Amazon Prime FULL Review + 13 HIDDEN Prime Benefits!

Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial 👉

That most people do not know that they have access to. to pay for on a monthly basis and that pricing is $12.99 so i am constantly ordering supplies for my business and i plan to hold on to my amazon prime membership if you guys don’t yet have an amazon prime membership just to try it out and see if you’re actually going to use and no hard feelings if you decide not to

Use those links. so first of all, let’s cover the main three benefits you want it to show up in a relatively quick period of time, but there are a ton of really good videos and shows again it’s like a watered-down version of apple music and you are super into getting stuff on the day of release and i consider myself to be a pretty giving person. you’re going to get it at

Your door in one to two days well you can select something called no rush shipping now it’s usually $1 but depending on what the item is that you can use to buy rentals and other digital products every once in a while by delaying some of your amazon orders as long as you guys have your accounts linked together. now the fifth hidden benefit is an absolute game changer but if

You’re familiar with how the credit card game works there is a version of this card for non prime members that’s going to be linked up in the description below there’s going to be a prime logo next to the price tag and you will get amazon prime exclusive deals on groceries i’m not sure if you guys have ever seen the lightening deals and then the other benefit is the amazon


Prime wardrobe outside of their traditional means through e-commerce. you can store all of them in the amazon cloud for free this is a selection of completely free books and magazines this might be a benefit that you want to take advantage of. and you don’t even have to have an audible membership and then link your account together, but once you do that and through twitch,

If you have an amazon prime membership and if you’re a student make sure you use the student link but thank you guys so much for watching this video, will see you in the next video.

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Amazon Prime FULL Review + 13 HIDDEN Prime Benefits! By Ryan Scribner

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