Amazon Prime is No Longer Guaranteed

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about how amazon prime the two day shipping is no longer guaranteed this video is brought to you by short form short form provides a very detailed short summary of a book that you might read short form covers all the different genres that you can think of in non-fiction books including money

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Btb down in the video description below i’m just going to retell how i experience amazon prime as a consumer in the beginning 20 years ago it’s when i first placed my first order on amazon and back then amazon was just starting out and they didn’t have as many products as right now but sometimes they tended to be a lot cheaper and this went on for a good 10 years

Or so eventually they had this amazon prime thing where you get two days shipping and in my view as a consumer i felt that most of their products in the very beginning was indeed shipped in two days however over the years it sort of deteriorated i got more and more percentage of my packages not getting to me within the two day time span and this was okay because

Maybe about 10 of all my packages were late and i’d say about six years ago if you complained about this they would actually extend your membership another month so you don’t have to pay your amazon prime membership they’ll just delay it one more month and you know this is kind of like getting maybe ten dollars to twelve dollars worth of value right there i think

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About a year ago they switched it from giving you another month of amazon prime to giving you um a gift card credit you have a choice between those two but somehow they always wanted to give you a gift card credit and often times if it’s late you can easily see this on your order page if i ordered on the 11th for two business days later it would be the 12th and

Then the 13th you should have received it on the 13th and you can actually go in your order page and see which orders had been laid and for the late ones if you ever complain to customer service in the very beginning like i said they’re going to extend your membership for one entire month but starting sometime last year they would give you about five dollars uh

Credit and gift card credit towards your next order for maybe something shipped and sold by amazon sometimes it might be a little bit more depending on the size of the thing that you ordered the more expensive it is they tended to increase it a little bit more maybe it might be ten dollars that they might credit you two days ago i got a message from someone someone

That watches my videos put in a message that said hey this no longer applies because i made a video about if you had amazon prime and you order enough stuff maybe five to ten items every single month then you have a good chance of having at least one item that is late okay ten percent chance one item late that means you get one item late that’s late per month and

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If they extend your membership one time every month and essentially you can just do this perpetually and you always get amazon prime for free and this is what i did for a short period of time and then when they switched over to giving you gift card credits i took that instead i’m like okay fine i’ll just pay for the amazon prime and then you know i’ll just spend

Those credits instead so this person that posted on my video of getting amazon prime for free uh they said they no longer do this and then maybe an hour later i i went back to try to take a screen capture of this comment it was no longer there for some reason this person removed it maybe they’re watching this video right now but i wanted to get this information out

There because yes if your package was late you somehow deserve compensation maybe this is what they traditionally did they would compensate you but now they no longer do i verified this because i just happened to have something mailed to me that was late i ordered it on the 11th and then i did not receive it by until the 15th or so so it was actually uh four days

After i ordered it and on the order page it actually said that i would get it the next day you might see free delivery tomorrow if you order it within seven hours and eight minutes okay so when i ordered it i really did make it within that time with plenty of time to spare so i expected the thing that i ordered to arrive at my store steps before the end of day the

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Next day which did not happen instead it arrived four days later so you would normally expect to be compensated for this but now you don’t when i talk to customer service i can show them all this information it showed that i ordered on a certain date it showed the tracking i got it on a certain day four days later but then they kept on copying pasting this little

Cookie cutter response that they have for me selecting one day or two day shipping will reduce the transit time to one or two business days after we’ve shipped your order but won’t impact how long it takes us to obtain the item or prepare for shipment so there is a slight tweak here you no longer can expect to get the item within two days after you order there

Is this time period they need to obtain the item first and then ship it to you so they’ll guarantee the shipping once it’s out of their doorstep but you know you no longer get two day shipping right when you click the buy now button most people probably don’t complain if your item arrives late some people will but now even if it arrives late you can’t complain

You can’t do anything about it other than return the item so therefore amazon prime is not really prime you’re not gonna get it within two days guaranteed i hope this video was interesting don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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