Amazon Reports SHOCKING Earnings! Is Amazon Stock Easy Money!?

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Oh my goodness guys a little company named amazing zon just reported the most unreal earnings so far in this entire earning season and in a good way okay if tesla’s the worst earnings reported so far amazon definitely has the best guys these numbers shocked me when i saw them unreal okay now first off in terms of amazon stock price say it’s not making that much of

A big upward move only about a 1.5% upward move there but $30 a share but that’s because the share price is so insanely high on amazon at this particular time but yeah 1.5 percent move not that big of a move considering how shocking these earnings were but at the flipside amazon stock has been on an absolute tear over the last few months is a three-month chart it

Was around $1,600 about three months ago now it’s above $1,900 so needless to say the share price has you know risen of three hundred plus dollars in about three months okay so at first when you look at some of these numbers they weren’t super impressive i mean the revenues came in at fifty nine point seven billion versus fifty nine point seven billion was expected

By analysts okay they meta expectations their year ago there’s basically about 17 percent rise here on your own revenue that’s good numbers okay amazon web services revenue team has seven point seven billion that’s an episode growth beast but that was versus about seven point seven was expected by analysts so as of right now it’s like okay what’s so shocking about

These earnings well when you go ahead and look at the earnings per share that is shocking okay look at the eps guys eps came in at seven dollars and nine cents versus four dollars and seventy two cents was expected when i saw those numbers i was like are you kidding me are you flipping my flapjacks guys that is ridiculous okay keep in mind a year ago they had three

Dollars in some change in earnings per share they overdo xed their earnings per share year over a year unreal okay let’s look at these numbers a little deeper okay here’s some more amazing numbers operating cash flow increased eighty nine percent to thirty four point four billion for the trailing 12 months compared with eighteen point two billion for the trailing 12

Months and at march 31st 2018 89 percent operating cash flow increase guys on real okay free cash flow increased to 23 billion for the trailing 12 months compared to 7.3 billion for the trailing 12 months end at march 31 2018 that’s basically a triple up there and free cash flow guys these numbers are incredible okay the the free cash flow numbers are shocking the

Earnings per share in net income numbers are literally shocking that amazon is putting up right now this is this is just ridiculous okay the worst thing i could find in the amazon report the worst thing is their net sales basically the revenue overall it increased 17 percent to 59 point seven billion in the first quarter compared to 51 billion in the first quarter

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Of 2018 excluding the 1.1 billion dollar unfavorable impact from year-over-year changes in forex okay basically net sales would have increased 19% compared with the first quarter of 2018 that’s the worst thing i could find in the amazon report the fact that they only grew revenue 17 percent in this quarter but that is a still amazing number because you got to think

About like how big of a company amazon is at this particular time like amazon is a massive company what we’re talking about company doing 50 billion plus dollars a quarter in revenue so it gets really really hard it’s like the law of large numbers okay when these numbers are getting so big it’s it’s hard to continue to increase them at these unbelievable rates but

Still 17 percent 19 percent if you you basically take out the forex you know changes there guys that’s still very impressive but that’s the worst numbers i could find okay operating income increased to 4.4 billion in the first quarter compared with operating income of 1.9 billion in the first quarter of 2018 net income increase to 3.6 billion in the first quarter

Or seven dollars and nine cents per diluted share compared with net income of 1.6 billion or $3 in 27 cents per diluted share in the first quarter of 2018 once again that’s over 2x year-over-year okay there are very few companies on the the level that amazon is you know the massive companies egg amazon’s literally then apple and microsoft are always battle now for

Who’s the biggest company in terms of market cap when you when you have until a 2 x plus an eps year-over-year it’s just ridiculous guys it’s just ridiculous alright now as i spoke about amazon web services continues to be a growth beast ok amazon web services which they call aws by the way announced several new customer commitments in major migrations during the

Quarter dogo ink and lift are going all-in on amazon web services second spectrum in the la clippers named amazon web services their official cloud in machine learning provider standard bank in vera fong selected amazon web services as their preferred cloud provider the guinness six nations championship snape amazon web services is there an official technology

Partner volkswagen is joining forces with amazon web services to transform automotive manufacturing powering the volkswagen industrial cloud and integrating more than 30,000 facilities and 1,500 suppliers and partners in volkswagens global supply chain over time as well as ford is joining in the fun and with amazon web services amazon web services continue to

Expand its infrastructure to better serve customers launching amazon web services asia-pacific hongkong region and announcing plans for the amazon web services asia-pacific jakarta region amazon web services now provides 64 availability zones across 21 infrastructure regions globally with announced plans for another 12 availability zones in four regions in bahrain

Indonesia italy and south africa ok amazon web services just continues to swallow up big company after a big company into basically using the amazon web services different products and needless to say that is great for amazon web services like mele think of many big companies out there that that are not using england’s own web services at this point in time at least

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In some way guys so needless to say that’s just a goliath company that a lot of us just did not see coming everybody understood you know the amazon retail side of their business but this amazon web services is just a massive beast got seven point seven billion dollars in revenue in the last quarter and keep in mind that’s just that the business is still is in the

Early days like that’s not going to be done growing any time soon okay and it’s gonna be a very sticky business overall okay in terms of their guidance so they they got it for net sales to be between fifty nine point five billion and sixty three point five billion or grow between thirteen percent and twenty percent compared with the second quarter 2018 so neither say

Pretty wide range their operating income is expected to be between 2.6 billion and three point six billion dollars compared with three billion in the second quarter 2018 i will say that’s a lowball number come on amazon like you guys know you’re gonna kill that number like amazon really like you know seeing bag that number in my personal opinion who knows maybe they

Legitimately think they’re only going to do those numbers i think that’s some lowball numbers there okay look at some of these numbers here okay if we looked at three months end at march 31st year-over-year fifty percent rise in cash and cash equivalents and net income guys over a 2x okay over 2x year-over-year but then you look at the twelve months and at march 31st

2018 versus 2019 and that’s just insane guys that’s basically a 3x plus their year-over-year just insane numbers guys these numbers are hard to wrap your head around how fast they’re starting to grow the net income and the operating cash flow and things like that okay now sometimes that was interesting is north america segments are still growing very nicely for amazon

Up 17% year-over-year there but in terms of international they’re they have you know some weakness i would say in international markets overall yet sales only increased about 9% in the international segment which is weird because for most big companies they actually see their their revenues in terms of the revenue growth generally is much bigger in international

Markets than north america so it’s interesting that amazon actually is having some troubles growing you know at a faster clip basically the international market than the north american market that’s a little different okay now if we look at amazon stock overall okay it’s a stock that has an insane trailing p/e hundred of 94 okay but a4p on it of roughly around 48

And you guys know like for me personally like i like a 48 it’s kind of rich okay actually really rich for my blood okay anything really above about a 30 is usually you know really high for me to be investing in a company look at amazon at a 48 roughly forward p/e can i really say that’s not actually a smart investment because amazon obviously is going to continue

To grow their retail side of the business for years to come okay there’s no question about that i don’t think really anybody’s questioning their their ability to continue to grow that retail business in terms of revenue and profits in future years then you look at amazon web services that’s not going to slow down anytime soon and i’ve seen some amazon executives i

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Believe even mr. jeff bezos once met and once mentioned the amazon web services over the long term will become much larger business than their retail business and that is just mind-blowing to think about guys so i look at amazon here can i really say that’s a bad stock to buy at a 48 ford p actually no i can’t which is really weird because usually a 48 for p i’m

Like i’m not even considering that stock that’s ridiculous but in amazon’s case i got to say with with how impressive their numbers are how impressive their net income their eps numbers are in their overall cash flow it’s hard enough to say this stock isn’t easy money in the stock market if you’re looking at it from a five to ten year perspective like like i can’t

Really see any like if you buy amazon like if i bought some amazon stock today there’s almost literally no way possible i can’t see myself you know making at least 50 to 100 percent on my money over the next five to ten years there’s no way if not more than that overall because of how fast they’re able to grow and even if those growth rates slow down they’re still

Going to be posting some amazing numbers okay even if they slow down so what they only increase net income 50% next year instead of a you know a double up basically like what’s it matter in the end when you’re growing if these type of clips and then what do you slow down to a 30 percent clip the 20 percent clip still like how much growth the company has going

Forward in the future in earnings per share in net income it’s it’s it’s literally mind-blowing and then the cash flows and their ability to expand into other businesses and buy their businesses and integrate them in animas on its you know there’s just no way i can see you buying amazon stock and not making money over the next five to ten years just literally no way

Possible so incredible incredible numbers at amazon they get so far for this earning season they get the best numbers reported i haven’t seen anybody report you know that’s a big company like that report that insane of a beat on eps like just ridiculous guys so anyway i hope you enjoyed this in it’s funny just one last thing i wanna mention it’s funny how quickly

Things can change with the stock that game is on amazon just a you know five years ago or so was that stock that you know was spending tons of money and people were like they’re never gonna make real profits and they’re spending all their money and they’re burning all their money it’s funny how fast things can change five years or so later also an amazon is you

Know the biggest company in the world it’s fat it’s funny guys it’s funny anyways thank you for watching and have a great day

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