Amazon Secrets Amazon Doesn’t Want You to Know.

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How’s it going everybody this is vita bush today i’m going to show you how to buy the cheapest products on amazon if you buy big bulky items like drinks detergent or motor oil those things tends to cost more on amazon than if you just go locally and buy them instead this video is brought to you by the moomoo app the boom app is made by futu which is a publicly

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Macbooks gopros airpod pros there’s really only one product listing on amazon but oftentimes you may find yourself needing to buy a white label good now what is a white label good it’s basically something that a manufacturer probably in china they make a do that and they want to sell as many of these as possible so they work with sellers to rebrand it modify a

Little bit left and right and then they put it on amazon and then they sell this product let me talk about this product as an example this is a portable door lock so let’s go on amazon and check this out portable door lock the first thing you see is some ads and then you can see that right over here it says sponsored right so most of the time i just like to skip

Over these because i know it’s not the real search results it’s whoever is selling it they’re paying money to amazon to put it up high in the search results so i just skip over those oh ho look at me i’m an amazon product now portable door lock i just had to do that and let’s say we want to buy the first one is this red thing with a slider this actually belongs to

My girlfriend but i’m going to demonstrate it to you just put it in the hole of the door lock over here hold it in place while trying to close the door put this slider button into this hole then you drop it into place you see how this is in a triangle form as it slides down it pushes closer and closer towards the door and now even if it’s unlocked you can’t open

It you do an airbnb and you know the other party has a key it just kind of feels a bit safer if you have a lock that cannot be opened from the outside even if the owner has a key maybe you’re sleeping at night or maybe you just want more privacy then you install this thing to make sure that you can only open it from the inside it’s dollars and seventy cents most

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People won’t even think twice about this and just go okay i’m gonna buy it on amazon prime and okay ten dollars right not a big deal but with a few clicks you can actually buy something very very similar almost identical for quite a bit cheaper the next item over here you can buy two of them for seventeen dollars and then there’s a five percent coupon so let’s just

Say this is eight dollars but you can kind of see how come there’s so many products that looks exactly the same maybe with different branding on it and they’re selling it for a different price these are essentially virtually identical other than the fact that maybe the packaging is slightly different maybe there will be a logo on it they might be able to change the

Product a little bit even maybe change the color ada lock a d d a l o c k and if you go down some more there’s this other one that’s q z y l they make up the weirdest brand names and you can easily recognize that these are white label goods our goal here is to get one single one for less than ten dollars and seventy cents not less than uh eight dollars because then

You would have to buy two let’s say we only want to buy one for as cheap as possible on amazon and so all you have to do is just go on the upper right over here it says sort by feature click sort by low to high it doesn’t work very well sometimes it has all these other random products that’s not exactly the lowest price you see some kind of weird door lock thing

All i’m interested in is buying the original one where it looks exactly the same and i want to pay the cheapest for it so we come upon the first one here this looks very similar to what we’re trying to buy 4.99 only one review one star but personally i would actually give this a chance because if you have amazon prime then it becomes a five dollar item instead of

You know if you just blindly buy it’ll be 1070. if we look further down we see a pump shop this is a really weird brand name for 5.62 but then it’s not amazon prime so you can’t have it delivered to a prime locker you have many choices here if you don’t want to pay 4.99 for like a one star review because you don’t like you know a one star review well okay you got

A four and a half star review over here with 71 reviews for only 5.79 this is really really cheap compared to the 1070. so here’s another example i bought up coffee grinder long time ago these two things looks virtually identical there is a little window for your coffee grinds they both have a handle where you can spin it but the first one i bought has a phillips

Screw over here but this one has more like a rivet this one they added some kind of silicone thing the packaging was not exactly like this so they can you know print whatever they want they can advertise the features on the side and also this one the little nut at the bottom i added myself but the second one i bought has these little indentations in the plastic

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To make it stay in place so it’s like a slight improvement it appears they can even change the industrial design of the plastic because they can just make a new mold and then boom you know a new kind of knob comes out here’s what i think of white label goods they are kind of cheapy things but sometimes cheapy things work well and you can use it for a really long

Time and it’s just like a cheapo product if you are in the market for buying something that is not a white label maybe like a gopro i would recommend to use camel camel camel let’s say you’re in the market for gopro hero9 and then we just go down on this side here and then we can see the price history sometimes the site doesn’t give you the full history because

Here i know gopro nines has been out for more than a year because the 10 just got released but there’s only three or four months of history over here so i know this is wrong so we gotta dig a little deeper and go okay hero nine and let’s look at the first product over here okay this looks more realistic over here because it has at least one year of history it

Was released in 2020 in october 22. released at 450. i guess they just release it at a higher price so that they can discount it a little bit more later it became 400 for like a few months in the middle of december and then you can see right around may this is like six or seven months later they permanently reduce the price to 400 so the best time to buy any

Gopro item would be either right when they released it or seven months later right when they dropped the price because then you can get in at a certain price and not have the price drop you know like a week after you buy it you can see on the tail end over here for a gopro 9 right when the gopro 10 is released they dropped it another 40 dollars to around 358 and

Momentarily it even dropped to 340 dollars so right when the new one is released is a really good time to buy the last version if you are okay with buying the last version without the latest and greatest features take a look at the portable door lock real quick um wow okay it used to be only 675 or so based on this chart and then they jacked up the price all the

Way to 15 dropped it to 10.70 it seems like they increase the price right in 2021 but this is just the first search result on amazon and i think because they’re somehow able to reach the first search result they jack up the price a little bit so you know it’s probably not a good idea to buy the first product that you see especially when it’s a white label item

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Let’s get back to amazon and look at a coffee grinder there’s a lot of different electric coffee grinder but i’m looking for a manual coffee grinder like this one over here but look at that wow java press it looks exactly like the one that i have over here and they’re selling it for forty dollars i know for a fact i bought this for like ten dollars and the second

One i bought was like seven or eight dollars this is ridiculous forty dollars and what twenty thousand people gave reviews so this means that a lot more people actually bought this i would guess like fifty to a hundred thousand people might have paid 40 dollars for it maybe they increased the price after they got more popular but let’s go back up and go manual

Coffee grinder let’s skip over the sponsored results again we see this one over here the white label good that i know uh let’s just click on it to take a look see they even have a jacks pris i don’t know some kind of logo that’s pressed on top of it to me this looks exactly like the one that i have even the adjustable grind size looks somewhat similar it looks

Similar but then it it looks like it’s modified slightly so i’m going to go down and look at the manual for coffee grinder look you can see another one right here it’s like nine dollars you don’t even have to try that hard to get it from forty dollars down to nine dollars but let’s do my special trick here go up to the top right over here sort by lowest to high

And you got a bunch of random goods here what what is this it’s like grinder cleaning brush coffee grinder parts the first one over here look at six dollars and thirty cents but then not amazon prime okay fine let’s just look for amazon prime version uh right here look 6.99 limited time offer three and a half stars three reviews by huli and then look they even

Give you like a little spoon and also like a little brush to me this looks exactly like the first one that we were looking at it looks like the screw comes out a little bit so there you have it this is how you can find the cheapest white label good keep in mind that when they change the design slightly they do change the functionality of the device slightly as

Well i bought this one for seven eight dollars and it it works just fine thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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