentially can it be will buy acreage possibly someday but first it has to become federally legal in the states for this fold deal to go through so this is a very interesting


Thing and you got to think what it what if mj never did actually get federally legalized in the us i would say we’re gonna eventually get there but like what if it doesn’t happen for ten years then then canopy’s basically has the right to buy them but it’s like takes ten years in the future right and meanwhile you know acreage is business could have fundamentally

Changed it’s gonna be a very confusing deal we’re have to see what happens here so it looks like canopy investors are very excited about this needless to say by the upwards move in canopy stock price after hours but needless to say we still got a way for mj to get federally legalized in the us before this deal can even go through so a very confusing deal a very

Tricky deal to kind of get done here because it’s like okay what if what if mj doesn’t get federal you know federally legalized for let’s say five years what happens in a situation what if it never does like it’s a very confusing situation so very interesting wat to see all this works out but needless to say it’s a massive massive deal in that space because there

Aren’t a lot of really big players but can it be an acreage or two of the bigger players out there especially canopy that’s a monster one okay just to kind of show you guys some reference here in regards to canopy as far as its size market cap of nearly fifteen billion dollars on canopy as of tomorrow we’ll be well over 15 billion dollar market cap i don’t think

There’s anything over 10 billion in the mj space other than canopy from my understanding let me know if i’m wrong on that in the comment section i don’t believe i am next one is around amazon what is this next one is around amazon it was on to close domestic market plays business in china sources this is coming out of reuters amazon incorporated plans to close

This domestic marketplace business in china by mid-july people familiar with the matter told reuters on wednesday focusing efforts on its more lucrative businesses selling overseas goods in cloud services a la amazon web services in the world’s most populous nation shoppers in china will no longer be able to buy goods from third-party merchants in the country but

Will still be able to order via the united states united kingdom denmark japan japan via amazon’s global store amazon expects to close fulfillment centers and wind down in support for domestic selling merchants in china in the next 90 days here so this is interesting to me from two friends okay the first friend is it kind of does show that jeff bezos and co are

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Focusing on more on amazon’s profitability than ever thought of before amazon in the past has been just you know a business that it’s just like let’s just grow this just grow revenue to grow revenues sake and you know someday hopefully the profits start to pour in and a move like this kind of shows that jeff bezos says you know what this is a this is something

That’s probably losing us money this is taking time and attention away from you know key executives that we might need on other things let’s go ahead and let’s shut this down okay that so that’s the first part that’s very interesting amazon is more focused on profits then it certainly has been in the past and the second part is this just kind of shows that alibaba

Just flat-out you know beat amazon in the chinese marketplace you know especially with taobao in t-ball and then on top of that you got jd comm which is a massive player in the market then you got a ton of other smaller players but it just shows the dominance of alibaba and how hard it is to really beat alibaba in china i mean if amazon can’t come in there and

Have much success that then can’t okay that’s really the question if amazon can’t come in and kind of you know beat up on alibaba then who can those amazons a company that usually comes in and takes it you know eats everybody’s lunch so very interesting a couple of friends there anyways let me know what you guys think about that in the comment section all right

Now to apple apples q1 iphone shipments miss estimates i saw this on seeking alpha today says apples q1 iphone shipments total 33 million to 42 million units compared to 40 million to 45 million supply chain sources expected in january according to otr global the miss was due to weak demand for iphone 10s and 10 r models q2 shipments are expected to be between 28

Million and 33 million units down 21 to 24 percent on the quarter and obviously apple is set to kind of release their earnings here within the next couple weeks so this is interesting now is this something that’s going to affect apple stock negatively is this something that’s going to take apple stock down well obviously this report came out during the trading day

And apple still finished up about 2% on the day so first off if you’re thinking like this is gonna have some super negative effect around apple it’s really not okay the other thing is there’s nothing expected good right now out of out of iphone models this upgrade cycle is basically only getting two kinds of customers into you know upgrading in this particular

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Cycle is people that absolutely need to upgrade because their old phone died or their own phone just isn’t working good anymore they had an iphone 6 or 6s or a 5s or something and they just they just have to upgrade they’re just like at that point where they’re just like ready to do it or it’s the folks that you know always have the newest iphones or things like

That they just always want the newest iphones alright so that’s kind of the people you have upgrading in and outside of that it’s just not a big upgrade cycle we won’t see a huge upgrade cycle in my personal opinion till 5g and we’re still at least a year plus away from 5g it looks like but the important thing is people are very excited about apple and qualcomm

Deal now getting that done and it looks like you know apple should be able to get 5g iphones not on the market probably this fall but next fall for sure which it which is great thing for apple overall and you know if you’re an apple shareholder out there you’re you’re in this company because of all the growth metrics they have around them services and all sorts

Of things and future 5g growth ahead of this company and here’s the other thing about apple stock you look at apple here it’s a company that trades at you know trilling p of 16 and a half forward p/e of 15 and a half roughly right so one that’s way under where the markets trading at two you can make an argument that literally apple is the safest company you could

Possibly invest in we could have an argument about that maybe the safest look at something like coca cola’s dispute is a super super safe stock right is coca cola really safer than apple maybe a little bit but not that much in trades at a twenty one forward p/e procter & gamble they sell paper towels and toilet paper and stuff like that maybe a little safer

Than apple but i’m not even convinced about that trades at a twenty two forward p/e at twenty you know almost a twenty six trailing and you look at apple super-safe business model unbelievable ecosystem their customers are extremely sticky there and obviously they have the services which is recurring revenue in this company trades at a fifteen and a half i’m not

Convinced coca-cola procter & gamble johnson johnson or that much safer than a stock like apple so anyways that will wrap up today’s video guys let me know your opinion on anything we discussed in today’s video in that comment section as always thank you for watching have a great day

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Amazon Done In China?! Apple Missing Earnings?! Canopy To Buy Acreage Holdings?! By Financial Education

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