Amazon Secrets They Do Not Want You to Know

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How’s it going everybody it is beat the bush today i’m gonna cover the things that amazon does not want you to know now these things i’m gonna talk about today it’s sort of sensitive you could consider this kind of like in the gray area you may want to choose to participate in it or not at all know that all these things that i cover just because you know it does

Not mean that you should so this really depends on your own personal moral compass now you might wonder why am i sharing these tips now it’s because i hardly ever use amazon anymore and if these secrets go out maybe if this video goes viral and everybody finds out about it it doesn’t really matter all that much to me because i have a lot of amazon credits that i

Actually have a hard time spending in fact if amazon sees this video and they happen to plug up all these holes that i talk about then i would be all that much happier because hey you know then no one would have this issue of choosing to do this or not this would be then designed another platform itself so that there will be no questions about you know if you can do

Certain little tricks like this but given any company there’s always some little loophole or some sort of gray area where you can play a little bit of tricks here and there now the first thing i want to cover is what i just talked about in my previous video where you pay no sales tax briefly now you just go into the new and used section of that product and you buy

It from a seller that is not charging sales tax even if it’s at the same price and it would even often be fulfilled by amazon because it’s at their warehouse so you would get it at the same exact shipping speed if you guys are interested in how to do that i’ll leave a link to that video over here the second thing i want to talk about is amazon prime did you guys

Know you can actually share your amazon prime membership with people in the same household but what they don’t tell you is that you can actually share your prime membership with people not in the same household now i am surprised that they do not do an automatic check on this address because i personally right now i am sharing it with four other people i am not the

Primary account holder but i only pay about quarter of the price right now it’s $120 so every year i just pay the primary account holder $30 who essentially split it this way of course if you’re on an auxilary account like this you do not get amazon prime video and all those other tiny perks but you still get the two-day shipping for free now i talk about sharing

It with four different people this is essentially a grandfathered thing in which means if you had it before yes you can keep the sharing with four different people but if you get amazon prime now as of today well it’s gonna be $120 a year and you can only share it with one other person which means well instead of $120 it would be $60 per person the third thing i

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Want to share is that did you guys know that if your amazon prime package arrives one day late you’re expecting it in two business days and it comes the day after or after that you can actually email customer service and say hey my amazon package came it’s late what are you gonna do about it often they would offer you two different things based on the price of the

Item itself they may offer to extend your prime membership by one extra month or they would offer you a gift card credit now in my experience certainly about one out of twenty items more often these few years than the previous so technically i’d say if you order maybe 120 items every single year you might get twelve times that it’s late and this would essentially

Cause you to have free amazon prime membership if you choose to get the free month of amazon prime every single time something is late if everybody in your amazon prime cohurt you know four people or two people or whatever they always monitor this and then they always report it to customer service and get a gift card or extend the prime membership you may be able

To get your prime membership for free you know indefinitely now how do you actually track all of this because sometimes you order something and then you kind of forget about it what you can do is mark on your calendar every six months because that’s how long the tracking stays in your history on your amazon prime account every six months you go into your account

And check out every single item when it is ordered compared to when you actually receive it using the tracking information once you know that it is late you can use a pre-written response to this and go hey you know this item is late what can you do about it basically of course asking in a nice way the fourth item is getting free returns this may be slightly in

The gray area because sometimes you order a whole bunch of things and then you go oh okay this thing i don’t really like i want to return it so when you initialize the return process there often ask you a series of questions of why you’re returning it the way to return it for free is to say that the description is wrong of course it needs to be factual you have

To find that there is something wrong with the description in order to initiate this process this is in comparison to saying that you found a price lower or you don’t want the product anymore because if you say those things you are in the fault of returning the item that’s why you have to pay the shipping back it needs to be you know in some way form or shape the

Fault of amazon in this case it’s the wrong description generally what i find is many times the description is slightly wrong of course there are some times where the description you know there’s nothing to nitpick about and it’s really hard to initiate the return that way to you know be completely truthful so let me tell you guys a little story because one time

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I did buy i don’t know four or five items you know just in one big batch and then i find out that oh my gosh i made a mistake i didn’t really want all these items after all i went through this phase where you know i don’t want any of it i made a mistake so then i returned to all of it you know not all at once of course this is over the span of maybe like couple

Months and then customer service amazon they just kind of noticed i think they have some marker somewhere noticing that if you return a lot of things you know you buy ten things and you return nine things then you know something is obviously wrong and then they’re gonna lose money on this so generally me as an amazon customer yes i returned some things and they

Allow me to do it but overall if you look at the net effect i’m actually buying more things than i actually returned so in a way this is still good for amazon because i am their customer and they are still making a profit off of me because you know annette there are things going into my household where i’m actually buying stuff the fifth thing i want to talk about

Is just selling on amazon altogether this is just a comment really because i used to sell on amazon i used to sell a lot more used goods on there and what i noticed over the past two three years or so they have been clamping down on people that are allowed to sell a used product of a certain kind they always keep on going okay this category you have to be you know

Specially admitted into it in order to so so what ends up happening is the smaller sellers like myself that wants to sell they use goods well you basically cannot anymore so ebay tends to be a better platform for selling news goods if you have new goods to sell that does not guarantee that you can still sell it on amazon because whoever owns the rights to that

Particular product they have a say on who can get listed in the same listing of course so i would say amazon has become sort of caustic for smaller sellers if you’re a big seller if you’re sourcing your own products you know this is great but if you’re a smaller seller or looking to sell use goods this is a very terrible idea another little story i want to talk

About which you know does not work right now anymore but when they first started the amazon prime thing it was very interesting because you get free shipping on any item on amazon whatsoever so you can actually find things that are super duper low cost and they still have to ship it to you for example i don’t know like a metal part or something and it might cost

25 cents or something and you pay for the 25 cents and they would ship you know a box to you with that very particular part in it in reality if you’re reselling some stuff these boxes might actually be worth more than the product itself that you’re paying because if you just buy one box okay one cardboard box somewhere it might cost you a dollar or something if

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You’re not buying it at quantity but this is a way actually to obtain more boxes back then i didn’t really do it all that much but it was a very interesting sort of loophole you know i just bought it just as an experiment to see what would happen and you know they did send this item that i paid a quarter for so this was in itself sort of very interesting this next

Item i would consider friday and i would highly not recommend it but i thought i throw this in because i saw in the new somewhere and it’s interesting i do not recommend this but these people ordered a whole bunch of stuff from amazon time after time and when it comes in the mail they basically take it and keep in and say hey i never arrived in the mail basically

They are lying this is considered fraud don’t do this because you can actually go to jail for this this is essentially stealing from the company first of all when you get something shipped to you have a tracking number so they will know that they delivered it to your front door and if you have some sort of consistent you know time after time thing where some all

The packages mysteriously disappearing they’re gonna go wait a minute people aren’t actually taking your package you’re actually taking it yourself and you’re lying about it so absolutely don’t even think about this this last one it’s not a method i just thought i throw it in because it’s amazon related for all the other ones i also know that it’s somewhat in the

Gray area depending on your moral compass i guess when you try to return an item and the item itself there’s nothing wrong with it you just find that it does not fit your taste or maybe after you open it up and play with it you’re like you know this is not very good it’s kind of cheap it’s not representative of what’s shown on the picture because most of time they

Take really nice picture it looks as if it’s very durable it’s very good but then when you actually get it it’s like what is this right so then you can kind of say okay the description is kind of wrong so then you can ship it back i think as long as you’re not returning a hundred percent of the items because if you are they might actually ban your account so you

Have to do this very carefully and you know do it within reason and not absolutely abuse the return system return it only when you absolutely must and only buy it when you think you have a fair chance of keeping it thanks for watching this video i hope you guys enjoyed this tips and tricks and if you have an itch to go on amazon and buy stuff check out my affiliate

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